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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Latvia

Best Places to Visit in Latvia

The middle child of the Baltic may be known for the hedonistic parties of the majestic Gothic and Art Deco capital, or the Jurmala coastline that takes place along the coast. But when you dig deep into Latvia’s outback, you’ll find Germanic castles, tsarist palaces and wild woodlands filled with idyllic towns.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Latvia and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Latvia

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Latvia:

1. Jurmala

Stretching for nearly 30 kilometers along the meandering coastline of the Gulf of Riga, sunny, airy Jurmala is the best place to visit during the hottest months of the year. With its unique microclimate and salty air, it forms the so-called “Latvian Riviera”, famous for its mineral mud pools and various exotic holistic health remedies.

In terms of beaches, there are precious sandy beaches stretching across the expanse of the area, favored for Maori and Bulduri Blue Flag ratings and opportunities for water sports, beachside cafes, and beach volleyball games. No wonder people like Brezhnev and Khrushchev come here to relax!

2. Daugavpils

The birthplace of Mark Rothko now stands opposite Riga in the north. Nestled among the hills and lakes of the Daugava Valley, the town has Russian tunes (it is the heart of Latvia’s Russian-speaking population) and has a magnificent historic core, all built in the 19th century by St. Exquisite architecture furnished by St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg.

The looming fortress of the great Daugavpils fortress also marks one of the military centers of the Russian Empire, while St. Golden onions and Orthodox domes of the Boris and Gleb Cathedral in Kyiv and St. Mimics the Basil’s Town skyline.

3. Bauska

The first was the Livonian Knights who fortified the islets washed by a tree-lined canal at the start of the Lielupe River. Then came the dukes of Courland and the tsars of the Russian state, who built an entirely new fortification here: now dominate the center of the city, with its oddly whitewashed walls and red-tiled roofs.

But in addition to a rich history of militarism, Bauska also has a fascinating backwater feature, the river flowing through the city center, fragile suspension bridges surrounded by temporary allotted land and farmland, and a beautiful market square where local life is bustling. OK

4. Slitere National Park

Slitere National Park is considered a natural treasure of the Kurzeme region. Part Heritage Museum, part hinterland, the area includes the beautiful Blue Mountains and wide undeveloped coastline, rolling dunes and sloping yellow sands washed by the white waves of the Baltic Sea.

The park is surrounded by Cape Kolka beaches, while deep native forests include inland firs, elms and rare Baltic vines. Slitere National Park is filled with many historic fishing villages, many of which were truly deserted and unspoiled due to the existence of a limited military base in the area during the Soviet era.

5. Cesis

Cesis is a picture of traditional Latvian town planning that has retained all its medieval splendor. With its wide cobblestone streets, beautifully painted wooden facades decorated in the classical Baltic style, and whitewashed churches (see the ornate St. John’s Church and tombs), its center is known as one of the best preserved historic districts in the country. Livonian Order of the Knights) and the dilapidated courtyard where the medieval market once flourished.

The town’s resistance must be Fort Chesis; A formidable combination of hedges and gatehouses, shrouded in a forest near the centre. Here visitors can explore 800 years of history and stories of Swedish, Russian, Slavic and Polish invaders.

6. Rundale Palace

The Lendelle Palace, a gift from the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, is St. Petersburg is the most elegant relic of imperial rule. It is surrounded by blooming rose gardens and English lawns near the town of Bauska.

Reflecting all the Italian richness and eccentricity you would expect from the famous architect of the Russian palace, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the facade and floor design are extremely ostentatious and luxurious. Today, thousands of people flock to Rundale’s interior rooms and gardens, wander among the Palace Museum exhibits, and see celebrities visiting the grounds.

7. Saulkrasti

Overlooking the Jurmala coastal area on the waters of the Gulf of Riga, Saulkrasti is a little-known resort in Latvia. Quieter and more relaxed than its sun-drenched counterparts on the other side of the bay, it boasts miles of winding bike paths, and the beautiful ivory-sand beaches of Pabazi (like Jurmala).

The Saulkrasti are actually quite a few. towns and villages along the coast) and beautiful cliffs walk in the coastal forests. The 18-metre-high white dunes also sit on the edge of the Inkup River, offering stunning sunset views and perfect picnic spots under the shade of swaying linden and fir trees.

8. Araisi

A short journey from the small town of Cesis at the top of the castle, visitors will discover the ancient cultural landscape of Araisi. The most visited and best open-air museum in the country, the site documents the lifestyles of early medieval tribes in the Baltic region who made their homes on wooden slopes and wooden huts on the lake shore.

Also on site are the ruins of a castle provided by the German Livonian Order, and numerous archaeological finds that show everything from 14th-century fashion trends to farming and agricultural developments of the 1300s. In short, this fascinatingly reconstructed settlement is perfect for anyone looking to uncover Latvia’s deeper history.

9. Ligatne

Hikers, mountain bikers, campers, riders, wildlife lovers and Northern skiers flock to the forested town of Ligatne. As the gateway to the famous Gaoya National Park, visitors can expect to explore the fir-forested Devonian cliffs and dramatic sandstone gorges, the Gutmanara Caves, the beautiful contours of the El Gru Cliffs, and the myriad nature trails in the area. Woodland is on the edge of town.

Ligatne itself is a small, lethargic affair, made up of the strangely anachronistic remnants of a paper explosion and beautiful huts with corrugated roofs.

10. Ogre

The town of Ogre is located in the lower reaches of the mighty Daugava River, which runs directly into the heart of Latvia and dates back to the early 1200s. While overlooked by many travelers passing through the Baltic region, this place is perfect for those who want to experience unspoiled Latvian daily life, seek stories of regional oppression in the city museum, and learn about monuments to victims of the communist regime.

The Ogre is also worth mentioning because of its location on the edge of the beautiful Lazdukalni Arboretum. It’s a wonderful refuge to explore the diversity of plants that adorn these Scandinavian fringes.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Latvia. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Latvia, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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