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Best Places to Visit in Alabama: Our Choice

Places to Visit in Alabama

From the best places to visit in Alabama, to best things to do there, it’s hard not to love this Southern gem! There are so many places to visit in Alabama, but I have narrowed it down for you with the best of the best! This list includes everything from great beaches and waterfalls to gorgeous mountain ranges. Here are 10 of the best places you must see if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Alabama.

Here are Best Places to Visit in Alabama:

Neversink Pit Sinkhole 

This sinkhole is likely the most shot sinkhole on the planet. It is stunningly excellent on the grounds that the edges and cascades are shrouded in greeneries. The depression is made of limestone and when you arrive at the base there is a progression of caverns to investigate. It is around a 40-ft plummet to the base. 

Noccalula Falls Park 

Heartfelt misfortune hides underneath the waters of Noccalula Falls Park. As per the legend, Noccalula decided to get around the 90-foot falls on her big day instead of wed the rich boss her dad decided for her. You’ll see a 9-ft-tall model of her at the falls that drop into the Black Creek gorge. However, where there is a pity, there is additionally magnificence, the 25,000 azalea plants in this Gadsden park. While setting up camp here, you can walk the recreation center’s cleared climbing trail, let your children play at the petting zoo and visit Pioneer Village to find out about the past. 

Gulf Shores 

Alabama’s Gulf Shores is an excellent spot for unwinding, fun, and experience. Bay Shores is a famous traveler destination on the Gulf of Mexico. Just 54 miles from Mobile, it’s a good spot to go ocean fishing, play golf at two top courses or go dolphin observing. Other than the standard seashore exercises, you can likewise take a dusk voyage on the Gulf or take the entire family to a water/event congregation. With white-sand seashores and exquisite dusks, you won’t ever need to leave. The sand is produced using quartz grains that have been washed down more than millennia from the Appalachian Mountains. 


Montgomery has a prominent history, yet it was Rosa Parks Library and Museum that truly put it on the map. The African-American lady named social liberties history in 1965 when she wouldn’t surrender her seat on a transport to a white man. In an amusing spot of history, Montgomery was the place where the Confederacy was framed in 1861. Today, this city on the Alabama River is noted for its various parks, high rises, and one of the most incredible workmanship scenes for urban areas its size in the United States. The Alabama Capitol, listed as the First Confederate Capitol on the National Register of Historic Places, is the exact route of the state that originally operated on Capitol Hill, Alabama.

Cheaha State Park 

Cheaha Mountain is the most elevated point in Alabama. The mountain is 735 meters high and can be seen in the state park, named for a Cree Indian word. Situated inside Talladega National Forest, Cheaha State Park has great climbing with admittance to the Appalachian Trail just as a different path. There’s even a path for ATV riders on the off chance that you’d prefer to ride than climb through nature. 

The US Space and Rocket Center 

The US Space and Rocket Center is situated in Huntsville and the city will consistently be recognized as the origination of America’s space program. It was Dr. Wernher von Braun who took on the city as the last spot to refine and set up the Apollo rocket. The occasion is memorialized as a super durable display at the US Space and Rocket Center. Almost 16 million individuals have visited the Center from that point forward and many intuitive displays are held in the Center all as the year progressed. The Center likewise has the incredibly well-known Space Camp, Aviation Challenge Camp, and Robotics Camp that are gone to by a great many contenders consistently. 

The Huntsville Botanical Garden 

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is spread over 112 sections of land and is open all as the year progressed. More than 400,000 guests visited the nursery in 2008 alone and they kept on expanding and the nursery extended its shows and shows. As of now, the nursery has a butterfly park, a sea-going presentation, a wildflower garden, and a natural place. Guests might adore the Biblical nursery highlighting plants referenced in the Bible, the Dogwood trail highlighting dogwood trees including 100-year-old dogwood relocated to the site, and the Vegetable nursery giving valuable tips to the home landscapers. 

Chewacla Falls

Chewacla Falls are in the Chewacla State Park which gives an ideal outing to the family. Chewacla State Park is a freely claimed amusement region in Auburn, Lee County, Alabama, involving 696 sections of land (282 ha) toward the south of Interstate 85. The highlight of the recreation center is Chewacla Lake which has a lot of exercises including fishing, swimming, and drifting. Waterfalls over the exceptional workmanship found here all year fill in as a photograph agreeable objective. 

The Little River Canyon 

The Little River Canyon is an extraordinary spot, regularly depicted with exemplifications, for example, the most profound gully east of the Mississippi River. The Little River, which begins in northwest Georgia, is accepted to be the longest waterway in the United States that runs on a mountain, for this situation, Little Top Mountain. However it’s around 600 feet at its most unfathomable, it’s viewed as a terrific landform in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The nature reserve that encompasses it is home to many ensured types of plants and creatures.  


It is situated at the head of Mobile Bay, Alabama’s only saltwater port. Alabama’s third-biggest city is additionally the biggest on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and St. Petersburg in Florida. It is a social community on the ocean, with exhibition halls, workmanship displays, and proficient ensemble, expressive dance, and show. In late-winter the city is on fire with azaleas, while in February it has the most seasoned coordinated Carnival in the United States; their festival traces all the way back to the mid 1700s when it was coordinated by French Catholic pioneers. Portable is popular for its before the war engineering, a mix of a few styles found all through nine significant noteworthy locales.

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