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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Lake Charles

Best Places to Visit in Lake Charles

The southwestern part of Louisiana is a sensory experience with endangered and Lake Charles is an enthusiastic center. Appreciate the Cypress swamp along the Calcasieu River, whether you observe wild active plants along with Creole Creole along the Nature Way, you will put Charles to immersion in Louisiana culture. Essence

Historical enthusiasts will admire the historical taste of Lake Charles. The walking community takes the southern house. If you are a gourmet, you will want to find some local small restaurants. These restaurants will provide the best cajun and Creole dishes in generation recipes. If you are a fan of carnival celebrations, the carnival museum will bring you closer to the exquisite clothes of the southwest culture in Louisiana, the float and its rich history.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Lake Charles and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Lake Charles

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Lake Charles:

1. Cleol Natural Trail and Adventure Point

Throughout the Creole Nature Trail, you can enjoy an open-air splendor in the southwestern part of Louisiana. This trace, which is only one of the 43 American roads in the United States, is 180 miles of Cajun culture and wild animals and plants, as well as more than 26 miles of Mexico Bay Coast Beach. Kerio Natural Trail is actually a series of stretching and trails that can be performed at their own speed.

When you get a close look at the crocodile population and more than 400 birds, you will enjoy the world-class wild animals and plant experience. This primitive experience gains value among photographers and open-air enthusiasts in nature.

Make sure you started Creole Nature Trail at the Adventure Point Visitor Center. You can learn more about how to find regions and crocodiles and how to experience local Zydeco music. The map of this track can be obtained online.

Address: Lakeshore Drive 1205

2. Grosse Savanne Eco-Tours

One of the most spectacular ways to experience the natural environment around Lake Charles is the ecological environment. Grosse is close to wild animals and plants during the journey with Savanne eco-tours. This is a group of experiences that can bring you to natural swamps, swamps and coastal country that is not disturbing.

When you understand the natural habitats of Heron, Raptors, Crocodiles, Bobcats and other wild animals and plants, protect the camera preparation. Ecotour brings you 50,000 acres of protected habitat, so you can see animals and plants in fresh and salty water swamps and see uninterrupted.

Address: No. 358, Chakley Road, Ball City, Louisiana
Official Website: https: //

3. Carnival Museum

The carnival museum, which was carefully made by Lake Charles, is the world’s largest carnival clothing screen. During the accommodation, it is worth a visit to understand the important date of the region. There are only six rooms in the museum, but you will have the rich and colorful history of the carnival tradition.

Understand the importance of music festivals, clothing design, 12 night celebrations and parades. You can even climb the carnival passage ceremony in one of the rooms. If you are lucky, you can accidentally discover the king’s cake decoration and taste some residues.

Address: No. 809, Kobe Street, Charles, Louisiana

4. Sam Houston Jones State Park

Sam Houston Jones Park and the preserved area is one of the best accommodations when you want to spend time visiting Charles. 1,000 acres of natural trees, lakes and rivers are surrounded by parquet pine forests. This is a quiet natural environment.

When observing wild animals and plants, enjoy a tour disk golf, walking or picnic lunch on the path. Sam Houston Jones State Park is famous for its ducks and geese in the pond. Crocodile, otter, deer, Bobcat and many birds.

Address: Sutherland RD 107, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Official website: http: //

5. Charpentier History Zone

The Charpentier Historical Zone is a slow way to explore Lake Charles and amazed to the exquisite buildings of the most elegant houses in southwest Louisiana. The 40th block of Lake Charles has more than 400 buildings and houses. You can download free apps and use your own rhythm to travel or visit.

Learn about the history of the region along the way, including ghost stories in 1910 and fire. To spend a romantic day, to explore the streets and historic houses, please go with Charles Lake Carige. To increase pleasure, one of the many restaurants in the urban region in the restructuring of the restructuring stop.

6. Orleck Navy Museum

Visiting the Olik Naval Museum is the place where you can visit many important maritime histories. Museum, Orleck Usleck DD 886 II. It was equipped with World War II. During the Second World War, he stood in the model library proportional to discover the rescue ships of war services in South Korea and Vietnam and to control the mechanical copies of the sea used in various conflicts.

This touristic attraction has an important date that military and historical enthusiasts can appreciate. It collects funds for artificial products through commodity sales and even laser label activities.

Address: N. Enterprise Blvd. 604
Official website: http: //

7. Lake Region Adventure

On your journey to Lake Charles, a tour guide traveled a boat and a boat and risked it with the lake area. Depending on the trip, the scope of the boat journey is between one and six hours. Some beginners travel and more beautiful travel, you can see wild animals and plants in the region from your own boat. When you pass through the Springs tree and visit the water path to the southwest of Louisiana, you will have a new view of the natural beauty of Lake Charles.

You can also book a yacht tour from some special guides through Lake Charles Waters. You can rent a shovel boat for a more comfortable shovel journey and hit the waters of Porien Lake Park.

Address: No. 5959, Charles Lake Public Street, Louisiana
Official website: https: //

8. Empire Cassisu Museum

A good cultural experience of Lake Charles is at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. In the museum, the art and furniture of various periods and the photographs of the residents in the region for decades have had historical ruins.

To visit Lake Charles, you can make a self-directed tour at the museum that gives you a historical background.

Address: No. 204, W. Sallier Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Official website: https: //

9. Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum on Lake Charles is a must-see for families in the area. The nonprofit museum has three layers of hands-on experience in children’s education. There’s the Children’s Bank, Construction District, Louisiana Wetland Experience, and Market Shopping.

One of the highlights of the museum is the art space where children can create their own works of art using a variety of available art materials.

Address: 327 Broad Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Official website:

10. Prien Lake Park

Prien Lake Park is a public park in Indian Bay. You can use suitable facilities without having to go to Bayou and enjoy the nature of the region. One of the best features of the park is the wooden road, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the large I -10 bridge on the water road.

In addition to a canoe and picnic pavilion in the park, there is a popular water playground provided by children in summer. It is an ideal place to relax between fountains and flowers with other activities, picnics or rest.

Address: No. 3700, West Prien Lake Road, Lake, Louisiana, Louisiana


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Lake Charles. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Lake Charles, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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