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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Death Valley

Best Places to Visit in Death Valley

Despite its frightening name, Death Valley is a beautiful desert wonderland and one of the best national parks in the United States. Sand dunes, salt flats, mountains, craters, and the lowest lake in North America make up some of the most spectacular and dramatic landscapes in the Southwest.

Protected as a national park, the valley covers 3,000 square miles and is known as the hottest, driest and lowest point in North America. A roadside lookout offers stunning panoramic views, and hiking trails provide easy access to the grounds.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Death Valley and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Death Valley

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Death Valley:

1. Bad Water Basin

Badwater Basin, at the southern tip of Death Valley National Park, is the lowest point on land in the Western Hemisphere at 277 feet below sea level. It goes without saying that this region is warm even in winter.

Badwater Lake is a shallow lake surrounded by mountains and surrounded by salt, but you may not always see water here. Depending on the conditions or the time of year, Badwater may be too full or contain too little water. Either way, the area is interesting and there is plenty to do.

When the water is barely visible from the shore, you can stroll through the white salt flats seemingly endlessly. When there is water the air is still, this usually happens in the morning and evening and the mountains across the valley are reflected in the water and the view is breathtaking. This can be a great area for photography. If you have enough water, you can even go for a boat ride on the lake.

2. The Racetrack

Using a 4×4 vehicle, you can follow the rough road to the racetrack, one of Death Valley’s most hidden attractions. This area is a huge dry mud bed with stones of varying sizes everywhere and long trails trailing behind them as if being pushed through the mud.

There has been speculation for years about how the stones were transported. Many believe that the stones are blown away by the wind after the rain. But more recently, with the help of time-lapse photography, it was thought that rocks were actually moved by ice floes. Whatever the method, the result is the most interesting sight.

3. Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point overlooks a surreal landscape of rolling hard ridges of gold, orange and brown earth. There are unobstructed views from the lookout point to this unique formation, extending to the valley in the back and the Panamint Mountains beyond. The colors are especially eye-catching in the morning or afternoon.

A 7.8-mile hiking trail leads out of Zabriskie Point, but if you want to get off the ridge and soak up the view without taking a long hike, walk a short distance and return to the same trail.

From Furnace Creek, you can reach Zabriskie Point by driving 4 miles east on Hwy 190. If you’re entering the park from Las Vegas by following the route above, this is a stop on the way to Furnace Creek.

4. Dantes View

Dante’s perspective offers one of the best overviews of Death Valley. The bottom of the valley can be seen from above as far as the eye can see over the mountains on the other side of the valley.

This peek is a little out of the way but well worth the effort. From Zabriskie Point, head east on Hwy 190 until the signposted turn at Dante’s View. From the highway, the 16-mile winding asphalt road peaks at an elevation of 5,478 feet. The length of vehicles on this road must be less than 25 feet.

The temperature here is much cooler than at the bottom and can be a refreshing treat on a hot day.

5. The Artist’s Drive and The Artist’s Palette

The Artist’s Palette is an area along Artist’s Drive, a scenic short ride that brings you closer to parts of the Black Mountains. The Artist’s Palette is a colored section of the slope made of metal in rock, in hues ranging from orange, pink and brown to green and turquoise.

Artist’s Drive is a 9-mile one-way loop for vehicles up to 25 feet. This is a popular activity to do on the way to Badwater from Furnace Creek just off Badwater Road. If possible, try to do this ride in the late afternoon, when the colors are at their best.

6. Devil’s Golf Course and Artist Drive

Devil’s Golf Course is a flat, sharp crystal of salt that forms a large mass of jagged salt gravel. Located south of Furnace Creek, just off the main road to Badwater (Badwater Road), this is an easy stop. If you wish, you can walk directly onto the track from the parking lot. It may seem like there isn’t much to see here, but the vastness, solitude and serenity combined with extraordinary landscapes create a unique experience.

7. Harmony Borax Works and the Sand Dunes near Stove Pipe Wells

Aaron Winters discovered borax in Death Valley in 1881. He soon sold the rights to William T. Coleman, founder of Harmony Borax Works, where borate-containing slurries were refined until 1888. The previous area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation was at the creek north of the Bakery.

You can wander around the crumbling adobe walls to see old chickens and some kegs. There are also wagons that were once used to transport goods out of the valley. This facility, which closed in 1888, was the first successful borax facility in Death Valley borax mining history.

8. Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Twenty Mule Canyon is a 2.7-mile one-way dirt road that cuts through spectacular scenery. The road is flanked by stone walls, barren plains and colorful hills on both sides, similar to those found at Zabriskie Point in some areas. The terrain here is different from the rest of the park and reveals the ruggedness of the area.

During the Borax era, crews of twenty mules were used to haul Borax-filled wagons from Death Valley, and the road offers a glimpse into the type of landscape these vehicles had to contend within the 1880s. However, there is no indication that this particular path was used in this way.

9. Keene Wonder Mine

If you’re interested in this type of attraction, reaching the ruins of this historic gold mine can be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort. You can still see the intact old cable car and other structures. The mine is located on a scenic slope extending into the valley.

Access to the site usually involves driving down rough dirt roads that ordinary vehicles can pass, followed by a short but moderately strenuous hike from the parking lot. The road is less than three miles and a quarter mile on foot to the bottom of the tram.

10. Father Crawley Point

Father Crawley’s Corner is an elevated lookout on the west side of the park that offers a different perspective from the park’s east side viewing area. If you’re entering Death Valley from the west, Father Crawley’s Point should be your first stop before a long descent into Panamint Springs.

There are two parking spaces: one on the hill, the other at the back, close to the highway. The first parking lot is easily accessible just off the main highway, and most choose to walk a short distance to the lookout point. The road to the lookout may be unpaved, quite bumpy and require high clearance.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Death Valley. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Death Valley, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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