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10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is one of America’s most luxurious cities. Metropolis boasts super mansions, celebrity haunts, and even high-end style radiating from the sidewalks, especially on world-famous Rodeo Drive. Incredibly, all that glitz and glamor resides in a 5.7-square-mile area hidden in the Santa Monica Mountains.

While Beverly Hills may be popular with Hollywood’s elite, it’s a city for everyone to enjoy. Santa Monica Boulevard is one side of the city’s “Golden Triangle” of luxury shopping, dining and scenery. Many visits include strolling through this core area, which also borders Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Avenue.

But Beverly Hills retail stores, restaurants and places to appreciate expensive cars are not limited to these. Stunning parks and gardens, performance halls and historical monuments also draw attention. On the city’s west side, on the hills above Sunset Boulevard, stately mansions define the city’s remarkable architectural appeal.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills:

1. Rodeo Ride

Nowhere does a lifestyle of high fashion and luxury be seen like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This upscale street is lined with palm trees parked by the roadside and world-famous boutiques and restaurants with Bentleys. If you hear a sudden camera shutter, it may mean that there is a class A soon.

Rodeo Drive is one of the bases of the city’s “Golden Triangle” alongside Santa Monica and Wilshire Avenues. More than 100 shops, restaurants and five-star hotels make up about three blocks of this palace district. For those who want to live in luxury, the luxury districts of the city will have endless high-end experiences.

The often sought after Rodeo Drive Walk of Style is one of the free events on Rodeo Drive. Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this public parade features gold plaques to celebrate the influential fashion icons that have made their mark on Beverly Hills. Past winners include Giorgio Armani and Gianni & Donatella Versace.

No matter how much you’re into shopping or dining, visiting Rodeo Drive and the Golden Triangle is a satisfying experience. The whole neighborhood is somewhat exotic, reminiscent of Europe or an island paradise. Places like Two Rodeo Drives, dotted with cobblestone streets, evoke this European flair.

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2. Beverly Gardens Park

Beverly Gardens Park is the city’s signature outdoor space. The 1.9-acre linear park stretches from Wilshire Avenue to North Donney Avenue adjacent to Santa Monica Avenue. A narrow gravel path through the park connects various art installations, gardens and two decorative fountains at either end.

The 40-foot Beverly Hills sign is probably the most famous, if not the most photographed attraction in the park. This iconic landmark sits above a lily pond surrounded by the largest part of Beverly Gardens Park. Here, picnic benches and terraces offer beautiful views of the sculptures and artworks installed in the area.

The Electric Fountain, located at the west end of the park, at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, is also an important photographic spot. Decorative mosaics surround this historical fountain, which is enriched with evening lighting.
Another notable attraction in Beverly Gardens is the historic Cactus Garden. The second fountain, the Doheny Fountain, is located at the eastern end of the park. Beverly Gardens Park also hosts some major community events in the spring and fall, including the Beverly Hills Art Show.

3. Walking Tour of Beverly Hills

You don’t have to walk a long way to see so much in Beverly Hills, the best way to get around is the pavement. Its main focus is Santa Monica Drive and Rodeo Drive. In addition to high-end fashion boutiques, pedestrians will encounter exquisite architecture and stunning art. Palm trees also line the route, thriving in sunny weather and in the adjacent parkland.

Love Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Visitor Center publishes several walking tour maps that cater to all interests. Each sightseeing tour includes several stops, all within a short walking distance of Rodeo Drive. Different walking tours include arts and culture, historic Beverly Hills, Hollywood screenings and ways to spend the day with the family.

A few highlights on the walking tour include Beverly Gardens Park and Beverly Hills City Hall. Almost every ride includes two Rodeo Drives, also known as the cobblestone entrances of Rodeo Drive. The entire core of the city is very photogenic, often including people walking on the sidewalks.
Navigating this core area of ​​Beverly Hills not only provides easy access to multiple attractions and popular activities but also reduces the hassle of parking. Line 4 from downtown Los Angeles has four stops on Santa Monica Avenue in Beverly Hills for those who want to abandon their vehicles altogether.

4. Gray Stone Building

The city of Beverly Hills owns this grand 1920s mansion on the north side of town, accessible from Sunset Boulevard. The property is set on 13 natural acres to explore. It is a popular photo shoot location (license only) and has always been a common venue for Hollywood productions.

Except for special events and private tours, the interior of Greystone is generally closed to the public. But the outside offers a lot to explore, especially when combined with the typical sunny weather of the city. Greystone’s formal gardens include a fountain center and a tree-lined courtyard.

Movie buffs will recognize the mansion from blockbuster movies like “The Big Lebowski” and “There Will Be Blood.” Other notable movies include Spider-Man and The Social Network. The mansion is also featured in many family portraits, engagement photos and similar works. A license is required for any commercial photography.

Currently, the mansion is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Admission is free, but reservations are required.

Address: 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, California

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5. Franklin Canyon Park

Located on the north side of Beverly Hills, Franklin Canyon Park spans 600 acres and is easily accessible from Beverly Avenue. Located in a busy area of ​​Los Angeles, this wide open space is a welcome vacation for those who love to experience nature.

The park has a network of trails that run the length of the park. The closest trails to Beverly Hills are the 0.3-mile Discovery Trail and the 2.3-mile Patient Trail. The Discovery Trail is the most popular family hike with an easy detour around Walnut Grove, while the Patient Trail has steep uphill sections.

Further north in the park, other trails such as the Ranch Trail explore the canyon’s reservoir. There are several interpretive stations in the area that detail the unique history of the canyon. The reservoir is a popular stop for birdwatchers and birders alike, as it is a common resting point along the Pacific Coast Waterway. Bring binoculars when visiting.

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6. Wallis Annenberg Center

Wallis is a premium performance venue in the heart of Beverly Hills. It is located in Beverly Gardens Park near Crescent Boulevard across Santa Monica Avenue and has been lauded in Southern California for its dynamic performance catalog.

The center occupies a city block that feels like its own. It consists of two distinct and striking buildings, including the 1933 Beverly Hills Post Office. Adjacent to this historic Italian-style public facility is the 500-seat Goldsmiths Theatre. This mix of history and modernity sets the stage for many events and showcases the Performance Center’s annual performances.

In addition to scheduled performances featuring celebrities on stage and in the crowd, Wallis hosts a number of community events and events. Perhaps nothing beats the monthly Sunday family events featuring live music and dancing.

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7. Events in Beverly Hills

There’s always something interesting going on in Beverly Hills. The city’s calendar of events runs year-round, and there’s always pleasant weather to enjoy. Many community events, from pet parades to classic car shows, take place on the weekends, but other well-known gatherings, such as the first Thursday of the month, take place throughout the week.

Some of its signature Beverly Hills events include the Beverly Hills Farmers Market every Sunday, rain or shine, and Canon concerts on Thursdays throughout the summer. These family-friendly events are free to attend and often feature some of the best audiences in town.

The Beverly Hills Art Show is another signature event on the calendar. Two different weekends each spring and fall feature a plethora of works by local and regional artists. Held in Beverly Gardens Park, the show typically draws over 50,000 viewers each season.

8. Virginia Robinson Gardens

Built in 1911, Virginia Robinson Gardens set the benchmark for luxury mansions in Beverly Hills. It is touted as the city’s first luxury property and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Public tours of this still palace-like home and grounds are available by appointment only.

The long-term nature of the residence and the doctors-led tours draw history buffs to this old Hollywood hangout. The property’s six acres of crumbling landscaping have also attracted green thumbs and photographers.

Tours are usually offered Monday through Friday and last approximately 90 minutes. Due to the historic nature of the property, Virginia Robinson Gardens is not wheelchair accessible.

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9. Greater Los Angeles County

Los Angeles borders Beverly Hills, and Beverly Hills is the most luxurious city in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. This proximity also places many of Los Angeles’ top attractions, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the adjacent La Brea Tar Pits, less than 3 miles from Beverly Gardens Park.

The rest of Los Angeles County is also easily accessible, including the best day trips from Los Angeles, the best weekend adventures, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles. These long lists of attractions are enough to keep everyone busy any month of the year.

10. Dining in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known for its food alongside high fashion and luxury. While some menus reflect the upscale quality of the city, other more casual options still have an appealing side. But if you plan to dine out, be sure to make a reservation, especially on weekends.

Outdoor dining in Beverly Hills is an easy option, thanks in part to the beautiful weather and the city’s policy of expanding outdoor dining areas. There are al fresco dining opportunities for three meals a day, from roadside cafes to cozy fire-lit terraces.

Every time you visit Beverly Hills there is a new restaurant to choose from. Some long-known classics include The Grill on the Alley near Rodeo Drive and La Dolce Vita in Old Hollywood. Visitors have loved Lawry’s The Prime Rib on La Cienega Avenue for the past 90 years.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Beverly Hills. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Beverly Hills, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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