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Best Places to Visit in Montana: Find Your Dream Adventure

Places to Visit in Montana

If you’re visiting Montana for the first time. This beautiful state offers plenty of unique places to see and explore. Montana is best known for its breathtaking scenery, and the best way to experience it is by visiting one of these best places in Montana. 

From Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, there are so many stunning destinations in this state that you will never be bored. The best thing about Montana? There’s something for everyone – from outdoor adventures to historical sites and even quaint towns with coffee shops. With so much variety in one place, what could be better than exploring ten best places to visit in Montana?

Here are the best places to visit in Montana:

Virginia City:

Have you ever wanted to step back into the 1860s and experience what it was like for those living in a mining town? Virginia City is the best place to visit if you want that kind of adventure. This former gold rush boomtown has been maintained as well as possible, so visitors can walk down memory lane while still enjoying modern amenities such as running water and internet access. For an authentic taste of history, check out some live shows at The Bucket of Blood Saloon which brings singers and dancers from all over Montana together on stage. 

Travel Tip: Make sure to bring your camera because there’s plenty of beautiful nature surrounding this small city!

Great Falls:

Home to a growing collection of world-class museums and restaurants. Great falls offer plenty of things to do and great places to visit. The Paris Gibson square museum of art and the CM Russell museum highlights some of the most iconic works in modern and western art and the Lewis and Clark interpretive. The center provides insight into the cities storied past for more outdoor places to see the giant spring state park and the river’s edge. The trail provides lush surroundings to explore. 


Located in a valley, Butte is best known for its mining history and historical landmarks. In western Montana Butte provides an authentic experience. A place to visit once regarded as the richest hill on earth. Butte has a great history in the mining industry. Still apparent on the streets. Today the Barkley pit bordering the city provides a colorful testament to this past as does the world museum of mining. The surrounding rocky mountain landscape provides more adventure opportunities.


The best place to visit in Montana is the capital city of Helena. It’s located right in between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, two great places to visit when looking for adventure.It was once known as the last chance gulch and now the state capital. It has a long history steeped in the Montana gold rush. 

For more history, the ornate state capitol building is lined with information and historical paintings. Helena and the city park provide great hiking trails and excellent vistas for families. Looking for where to go in Helena? The exploration works plaza hosts an engaging science museum and the adjacent northern carousel to each other. A piece of architecture is easy to appreciate Helena. The century-old cathedral of Saint Helena towers impressively near the center of the city.

Yellowstone national park:

Montana residents and visitors can access the abundance of Yellowstone from Gardner and from the national park’s north entrance. Visitors to this entrance immediately encounter the boiling river. From this unique and aromatic side of the park, the near 3500 square miles of Yellowstone invite further exploration with a multitude of geothermal features and places. 

More notable places to visit within the national park include Yellowstone Lake’s grand prismatic spring and the upper geyser basin. That includes old faithful wildlife such as the park’s native bison are commonly spotted from vehicles. Some other large animals including black and grizzly bear gray wolves and elk. Campground and lodge reservations always fill up fast during the summer season and colder months. That attracts winter enthusiasts from around the world. 


A beautiful stop on the empire builder Amtrak line. It is a resort community. It is a gateway to glacier national park alongside quick access to going to the sun road. It is also a home base for other scenic places to visit including flathead lake and whitefish mountain resort. 

Also known as the big mountain, the downtown district of whitefish is filled with local shops, restaurants and art galleries. In the South of the city, the charming town of Kalispell features small-town charm and western appeal.


Home to the University of Montana. Missoula tops the list of unique places to visit with a historic theater collegiate cultural scene. The city places like the rattlesnake national and Montana Snow bowl offer hiking trails and ski slopes. Downtown institutions like the Missoula art museum and Wilma theatre offer very fine cultural appeal. The summer and shoulder seasons offer the best weather to enjoy the Clark Fork river trail and surrounding cultural celebrations like the Clark Fork farmers market.


On the Yellowstone River, the old west heritage of Livingston mixes well with the resident artists who now call this western townhome. Livingston is an hour’s drive from Yellowstone national park. You don’t have to leave the main street to enjoy the impressive sights of this rocky mountain region. The Livingston peak provides postcard views from the sidewalk restaurants and art galleries. The cultural scene now defines this old west town as well as abundant access to fly fishing, hiking and hot springs.


 Bozeman is the best place to visit in Montana for wildlife lovers. There are several museums, parks and trails that you can explore there. It is backed by places like the Bridger bowl ski area and Custer Gallatin national forest. 

It is a university city with great access to outdoors hosting. This charming western city has academic institutions, a festive main street and many great restaurants to choose from. The museum of the Rockies is one of many favorites’ places to see in Bozeman as this is the American computer and robotics museum less than a mile away.

Glacier National Park:

Surrounding the crown of the continent alongside Water ton lakes national park of Canada. Glacier national park contains headwaters for three major North American watersheds and many stunning places to visit. A combination of massive snowfalls and millennia-old glaciers carved this rocky mountain region into a real alpine landscape of u-shaped valleys, ice-cold lakes and scenic mountain peaks. 

The main passage transporting tourists and visitors through glaciers is going to the sun road spanning 50 miles and connecting many of the park’s best places to sea. When considering where to go in glacier national park a few suggestions include lake McDonald Logan pass and saint Mary are all prominent stops on the going to the sun road and going to the sun road free shuttle system. Backpacking, fishing, boating and simply enjoying the views to find much of the summer fun at the glacier and more solitary opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing occur in winter.

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