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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Annapolis

Best Places to Visit in Annapolis

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is a picturesque community with stunning historic buildings and stunning ocean views. As the state capital, Annapolis is also home to some of Maryland’s best museums and historic sites.

Highlights in Maryland include the U.S. Naval Academy and associated Academy Naval Museum, the State Capitol’s Old Senate Chamber, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, and the William Paka House and Gardens.

The city also has a bustling theater stage, some beautiful parks, and a vibrant arts district that regularly hosts festivals and events, including romantic dinners under the stars in summer. Annapolis is also known to many as the “Sailing Capital of America,” and for good reason.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Annapolis and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Annapolis

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Annapolis:

1. Annapolis Historic District

Annapolis is one of the oldest cities in the United States and was the U.S. Capitol building before it was moved to the District of Columbia and is therefore full of historic buildings and landmarks. Annapolis, William Paka House, St. Anne’s Church and the Maryland State Capitol, it was one of the first cities to be designated as a National Historic Landmark District.

A variety of guided and self-guided tours are available that focus on various aspects of the region, including the architecture, the nation, and African-American history.

An expert guided tour of the Heart of Annapolis is a great way to see important historical sites and get directions to the city. Visitors can take a personalized tour on an electric cruiser to explore not only the highlights but also lesser-known alleyways where you’ll learn about the history of the area.

Official website:

2. US Naval Academy Museum

The US Naval Academy Museum was established in 1845 to honor the long tradition of the US Navy and Marine Corps. Its mission is to preserve various artifacts and memorabilia related to engagements, great achievements, academy training, and naval figures.

The most impressive feature of the museum among its collections is its rooms full of model ships. These models are notable for several reasons; Most importantly, each model was built at the same time as its full-scale counterpart. The models date back to 1650, and each is an extremely detailed replica, some of which provide the only record of the ship’s construction.

Other exhibits include the history of naval warfare, personal artifacts, medals and uniforms for sailors of different ranks, and an impressive collection of ship instruments. Families will appreciate that this is a free attraction in Annapolis and will find that the museum does a great job of attracting kids.

Address: 118 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

Official website:

3. Maryland State House

The Maryland State Capitol is steeped in history and was once the capital of the nascent United States. Completed in 1779, the building is the oldest state capitol building still in continuous use by the legislature, and its wooden dome was completed in 1794, making it the oldest and largest wooden dome of its kind in the United States.

The building was the site of the Continental Congress from November 1783 to August 1784; Meanwhile, the ratification of the Treaty of Paris was signed, and George Washington resigned as general of the Continental Army, officially ending the Revolutionary War.

In the lobby, visitors can clearly see where the old wooden ash building merges with the updated section, which was added between 1902 and 1906 and features magnificent marble pillars and walls.

Address: 100 State Department, Annapolis, Maryland

Official website:

4. Hammond-Harwood Mansion

Built in 1774 and designed by William Buckland, this historic home is the finest example of late colonial architecture in Maryland. Perhaps most striking as you enter the first floor are the Rococo-style carvings and shapes, which are elegant and graceful.

The house is nearly identical to its original look and those interested in its architecture will be drawn to the horizontal pegs that have been revealed to show you how the living room floor was made. Several original furniture sets are on display by John Shaw, and notable artworks include paintings by Charles Wilson Peale and Rembrandt Peale’s portrait of George Washington.

Visitors will particularly enjoy seeing a portrait of her daughter Ann holding the doll shown below. Hammond-Harwood House is also known for its beautiful gardens, including the historic Charles Carroll House on Duke Street, Gloucester and the Chase-Lloyd House with its outstanding rose garden.

Address: 19 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

Official website:

5. William Paca House and Gardens

This grand colonial-era home was built for a wealthy young plantation owner, William Paca, who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1765 and became the Governor of Maryland. The house spent several years in the lobby of a hotel lining its old garden.

After painstaking repairs to the home and detailed reconstruction of the gardens based on old photographs, today the William Paka House has one of the most beautiful gardens in Annapolis. The two-acre garden features five terraces planted close to the original, including various ornamentals, herb gardens, and water gardens. The garden also features a beautiful swimming pool and a domed summer house with plenty of shaded benches for you to enjoy the view.

In the home, more than a dozen rooms have been fully restored and include period pieces and decorative arts. The Visitor Center provides information on William Paka’s history, homes and gardens.

Address: 186 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Maryland

6. Kunta Kinte – Alex Haley Monument

The monument includes a story-telling statue of Kunta Kinte, a story wall, and a compass rose. Located near the city’s dock, this is the only place in the country where individual slave arrivals are identified and named. The iconic character in Alex Haley’s novel The Roots is based on his real-life ancestors, who were born in the Gambia in 1750.

The sculpture series showcases Alex Haley reading a book to three children, emphasizing the importance of oral storytelling tradition and the power of the written word. Nearby, next to the Bazaar, is the Compass Rose, a granite and bronze world map with Annapolis at its centre.

The floor wall consists of several bronze plaques placed along the embankment. His inscriptions focus on the healing and growth still needed to overcome the enduring cultural wounds caused by slavery and oppression. Topics include forgiveness, inheritance, family, love and faith.

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7. Banneker-Douglass Museum

The Banneker-Douglass Museum is the official collection of African-American history in Maryland dedicated to education and conservation. The museum’s permanent exhibit explores the history of African-Americans in Maryland from the arrival of the first slave in 1633.

Visitors can listen to Frederick Douglass speak, learn about Thurgood Marshall’s efforts to change the education system, and see works such as Harriet Tubman’s award poster. The museum also hosts a variety of changing exhibits covering topics ranging from the art and culture of African tribes to the work of African American artists.

Address: 84 Franklin Street, Annapolis, Maryland

Official website:

8. Sandy Point State Park

Located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, this beautiful state park offers an array of activities to its visitors. Many people gather at the mile-long sandy beach, which is a great place for families, with lifeguard stations, bathrooms, food concessions, and beach supplies. There is also a playground near the beach, picnic areas, and gazebos for larger groups. Park facilities also include a marina with boat rentals.

The park is also on the “Oriental Airplane”, which is a flight path for many migratory birds and is a great place for bird watching. There is a nature center and interpretation center for those who want to learn more about the local flora and fauna, and there is a junior ranger program each summer.

Address: 1100 East College Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

9. Annapolis Maritime Museum

Located on the banks of Back Creek, the Annapolis Maritime Museum was the last oyster packing facility to operate in Annapolis. It highlights the history of shipbuilding and the local oyster industry through a series of artifacts and documents and introduces visitors to the oyster reef ecosystem in its 850-gallon aquarium.

Other exhibits look at local maritime history and how it has impacted the area’s culture and economy. Visitors can also visit real oyster boats, including Miss Lonesome and Wilma Lee from the 1940s, which can be visited on a guided tour.

One of the most unusual things to see here is the 1868 Oyster War cannon, once used by the Maryland Oyster Police during the Oyster War when pirates threatened this precious resource. The museum is also one of the only public beaches in the city.

Address: 723 Second Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland

Official website:

10. Chesapeake Bay Sailing Excursions

The Chesapeake Bay boat tour is a must for anyone who loves to be on the water. Most cruise ship and charter flights depart from downtown Annapolis, and visitors can easily choose from the many boats waiting. A variety of tour themes are offered, from historical tours narrated by catamarans to romantic sunset cruises on sailboats perfect for couples. You’ll also find well-equipped fishing trips and charter flights to a variety of crafts and destinations.

It’s also a must-go for anyone learning to sail, from kids and beginners to seasoned sailors looking to hone their skills or learn to race in a car. Annapolis also hosts several major boat shows, including sailing shows in April and October, and regular boat races and races in the summer. Every Wednesday night from April until the end of August, the Port of Annapolis hosts a sailing race with over 130 participants.

You can also visit the National Sailing Hall of Fame at City Wharf, which offers a variety of exhibits, events, and programs. Water sports enthusiasts will also find many rental shops in the area ready for kayaking, windsurfing and other activities.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Annapolis. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Annapolis, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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