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Top 13 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Frederick

Best Places to Visit in Frederick

Historic and beautiful natural areas invite you to Frederick, Maryland. You can have a lot of fun by participating in many activities. Some of the best here are hiking, biking, and camping. Alternatively, you can play golf on the lush green course.

If you are proud of the virtue of patience, try catching quality fish in the water. Old local wineries and historic buildings add to the charm even more. The city is known for its fantastic museums. The most famous of these are the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and the Rose Hill Estate Museum.

If you’ve already booked your Frederick ticket for your next vacation, have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Frederick and make your trip enjoyable.

13 Best Places to Visit in Frederick

Let’s explore the top 13 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Frederick:

1. Catoctin Mountains

The Catoctin Mountains are the easternmost ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains. The area is home to amazing wildlife, abundant wildflowers, hiking trails, scenic driveways, camping, and more. Check out the Owens Creek Campground. This is an individual, family and group campground for tents and small caravans.

2. Catoctin

The park is also a great option to have a good time while having a picnic! The secondary parking lot at the visitor center, the Thurmont Vista parking lot, and the Hog Rock parking lot are the best options for doing this.

There’s a lot to explore there, so make sure you find enough information before your visit to prepare well in advance and get the most out of the trip. This is a great day trip from Frederick and one of the most romantic couple’s getaways in Maryland.

3. Rose Hill Mansion Park and Children’s Museum

Rose Hill Estate was built in the 1790s by John and Anne Graham. The mission of the park and museum is to preserve and display the heritage from 1746 to 1950. The mansion, igloo, log cabin, wagon set, blacksmith shop and two barns are all on this land.

In later years (1972), the Rose Hill Manor Children’s Museum opened, offering a way to experience history firsthand. The Frederick Museum focuses on giving children a hands-on experience of early American life, such as learning to comb wool, grind spices, and play with antique toys, as well as learning about Frederick County’s agricultural and transportation history.

4. Cunningham Falls State Park

From April to October, the famous activities you can enjoy at Cunningham Falls State Park are swimming, hiking, fishing and canoeing. The beautiful Catoctin Mountains are home to Cunningham Falls State Park, which is a great place for nature lovers to visit Frederick. It is divided into two different and unique areas.

5. Cunningham Falls State Park

The lakes, waterfalls, and campgrounds are part of the William Hawk area, located 3 miles west of Thurmont on Route 77. The Scales and Tales Aviary, campground, and historic Catoctin Iron Furnace are located on Route 15, 3 miles south of Thurmont, on the estate. The length of the hiking trails varies from short and flat to steep and rocky. Swimming is permitted in certain areas of Hunting Creek Lake, and hunting is permitted on the 4,400-acre heathland.

6. Downtown Frederick

Downtown Frederick is home to more than 200 retail stores, art galleries and restaurants. A place with a charming small-town feel and picturesque views from every corner. Downtown Frederick is very rich, with dozens of specialty stores (as mentioned above) including antique shops, gift shops, clothing and toy stores, record stores, comic book stores, vintage stores, and more.

Next on the list is Milkhouse Brewery, Maryland’s first farm brewery. There, the top-notch beers are carefully crafted from ingredients grown at Stillpoint Farms. The brewery is located near Frederick in Mount Airy.

7. Frederick Wine Trail

Frederick Wine Trail is known as the place to combine all of Frederick’s great and delicious drinks! The Maryland Wine Trail takes you through Civil War battlefields and vineyards. This incredible region has now made Frederick an important center of the artisanal winemaking revolution and is now fertile ground for the new wine movement in Maryland.

The place invites people to taste some of the region’s best produce, including nearly 90 acres of grapes in the hills and offers a view of unmatched beauty. Along the trails, you’ll find a variety of delicious wines, warm hospitality, and an in-depth look at the ancient art of winemaking in Maryland.

8. Hootch & Banter

Hootch & Banter, recently opened (2015), brought new life to the historic South Market Street building known locally as Kidd’s Cafe or The Canal Bar & Grill. The space has upscale dining and a relaxed atmosphere. An enlarged old photograph hangs on the dining room wall to celebrate the Kidd family and the building’s history.

The menu and selection of cocktails, wines and spirits emphasize fresh, seasonal and locally made ingredients. The burger is named after Charles Kidd III in honor of the previous owners and their longstanding family business.

9. Barbara Fritch House

This is Barbara Fritchie’s (protagonist of John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem) rebuilt home, a long time (1927-2018) was a museum but is now an Airbnb. The place has been renovated to be a comfortable place to stay, but the owners really tried to make it feel like a luxury hotel with lots of amenities while keeping the feel of the past!

The house has many features such as a china cabinet with genuine Barbara Fritchie memorabilia, different antiques and heirlooms, and more. This is a very unique place and well worth a visit and stay when visiting Frederick.

10. Weinberg Center for the Arts

The Weinberger Arts Center is Frederick’s cultural center supporting the performing arts. An iconic movie palace built in 1926, it offers professional music, dance and theater, vintage movies, and family entertainment year-round. The season starts in September and ends in May of the following year.

In addition to seeing exciting shows and activities, visitors are invited to experience the magic behind the scenes with a free behind-the-scenes tour. Explore Art Deco architectural features, learn about local theater legends and behind-the-scenes secrets with the help of an experienced guide. Free tours are offered once a week and last approximately 45-60 minutes.

11. Jojo Restaurant and Tap House

Jojo’s Restaurant and Tap House is another famous Frederick dining spot. The restaurant features a bistro with over 26 draft beers and a full bar with a private space for your special event. There is also a comfortable dining area separate from the bar for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend a more relaxed time at the restaurant.

For a casual meal, the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling brick windows create an intimate dining atmosphere and watch what goes on around East Patrick Street. The Tap House side is perfect for those looking for a livelier space, a selection of craft beers, and a night out with friends.

12. Monocacy National Battlefield

Known for the Battle of Monocacy, the Monocashi National Battlefield was where Washington was liberated during the Civil War. It is located on the Monocacy River southeast of Frederick. Visitors can enjoy more than 1,500 acres of farmland, many historic buildings, and stunning views. At first glance, this place may seem rustic, but it’s close to Frederick and has lots of amenities.

13. Winchester Hall

The Winchester Auditorium was originally conceived as a girls’ boarding school and later became the seat of the Frederick County government. It was created and named for Hiram Winchester. The design of the building was influenced by Greek society as they placed great emphasis on education. The look of Winchester Hall hasn’t changed over the years and is a must-see landmark in Frederick!


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Frederick. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Frederick, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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