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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Fiji

Best Places to Visit in Fiji

Known for its friendly people and idyllic tropical islands, Fiji is a true South Pacific paradise. With over 300 islands to choose from, you’ll find plenty of tropical attractions and things to do.

The capital is Suva on the largest island of Viti Levu. Located on the western side of the island, Nadi Island is Fiji’s main international gateway, close to the Coral Coast and Denarau Island’s major resorts. Not far from here, you can hike along the dunes to ancient archaeological sites, swim in therapeutic mud pools and hot springs, dive with sharks in the Beqaa Lagoon, and raft swim in the pristine rainforest on the Upper Navua River.

Farther afield, the outer islands have their own fascinating natural attractions. The Mamanuca Islands are one of the world’s top surfing destinations, and among other island groups you’ll find mysterious caves, Fiji’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the world’s fourth largest barrier reef. Fijians love kids too, so this is a great place for families.

For ideas on the best places to visit in this idyllic island paradise, have a look at our list of best places to visit in Fiji.

10 Best Places to Visit in Fiji

Here are the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Fiji:

1. Blue Lagoon Cruise

If you want to experience some of Fiji’s best islands during your vacation, the Blue Lagoon Cruise is a great option. These intimate cruises for 68 people offer three different itinerary options on Picture Postcard Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands.

You can choose from a three, four, or seven-night cruise, and all have flexible itineraries that can change depending on the weather and local celebrations. Daily itineraries include cruises of up to four hours a day, so you can spend most of your time cruising around the island.

Activities include swimming, diving and snorkeling in the silky waters; picnicking on uninhabited islands; fishing and visiting local villages and attractions such as the Sawa I Lau Caves. Ships depart from Port Denarau.

Official website:

2. Cloudbreak

Frequently featured on lists of the world’s best and toughest surfers, Cloudbreak is located on a sheltered reef about two kilometers from Tavarua Island Resort near Namotu Island Resort in the Mamanuca Islands.

This internationally renowned left reef accelerates as it rolls over shallow reefs, drains a lot of water and can be surfed at all tides. Depending on conditions, surf elevation ranges from 2 feet to 20 feet and is usually accessed by jet ski and trailer boards.

3. Bouma National Heritage Park

Nature lovers, hikers and bird watchers can soak up Fiji’s lush natural beauty at Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island. Established in 1990, the park includes nearly 150 square kilometers of rainforest with rare tropical vegetation and an impressive diversity of birds, as well as four villages, each of which manages a portion of the park.

You can snorkel at Waitab’s Marine Park, hike through the rainforest to the ancient ruins near Vidawa, ski, or stroll the Lavena Beach Walk, stopping at the waterfalls for a swim along the way.

A particular highlight of the park is the Tavoro Waterfall, which houses three sets of waterfalls in the nearby village of Korovou, where you can swim in cool volcanic pools and take pictures of the covered water gushing from the rock surface.The park is also home to Lake Tagimaucia, a crater lake in bloom by the rare Tagimaucia flower, and De Voeux Peak offers spectacular views from its 1,195-metre summit.

4. Denarau Island

Craving for shopping, a hearty meal, a round of golf, or a spa treatment? You can do all this and more when visiting Port Denarau Island. This one-stop destination for shopping, dining and Fijian entertainment is approximately 20 minutes from Nadi International Airport.

If your main goal is to shop for souvenirs, there’s everything here from the ubiquitous wooden kava bowls and colorful Fijian aprons to jewelry, surf gear and marine animal trinkets.

Choose from 40 different restaurants with everything from pizza and American burgers to Fijian and Indian cuisine. You can also enjoy free entertainment before or after your meal. Polynesian and Melanesian dancers add another pleasant color to Fijian culture, while fire dancers light up the open space between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm every evening.

5. Port Denarau Marina

Snorkeling, sailing, jet ski – you can book here. The marina is also the starting point for cruises to other islands such as Mamanuca and the Yasawa chain. Golfers can take a swim on the palm-fringed 18-hole course with stunning ocean views, or book a relaxing massage at the spa if their muscles are sore after a game or two.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Fiji, Port Denarau is also home to nine hotels and resorts, including the Sheraton Denarau Villas and the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa. Getting around is also easy. Convenient Bula buses will take you from Denarau Island Resort to all shopping, dining and entertainment areas.

6. Bekaa Lagoon, Viti Levu

About 144 kilometers southeast of Nadi, the Bekaa (pronounced “Benga”) lagoon near Pacific Harbor attracts avid divers and explorers, many of whom come to experience the Bekaa Lagoon shark dive.

Thanks to strict security measures, local professional dive operators can have exhilarating face-to-face encounters with these fearsome creatures in their natural habitat. Among the many species, you can see are bull sharks, whitetip sharks, blacktip reef sharks and even tiger sharks.

If you’re looking for a gentler underwater experience, there are over 100 dive sites in the lagoon. Polyps, peaks, and shipwrecks display an impressive variety of soft coral and tropical fish, and most areas are located in relatively shallow waters not far from shore. If you’re visiting Viti Levu and don’t have time to go to the reefs around the island, this is a great place for diving.

Located just off the sea, Beqa Island is home to the Sawau tribe, who pioneered Fiji’s famous fire-walking tradition.

7. Pacific Harbor

Less than 50 kilometers from Suva, Pacific Harbor considers itself “Fiji’s adventure capital.” This residential area of ​​luxury vacation homes and resorts started out as a residential canal development in the 1970s and is evolving into an adrenaline-fueled hotspot today. Popular activities here include rafting on the nearby Upper Navua River, zipline, jet skiing, surfing, 4WD adventures, and diving with bull sharks in Beqaa Lagoon.

If you prefer more modest events, Pacific Harbor is also home to a popular arts village with restaurants, souvenir stalls and cultural performances. Accommodation options range from budget hotels to luxury resorts, and the brand new Pacific Palms Marina, which includes restaurants, luxury residences, a golf course and a spa, is under construction.

About a 20-minute drive from Pacific Harbor, Kila Eco Adventure Park offers ziplines, rope lessons and nature walks.

8. Great Astrolabe Reef

The 100-kilometer-long Great Astrolabe Reef sits on the edge of Kadavu and other islets in the Kadavu Group, Fiji’s fourth largest island, and is the world’s fourth largest barrier reef. Divers come to immerse themselves in an underwater wonderland of caves, tunnels, peaks, drops, a kaleidoscope of hard and soft corals, and tropical fish.

Most dive sites are easily accessible by boat from the south coast of Kadavu, and currents are generally moderate and visibility ranges from 10 to 40 metres. Diving covers all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Snorkelers can also enjoy the abundant marine life here and have the opportunity to swim with manta rays.

Anglers can fish in designated areas—the reef is known for its abundance of billfish species alongside tuna, mahi mahi, and giant trevally.

9. Sawa-i-Lau Cave

In the northern Yasawa archipelago, the mysterious Sawa- i-Lau Caves have been shaped by wind and waves for thousands of years. They are best known for scenes from the famous Brook Shields movie “Blue Lagoon”.

Bask in the sun, the first limestone caves are easily accessible and you can swim in the cool, crystal clear waters of the deep pools, admiring the interesting limestone formations.

To enter the inner cave, you have to swim through the underwater tunnels. Locals believe that this inner cave was the heart of the Yasawas and that the cave was the final resting place of the 10-headed Fijian god Ulutini.

Note that the second cave can only be accessed if the tides allow it. The guide is highly recommended.

10. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Sigatoka Dunes National Park, about 60 kilometers south of Nadi, is the first national park in the country to preserve this fragile coastal dune ecosystem near the mouth of the Sigatoka River. Formed over thousands of years, these dunes range in height from 20 to 60 meters and offer stunning views of the waves from the highest peaks.

To explore the park, you can choose between two self-guided hikes: a one-hour hike from the forest to the beach, or a two-hour hike along the ridgeline. Highlights include a visit to the archaeological site and a tour of ancient Lapita artifacts, including pottery, stone tools, and one of the largest burial grounds in the Pacific.

Bird watching is also popular, and the small visitor center showcases some of the interesting artifacts found at the site, along with information about its history and ecology.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Fiji. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Fiji, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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