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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in El Paso

Best Places to Visit in El Paso

El Paso is located on the Rio Grande River in the westernmost part of Texas and borders the Mexican state of Chihuahua; so you can only imagine how much Mexican influence the city has, with everything from delicious spicy food to lavish cultural charity events. As of 2015, El Paso has approximately 700,000 residents. Surrounded by stunning deserts and diverse flora and fauna, there is so much to see in this quaint city. From vibrant art galleries to famous historical sites, why not follow the trails I’m about to take you to?

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in El Paso and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in El Paso

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in El Paso:

1. Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

This historic site is known as the Sacred Desert Sanctuary in honor of the fact that people have hiked these hills for thousands of years to collect rainwater in natural rock basins. Today, tourists can go hiking, rock climbing, learning about nature, picnicking and bird watching. The park has an interpretive center in a historic farmhouse that offers guided and self-guided tours.

There are also some memorable gifts available for purchase. If the family loves to camp, why not spend the night at one of the 20 campgrounds? First, you should watch the site’s video showing how it protects the park’s fragile resources. Remember to bring your own supplies as there is no shop on site.

2. El Paso Art Museum

The museum not only houses a variety of beautiful and unique artworks but also offers some really fun hands-on activities for kids! Built in 1959, it’s actually the only accredited art museum within a 250-mile radius and attracts around 100,000 visitors each year. Exhibitions regularly host famous artists, so it’s always possible to see something new and interesting here. Kids will love the museum’s kite workshop, one of the many attractions on offer! Admission is free, but donations are accepted.

3. Plaza Theater

The historic building is loved by locals and is known as one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The theater’s original owner, Louis L. Dent, brought in the property in 1927 and said he wanted to “do something good for the city.” The theater still puts on great shows, including Broadway productions, concerts, and select artists.

One of the best things about the theater has to be its Spanish Mission-style fa├žade and three-story domed tower, as well as its lavish furnishings, including its mosaic-tiled floors and wrought-iron balustrades. Take the family on an old-fashioned theater visit!

4. National Border Patrol Museum

This fascinating free admission museum is a must-see for the whole family! Museum, Old West, Forbidden, II. It will allow you to travel through the history of the US Border Patrol, dating back to World War II and today’s technological age. The U.S. Border Patrol began its journey in 1928 by deploying 450 patrol inspectors to secure the border between checkpoints. The museum displays a variety of vehicles used or actually captured by the Border Patrol; for example, a man-made bicycle big enough for 9 people to cross the border!

5. El Paso Holocaust Museum

For a thought-provoking yet enlightening visit, head to the El Paso Holocaust Museum, founded in 1994 by Holocaust survivor Henry Karen. The museum documents the terrible years of the Nazi regime and offers interesting artifacts and history to learn about the Third Reich, and the museum’s mission is to educate the public in the hope that similar acts will not be repeated. The museum also honors those who died and survived the Holocaust. Doctors are knowledgeable and can answer questions.

6. Municipal Rose Garden

If you plan to visit the city between March and October, be sure to take some free time to visit the fragrant Municipal Rose Garden! Admire 1460 rose bushes in the garden, consisting of more than 320 fragrant roses and new roses added each year after evaluating their climatic suitability. The roses are lovingly cared for by volunteers, making the garden a welcome oasis in the scorching El Paso desert heat. The garden is full of benches to sit and enjoy a while or have lunch.

7. West Playground Amusement Park

If kids love roller coasters, they’ll love this amusement park too – what other kid (and lots of adults!) could resist the excitement of a roller coaster? Enjoy the El Bandido roller coaster and the tsunami that creates a huge wave of 50 feet and a huge tide of 70 feet! (Be prepared to get a little wet!) Don’t worry, there are lots of toys for kids ages 1-8 so everyone can have fun! They also have great snacks like burgers, hot dogs, and chips.

8. Sun Bowl Stadium

Known for fun family experiences, Sun Bowl Stadium is home to the American Conference UTEP Miners and the modern-day Sun Bowl, the college football bowl game in late December. This is a great place to spend an enjoyable afternoon watching outdoor college football! The stadium has a capacity of 51,000 seats and is located in the mountains adjacent to the UTEP campus. Although quite old by modern standards, some renovations have been made to make the stadium a comfortable arena.

9. Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museum

This is a great venue for families interested in all things military. Before you enter the museum, you will see a great display of armor, including a German V-2 rocket, some artillery and a few helicopters! The museum holds a wealth of information on the history of the US Army and 1st Armored Division in El Paso, along with outstanding exhibits including weapons, artifacts and other vehicles.

You can even touch the outside of most tanks (although no one’s hands or climbed the screen, sorry guys!). Next to the museum is the Old Fort Bliss, a copy of the initial inscription of the name.

10. Viva El Paso

If you’re in town, give your family a Viva show! El Paso, the city’s annual nostalgic musical, celebrates its rich cultural history with theatre, dance and song. The two-hour, open-air musical features 50 dancers from ancient Indian settlements to the wild Southwest, feeling control of the Spanish conquests and mestizo.

Throughout the show, dancers perform acrobatics, artillery fire, Indians shoot a flaming arrow overhead to illuminate the VIVA sign, and then the Six Flags parade over Texas. The shows take place Thursday through Sunday in June, July and August, attracting more than 25,000 spectators each year. Everyone has a great chance to learn the history of this interesting city!


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in El Paso. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in El Paso, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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