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Top 18 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Gorgeous Georgia is known for its charming historic cities, full of tree-lined squares and oak-lined streets, vast farmland, towering mountains, and places full of southern charm. This has not forgotten the beautiful beaches and coastlines, sleepy rural settlements, roaring rivers, stunning national parks, clear and sparkling lakes, and even a fashionable city known for gatherings-say.

This southeastern U.S. state is diverse, which would be a huge understatement. It is indeed a difficult task, but we have managed to narrow it down to the 18 most beautiful and best places to visit in Georgia.

18 Best Places to Visit in Georgia

1. Savannah

Savannah has always been rated as one of the “friendliest cities in the world”, and its colorful history attracts millions of tourists every year. This strategic port city is located along the bubbling Savannah River and is the fifth largest city in Georgia. With nearly 300 years of history, cobblestone and oak tree-lined streets, beautiful parks and ancient buildings, the host city retains its essence.

Stroll along 22 historic park-like plazas in downtown Savannah, or get interested in Telfair School of Arts and Sciences, the first public museum in the South, a fascinating city full of antique signs. A beautiful and exquisite city with fashionable nightlife and delicious food, this place exudes natural beauty and beautiful places.

Must visit the historic district of Savannah. Other must-do things in Savannah include beautiful public green spaces and shaded Forsyth Park, Mercer Williams House Museum, and the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, The 1994 novel “The Garden of Good and Evil Designed by John Berendt at Midnight, Wormsloe Historic Site and Olde Pink House are popular places for food in the city.

2. Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon is often called the “Little Grand Canyon” and is a beautiful destination not to be missed in Georgia. The peculiar geological structure, colorful canyons and towering sandstone make this ever-changing landscape an ideal place for exploration and photography.

Today the huge gully caused by bad agricultural practices in the 1800s makes up for the most beautiful scenery. In this quaint park, the colorful soil of the canyon is a picture of nature. On the soft sandy hiking trails, you will find a thin layer of water along the way.

3. Athens

This is a charming city in northeastern Georgia, famous for its pre-war architecture and the starting point for the pre-war trail in the historic civil war town. It is also known as an ideal destination for unique annual festivals and events, great shopping venues, restaurants and live music.

Highlights of this beautiful city include the Greek Revival mansion Taylor Grady House, the 19th-century Church-Waddel-Brumby House, and the well-preserved TRR Cobb House, a lawyer’s residence in the mid-nineteenth century, where you can see historical significance Furniture and exhibits.

4. Macon

Macon is located approximately 85 miles southeast of Atlanta and is an ideal destination for southern expeditions. Macon is a beautiful city with a rich history, incredible architectural and musical heritage, and a “place where the soul lives”. Hike the area’s 17,000-year heritage at Ocmulgee National Monument, including a reconstructed earthen hut, or stroll down the street, and explore the state’s largest collection of African-American art at the Tubman Museum.

On each landmark, you will find untold stories of the Civil War. Otis Redding, Macon’s native son, pays tribute to his life-size statue. Along the wide avenue, art galleries and antique boutiques lined up. Macon is a proud home of multiculturalism and architecture.

5. Helen

Helen is a gorgeous and very unique mountain town and popular holiday destination, located in northeastern Georgia, adjacent to the popular Unicoi State Park. It has charming Bavarian-style buildings, more than 200 specialty shops, vineyards, many mountain and forest trails, and charming lakes, waterfalls and campsites nearby. Popular activities in this tourist hotspot include river pipes, wine tasting and the fun Georgian Mountain roller coaster.

6. Brunswick

Brunswick is one of the most visited places in Georgia because of its scenic location on the southeast coast, charming architecture, Victorian Old Town historic districts, a large Valentine’s Oak with hundreds of years of history, and its connection with the four barriers is called the island of the Golden Island. Popular activities in Brunswick include visiting the charming pier, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation and the historic Greene County Courthouse.

7. Madison

The beautiful Madison Historic District is only an hour’s drive from Atlanta. Madison was not damaged by the Civil War and was a true gem on the pre-war trail. Today, as many as 100 pre-war houses have been restored. The town is designated as one of the state’s “historical center cities” and is one of the most picturesque villages you will encounter. The original pre-war houses were monitored by the historical society. The Heritage Hall, Rogers House and Rose Cottage will introduce you to Madison’s historical facilities.

8. Cumberland Island

About 45 minutes by ferry from St. Mary’s Island, you will travel to Georgia’s largest and southernmost Barrier Island. Cumberland Island occupies approx. 36,000 acres of land with unspoiled beaches, wide swamps and white sand beaches with various wildlife, is a national park and national coast.

Little Cumberland Island is connected to the main island by a swamp. With the long history of the residents and settlements, you can get a glimpse of the Dungeness Ruins and Greyfield Inn. If you are an animal lover, this is also a good place to visit in Georgia-this place is home to a group of beautiful wild horses, living and wandering freely on the island.

9. Oakfenokie Marsh

This magnificent area covers more than 440,000 acres and is the largest blackwater swamp in North America. It borders Florida and Georgia, and most of the shallow peat wetlands are protected by the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and the Okefenokee Wilderness. It is also the home of the famous crocodile Okefenokee Joe, who recently passed away at the age of 80. The scenery here is composed of cypress and vinyl trees, highland pine forests and scenic freshwater lakes.

There are plenty of guided boat tours, kayaking and AutoRoute, allowing you to fully explore the area. If you want to stay overnight, there are also huts and campsites.

10. Augusta

Augusta is a great city to visit in Georgia. Georgia is known for hosting the world-famous annual Masters Golf Championship, which is held in the first full week of April. The city is located near the border of South Carolina. The Augusta Riverwalk runs along the Savannah River. The river walks here really attract tourists.

Great things to do here include visiting the Augusta Museum of History, which includes golf exhibits and soul singer James Brown, the Morris Museum of Art dedicated to Southern American art, and the childhood home of President Woodrow Wilson.

11. Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions in Georgia, a wonderful and eye-catching ridge located in the northwest corner of the state. In addition to providing truly breathtaking scenery and beautiful surroundings, it is also the place where you can see most states at the same time.

At 25 miles from three different states, when the sky is clear (and you have a good set of binoculars on hand), if you work hard enough, you can see up to seven different states-go and see for yourself.

12. Jekyll Island Attractions

Covering 5,500 acres, this beautiful island is just a short drive from Savannah. It has been a popular and discerning holiday destination for decades and has been on the top of many lists of best places in the United States. It is also the filming location of X-Men First Class, The Legend of Bagvance and The Walking Dead.

Jekyll Island is one of the Golden Island barrier islands in Georgia. It has more than 10 miles of unspoiled beaches, including the iconic and very photogenic driftwood beach, the turtle rescue center, acres of pristine sanctuaries, historical landmarks, and Leisure facilities and more than 20 miles of bike trails.

Other highlights include a collection of exquisite historical residences, events held throughout the year, and family-friendly events. Georgia has some first-class hotels, resorts, self-catering cottages, and campgrounds, perfect for short breaks or long vacations.

13. Tallulah Falls State Park

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of one of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern United States. The beautiful Tallula Canyon, two miles long and a full 1,000 feet deep, is where the Tallula River flows through rugged terrain and has five different waterfalls.

Hiking along the Hurricane Falls and Sliding Rock Trail, bravely crossing the 80-foot suspension bridge at the bottom of the rock, or kayaking in the sparkling waters, the spectacular scenery is worth your effort. The canyon full of recreational activities is a hidden miracle.

14. Tybee Island

The beautiful Tybee Island may be the closest beach to Savannah and one of the most highly rated beaches in the United States. Tybee Island is full of history and fun in the sun, with beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for water sports and swimming. A perfect beach holiday, a paradise for nature lovers and the biggest catch for fishing lovers, this barrier island has met your needs.

Go back in time with the historic Tybee Lighthouse and Museum. Paddle through the pristine and uninhabited Little Tybee Island and experience antique camping and kayaking activities. Tybee Island is a peaceful retreat for residents of Savannah.

15. Appalachian National Scenic Trail

This iconic hiking trail, also known as the Appalachian Trail or A.T., extends from Springer Mountain in Georgia and Katahdin Mountain in Maine. Extending about 2,200 miles, the exact length will change or modify the route over time.

Hike this trail through the scenic woods, fields and wasteland of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The trail was built in 1937 and is now managed by the Appalachian Trail Preservation Association and many state agencies. It takes five to seven months to walk the entire trail through 14 states and 8 national forests.

16. St. Simons Island

This is the largest island in the Gold Islands off the coast of Georgia and is famous in the poem “Green Parade” by Sidney Lanier. This is a laid-back and peaceful place, with quaint streets lined with mossy oak trees, beautiful unspoiled beaches stretching for miles, iconic lighthouses, charming Piers, beautiful scenery, golf courses, museums and plenty of shops, restaurants, bike paths and annual events.

There are many things you can do here, including traveling, kayaking, walking, and cycling. There are also a variety of accommodations for you to spend a beautiful spring, summer, fall or winter vacation or short break in Georgia.

17. Amicalola Falls State Park

The northeast part of Dawsonville is located in the North Georgia Mountains and is the most visited state park in Georgia. The beautiful Amikarola Falls State Park pours down from towering cliffs and falls 720 feet into the mossy forest. This state park in Georgia, also known as “rolling waters” in Cherokee, was built in 1940.

Relax in nature, or hike along the park’s most popular trails, the stunning scenery of Amikallola Falls and spectacular sunsets are a friendly mountain resort. Play, explore and discover a series of fun-filled activities at the Amicalola Falls Visitor Center.

18. Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens is a true national natural landmark, built in 1952. Callaway Gardens is located along the shores of the Pine Mountains, with beautiful flora and fauna, connecting you with nature.

Callaway Gardens provides a variety of leisure activities and is a truly beautiful garden, golf course, accommodation, dining and other destinations in Georgia. Soak up the sun on Robin Lake Beach or hike along the Pine Mountain Trail, this place is full of seasonal activities.

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