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12 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Shady trees and hills. Echoing Muslim prayers and Buddhist hymns, Bangladesh is one of Asia’s most mysterious and wonderful lands. Bangladesh is a neighbor of India, but here you will find a less developed and relaxed environment.

The country has a turbulent past, first gaining freedom from the British and then from Pakistan. When you consider that all this happened in the 20th century, it shows the turmoil Bangladesh has been going through lately. As such, it offers a slice of real life for travelers who want an unspoiled view of the region.

The people of Bangladesh are known for their friendliness and enthusiasm, and the country is full of cultural wonders such as the tea-lined highlands of Srimangar and the beautiful golden sands of Cox’s Bazar, which is actually the third longest beach in the world. Other highlights include bustling cities like Dhaka and rural paradises like the Sundarbans National Park.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh and make your trip enjoyable.

Top 12 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Here are the top 12 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh:

1. Cox’s Bazar

Filled with saltwater fishing boats and bustling marinas, Cox’s Bazar empties into the Bay of Bengal. This town in southeastern Bangladesh is known for its stunning beach that stretches for 120 kilometers from north to south along the warm Indian Ocean coast.

This is the third-longest beach on the planet, and you’ll find bubbling rock pools and turbulent turquoise waves as well as local fishermen floundering for the day’s catch, making it a great place to surf.

2. Sundarbans

The Sundarbans sit on the edge of the Bay of Bengal, where the mighty waterways of Brahmaputra and the dreadful Ganges collide. As you might expect, the area is also covered with amazing wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you’ll find Bengal tigers roaming the mangroves and rhesus monkeys bobbing in the canopy. Other highlights include chitals, and you’ll also find local huts scattered throughout the area and hidden under wax palm trees.

3. Dhaka

It may seem far from wild areas like the Sundarbans mangroves, but the city of Dhaka offers you a different type of forest. Sprawling along the Briganga River, Dhaka was once home to Mughal princes and Shah Jahan (architect of the iconic Taj Mahal), among others, colonial British rulers.

More than 17 million people call the city their home today, and you can look forward to temples, churches, mosque monuments and colorful, fragrant bazaars.
While you’re here, be sure to check out the curry and golap restaurants in Old Dhaka.

4. Srimangal

Srimangal is the tea-growing capital of Bangladesh and the area is full of different shades of green. The area is known for its rains that help the tea grow, and as you explore the highlands and small villages that make up Srimangal, you’ll find a sea of ​​different fields.

When traveling here, be sure to visit a local tea processing factory, which often includes visiting a tasting house so you can enjoy a cup of fragrant tea while admiring the sparkling fields. Hikes in the area are also popular, though the rolling landscape means some hikes are more challenging than others.

5. Chittagong

Chittagong has a population of 2.5 million which is nothing compared to other cities like Dhaka. However, this aspiring port city is still worth a visit, especially if you’re heading to the beautiful mountains of Bangladesh.

These beautiful trails, including the beautiful Lake Foy, are hidden in scenic valleys, and Chittagong is considered the starting point if you plan on hiking.

In the city, you’ll find the Chittagong Dismantling Dockyard, where you can see huge oil tankers torn to pieces, and other attractions include the mausoleum of one of the country’s most revered saints, the Bangladeshi Sufi Amanat Khan.

6. Rangamati

Nestled in the beautiful Chittagong hills is the delightful hill town of Rangamati, a peaceful and peaceful alternative to many of Bangladesh’s crazy cities. The town is located on the shores of Kaptai Lake, known for its blue and green waters and the woodland surrounding it.

Colorful boats swim in the lake, and if you’re lucky, you might spot an Asian elephant wandering the shores. The main attractions here are hiking and wildlife excursions and the golden statue of Buddha Dhatu Jadi.
Other popular attractions worth seeing include the Parjatan Suspension Bridge and the ancient Chakma Raj’s palatial palace.

7. Bandarban

The stunning town of Bandaran is surrounded by the Muranja, Wayla and Chimbook mountains at around 1,000 meters above sea level. Covered in misty greenery, the area is home to tobacco farms and hilltop viewing points, as well as a bustling bazaar where you can find arts and crafts from the Shan tribes of the Burmese border.

Other reasons to come here include a lazy bamboo boat ride along the majestic Sangu River and the flowing waters of the majestic Nilgiri Mountains and Jadi Pai Falls.

8. St. Martin

Little St. Martin enclave is unique in Bangladesh as it is the only coral island in the country. The area is covered with swamps and oceans, all close to coconut groves.
In many ways, it looks more Caribbean than South Asian, and you’ll find delicious seafood here, including fiery curries.

Scuba diving is also a popular pastime, so if you want to learn about the country’s amazing aquatic life, this is the place for you.

9. Pahapur

Paharpur is a small town known for the Naogaon district where you will find the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Somapura Mahavihara.
Said to be one of the most fascinating Buddhist archaeological sites in South Asia, it is shaped like a large red-brick quadrangle bisected by alleys and rooms that used to be meditation rooms.

10. Kukata Beach

Kukata Beach stretches from the south side of a river island in central Bangladesh into the Indian Ocean. A great reason to come here is to watch the sunset over the sea with the Sundarbans shining in the distance.

The beach is surrounded by tropical palm trees, and you’ll also find small rivers running inland to the Bay of Bengal. This part of Bangladesh is less touristy, so if you’re looking for a deserted road, this is a good option.
Some of the people you will see here are local fishermen and you can taste delicious crab curry and lobster.

11. Sylhet

Sylhet is located in the north of the country, on lush highlands covered with tropical forests and tea plantations. This part of Bangladesh dates back 800 years and you will find that the Hindu temple of Jaflong has been gradually replaced by lush bushes.

In the center of Sylhet, you’ll find markets selling piles of tea and locals biking around the city. You’ll also find the Bangladesh-India border in Tamabil-Jaflong and the Lawacherra rainforest, famous for its resident leopards.

12. Gaur (Lakhnauti)

The ancient city of Rose is located in the northeastern part of Bangladesh, on the border with India. Today the city is deserted and desolate and you will see red arches as well as towers and destroyed monuments.

The power struggle between Afghans and Mughals meant that the town was abandoned in the 16th century, and you have to be careful not to miss the ruins here, such as the Eunuch Mosque and the stone reliefs on the king’s tombs.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Bangladesh. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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