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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Grand Teton National Park

Places to Visit in Grand Teton National Park

Known for its stunning mountain scenery and sparkling mountain lakes, Grand Teton National Park is located just outside Jackson, in northwest Wyoming. Definitely delighting nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, its stunning landscapes and vast unspoiled wilderness are well worth exploring wherever you go.

Built in 1929, it is named after the mountains’ highest peak, the Grand Teton, and reaches an astonishing 13,775 feet. Far below, you’ll find lush forests and sparkling lakes punctuated by flowing rivers and stunning rock formations. Due to its diverse landscapes, Grand Teton National Park has so much to do, from hiking, biking and camping to fishing, swimming and canoeing and even rock climbing and kayaking.

Grand Teton National Park, which is also home to many wonderful wildlife such as deer, moose, bison and bears, is truly a delight.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Grand Teton National Park and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Grand Teton National Park

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Grand Teton National Park:

1. Paintbrush Canyon Trail

The spectacular Brush Canyon Trail is one of the Grand Teton’s most rewarding hikes and takes you through a series of stunning scenery, offering breathtaking views and natural beauty wherever you look. While long and strenuous, this great trail is definitely worth the hike as you can expect to see all the amazing sights.

It stretches for just over nine miles, winding along the shores of secluded lakes, over rugged ridges, and under massive mountain peaks. Very popular with nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this trail starts at String Lake and then steeply crosses Brush Canyon until you reach idyllic Holly Lake surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Along its loose route, the trail rises nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, and its highest point is the 10,700-foot Brush Divide. Particularly strong hikers can also continue along the Falls Canyon Trail, which creates a large loop with the trail.

2. Moose Wilson Road

Winding through vast forests and valleys with majestic mountains towering in the distance, the Moose Wilson Trail is a delight. Connecting the two towns is one of Teton’s most popular scenic routes, and it’s easy to see why.

Mostly asphalt, with some parts just gravel and dirt, the trail is 25 miles long and takes you through the mighty Jackson Hole Valley. Especially in the wild sections, you can sometimes spot deer, beavers and even black bears in the unspoiled wilderness on both sides of the route.

Along the way, the narrow winding road passes wetlands and waterways with numerous trails and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where you can stop if you want to ski or explore the great outdoors.

3. Taggart Lake

Nestled among lush woodlands and towering mountains, Lake Taggart is one of the park’s most popular and picturesque attractions. Easily accessible on foot, its reflective waters sit at the foot of the massive and majestic Teton Mountains not far from Lake Bradley and Avalanche Canyon.

Overall, the round trip route to the lake is 3 miles long and includes trails that take you through native forests, flowering meadows, and bubbling streams. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with some of the most breathtaking views imaginable as the protruding peaks rise magnificently above the lake.

In addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenery and views, visitors can sit and picnic along the beach and take pictures of the lake carved into the rock by slow-moving glaciers over thousands of years.

4. Signal Mountain Summit Road

Due to its remote location, Signal Hill has some of the best views in the park, with Jackson Hole, Jackson Lake, and the towering Teton Mountains looking into the distance. To reach its high peak, visitors follow a narrow winding path that zigzags up to its prominent summit.

Enjoy this endless 4.3-mile route with steep sections of stunning forests and meadows, breathtaking scenery and endless natural beauty. At an altitude of over 800 feet, after just a 15-minute drive you will find yourself above the valley below.

From its secluded summit at 2,350 meters, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys, forests and lakes of Grand Teton National Park.

5. Jackson Lake

One of the park’s highlights is the massive Lake Jackson, which offers a variety of amazing outdoor activities and wildlife viewing opportunities. Surrounded by mountains, the marinas, cottages, and campgrounds along the scenic coast are a pleasure to visit.

This huge natural lake was removed from the rock by glaciers and was greatly expanded in 1911 with the construction of the Jackson Lake Dam. Today, its reflective and pleasant waters stretch for 15 miles and reach 7 miles at its widest point.

In addition to fishing, swimming, and boating, visitors can take world-class sightseeing tours around the lake or observe wildlife such as deer, bison, and bears on the pristine west shore. In addition, there are incredible hikes, mountain biking, and camping in the forests and mountains surrounding Lake Jackson.

6. Mormon Row Historic District

Despite its breathtaking scenery, views, and natural beauty, one of the most photographed attractions in the park is the Mormon Historic Site. With the majestic mountains towering in the background, the atmospheric old farmhouse is sure to make for great pictures, thus attracting tourists from all over the world.

In the 1890s, Mormon settlers moved to the area and built the dilapidated, rustic farms, barns and homes we see today. Now weathered and aged, 27 historic wooden buildings from the perfect idyllic setting, one of the park’s most iconic images.

In addition to taking pictures of two of the most popular buildings, the Moulton Barn and Chambers Homestead, visitors can sometimes see antelopes and other animals roaming the surrounding fields, farms and fertile plains.

7. Cascade Canyon Trail

If you’re after a challenging outdoor adventure rather than scenic drives and historic sites, you’ll definitely want to check out the Cascade Canyon Trail. Not far from the Moose, one of the most popular and picturesque hikes in the park, a fascinating round-trip trail can be found.

In total, the round-trip length is almost 14 miles, and the trail starts at Jenny Lake and takes you into the rugged Cascade Canyon. Along the way, you’ll pass through magnificent meadows and dense forests, where flowing streams, rock formations and shimmering waterfalls are showcased.

While it can get crowded, this somewhat steep and strenuous trail is definitely worth the hike, and the view of Hidden Falls and Inspiration Peak and the noisy waterfall is one of its most spectacular. To shorten the overall distance by a few miles, visitors can always hop aboard from the south shore of Jenny Lake and skip the first part of the course.

8. Teton Park Road

Winding at the foot of the majestic mountains of the same name, Teton Parkway is definitely a drive-in no matter where you take the breathtaking views and views. In addition to connecting Moose and Jackson Lake Junction, it also passes many of the park’s notable attractions, such as Jenny Lake and the Snake River Overlook.

On the 20-mile route, the delightful route takes you through vast valleys and forests surrounded by countless towering mountains and sparkling lakes. While there are stunning views of the Teton Mountains along the way, you can sometimes spot deer, bison, and bears in the pristine wilderness on either side.

On top of that, Teton Parkway has many descents and vistas where you can stop for views and views, and many trails along the way.

9. Grand Teton

The most majestic of the park’s many peaks, the massive Grand Teton rises impressively above the rest of the rugged mountain range. Because of its size, scale, and splendor, it has long been a popular mountaineering destination, with countless experienced climbers embarking on grueling climbs to the snow-capped peak each year.

At 13,775 feet in total, it is the second tallest mountain in the state, and its jagged peaks can be seen for miles. To reach its lofty summit, die-hard adventurers must hike, climb and climb the rugged slopes with a little rappelling.

Since the first successful ascent in the late 19th century, 38 routes have been established to the summit of Grand Teton, with the Irving-Spalding and Upper Exum Ridges being the most popular.

10. Jenny Lake

At the foot of the extraordinary mountains, you can find one of the park’s notable attractions and central features: the beautiful Jenny Lake. In addition to offering a variety of outstanding outdoor activities, the beautiful lake is a must-see for its stunning scenery and breathtaking scenery.

It is surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests, with its deep, reflective waters formed by slow-moving glaciers thousands of years ago, nearby canyons and waterfalls. Because of all the beautiful sights on display, many people come here to paint or photograph stunning landscapes or to try some great outdoor activities.

While fishing, swimming and canoeing on the lake are fun, the many trails along the shoreline are ideal for great hiking and biking. With camping, cabins, and sightseeing tours on offer, it’s easy to see why Jenny Lake is a top spot for many people visiting Grand Teton National Park.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Grand Teton National Park. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Grand Teton National Park, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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