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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Haiti

Best Places to Visit in Haiti

Haiti has been hit by devastating earthquakes (most recently in 2010) and has been plagued by political turmoil over the past century, not to mention being overshadowed by the nearby Dominican Republic and Jamaica, so this half of the Hispanic Aura Island is largely undeveloped and unexplored.

Once a stronghold of slaves resisting European colonial power, the towering fortress still rises above the inland mountains; Sugar cane and greenery run through the middle of the Artibonite Plain, with the rugged peaks of Chaine de la Selle rising almost above the Caribbean. Sea. 3,000 meters.
These are surrounded by coconut groves and hammock-style backpacker huts around Jacamel, glistening and trampled by countless cruisers in Cap-Haitien, and shrouded by the great mountain peaks around the beautiful Chouhou Bay.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Haiti and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Haiti

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Haiti:

1. La Citadelle la Ferriere

Clinging to the back of Bonnet a L’Eveque like a giant seaweed, this massive castle (actually one of the largest in all of America) is only a short drive south from Cap-Haitien, but a mile away. breathless It was proposed by Haitian slave rebels in the early 19th century to serve as an open bulwark against French occupation after the country’s new independence.

2. Jacmel

Located on the south coast just a short drive from the capital, Port-au-Prince, lovely little Jacmel (a temporary addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List) is home to all Haitian arts and crafts.

Boutique galleries and countless local gift shops line the narrow streets, and you can buy colorful fruit bowls carved from coconut wood, spooky voodoo trinkets and reggae-style hats. The town has a beautiful municipal beach and promenade surrounded by palm trees and filled with tempting seafood grills that smell of dirt and spice!

3. Sans-Souci Palace

This dilapidated palace complex is located in the northern hills, near the imposing Citadelle la Ferriere, which towers atop a hill and was once the king of Haiti and its leader during the French Revolutionary War, Henri Christophe.

Built on an old plantation, it mimics the splendor of European estates and symbolizes Haiti’s power and superiority. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its halls and grounds can be visited while traveling in nearby Milot and Cap-Haïtien. Visitors can also see the site where King Henry allegedly committed suicide with a silver bullet in 1820.

4. Furcy Forest

Adventurous travelers to Haiti should be sure to make their way to the massive Massif de la Selle, home to the legendary Furcy Forest, which cascades down hills and hills at more than 2500 meters above sea level.

Known for breathtaking pine forests, wooded trails, and the roaring waves of the South Shore, these wooded hills are one of the best places to polish up your hiking boots and head out into the country. Popular routes run from the highland towns to Jacmel or cross the canyon trails to the remote and fascinating Seguin.

5. Barbancourt Distillery

With almost two centuries of trading history, the Barbancourt label is one of Haiti’s most iconic labels. The Hispaniola version of this Caribbean’s most famous liqueur is now sold worldwide and tastes best at home: Babangu Winery in Port-au-Prince’s Pionville neighborhood.

The tour includes a leisurely and informative walking tour of the brewery and keg house with plenty of tasting opportunities along the way, not to mention the store that showcases Barbancourt’s legendary 15-year-old rum and the brand’s other famous liqueurs.

6. Labadee

A cruise ship magnet and a favorite with coastal explorers, Little Labadee is a private enclave of sand, sea and sun beneath Royal Caribbean International. It can be found separated from the north coast and Cap-Haïtien by a ring of high mountains and a low fence from the rest of Haiti.

In the area, visitors can experience a more traditional Caribbean feel. Gorgeous curves of white sand, tropical flower beds and palm trees surround the turquoise blue sea. Small beach bars come alive and snorkelers dangle with boats on the shore.

7. Lakay

Backed by reggae and samba sounds, Little Lakay is a charming and unpretentious restaurant in Cap-Haitien, known for its mastery of Creole cuisine. For dessert, chocolate sundae and chocolate cake mingle together, while fruity cocktails like the pina colada inside are the perfect accompaniment to the sunset at their beachside seating!

8. Bassin Bleu

Just a short distance from Jacmel’s elegant Victorian mansions and old coffee shops, Bassin Bleu is tucked away in the rocky hills of Haiti. The cataract vomited into the jet stream, part of the Petite Riviere that runs through the mountains to the south.

Visitors are limited to a few laps a day, but those who take the trip will marvel at the shimmering plunge pools that shimmer with an azure night glow thanks to the strange mix of dissolved minerals inside. There are also many small caves and grottoes to visit and of course the chance to swim in the tropical jungle full of ferns and orchids!

9. Grand Rue Musee d’Art

The so-called Grand Rue Musee d’Art is located in the middle of the urban sprawl of Port-au-Prince, with a large auto repair shop on one side and a junkyard on the other. Its big name might suggest something grand and historic, but that’s far from the truth.

In fact, the Grand Rue is a casual and temporary meeting place for sculptures and engravings, mechanical figures and art installations made from ready-made materials. There are figures created from the rough wreckage of car engines.

10. Musee du Pantheon National Haitien

If you plan to visit only one museum in Haiti, head to the famous Haiti National Pantheon Museum. Adorned with white cones and mosaics, this massive concrete building in Port-au-Prince houses the country’s most comprehensive collection of national history.

There are exhibits dedicated to the island’s native Tainos tribe, rooms that tell the story of the Spanish and French invasions, and other sections that reveal the plight of Haiti’s independence in the 1800s. Two real shots, the silver pistol Henry Christopher used to kill himself in 1820 and the anchor of the Christopher Columbus expedition!


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Haiti. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Haiti, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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