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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Mt. Shasta

Best Places to Visit in Mt. Shasta

Mount Shasta is a small city in Northern California located on the southwest side of a magnificent mountain of the same name. Arguably the most spectacular mountain in the Cascade Mountains, Mount Shasta rises steeply to its snow-capped peak at an elevation of about 14,163 feet. On a clear day, this majestic lighthouse can be seen from 200 miles away.

The mountain is the main attraction of the city of Mount Shasta. From nearby hiking trails to breathtaking city views, Shasta is ubiquitous for just about any activity. This visual presence has drawn culture to the mountain for thousands of years. Today it still attracts people inspired by nature.

Besides adventure travelers, Mount Shasta also attracts spiritual seekers. The mountain has long been a sacred place and an important point of positivity. Tourists travel far and wide in search of the sacred whirlpools and spiritual refuges on the mountain. A few downtown businesses and friendly citizens guide visitors through these spiritual endeavors.

And Mount Shasta is simply the epicenter of world-class entertainment in this part of Northern California. Shasta Trinity National Forest, the state’s largest national forest, surrounds the city. In this 2.2 million-acre forest, nearby treasures include the Trinity Alps and galloping waterfalls.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Mt. Shasta and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Mt. Shasta

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Mt. Shasta:

1. Lake Siskiyou

Located five miles southwest of the city centre, Lake Siskiyou is a vacation destination in itself. There are tourist facilities around the lake, including some activities and accommodation. The lake is an increasingly popular destination in the summer and the location of several extended family vacations.

The Siskiyou Lake Trail is a popular route for walking, jogging or biking. This seven-mile paved road wraps around the lake, including a natural intersection on the Wagon Creek footbridge. The lake borders the Shasta Trinity National Forest, which various trails invite us to explore. Selected hiking trails include Alpine Castle Lake, 11 km from the forest.

The lake is also adjacent to the Mount Shasta Golf Course, which is part of the Mount Shasta Resort. Overnight guests and locals play ball at this beautifully set golf course. Mount Shasta Resort also offers comfortable accommodation with guest rooms and cabins.

2. Mount Shasta City Park

Mount Shasta City Park sits one mile north of downtown and provides a beautiful public space to enjoy a day. Big Spring, also known as the source of the Upper Sacramento River, is one of the park’s central features. Here, crystal clear water flowing underground from Mount Shasta is visible in the sunlight. Coated viewing areas allow close inspection of the arcs.

On a sunny day, a park is a beautiful place. The large green lawn provides space for a variety of lawn activities, and the nearby playground is a popular spot for younger children. The park also has several picnic benches and reserved picnic shelters spread out over the edge of the lawn.

Spring Hill, from the park to Mt. It is a popular trail running along Shasta Boulevard. This one-way trail climbs 600 feet and 1.5 miles above Headwaters Spring. Spectacular views of the city and mountains await those who make the short climb to the top.

Address: 1315 Nixon Road, Mount Shasta, California

Official website:

3. Downtown Mount Shasta

Take some time on your adventure to explore downtown, Mount Shasta. Several local shops, restaurants and galleries are lined up in this charming area with stunning mountain views. The area is fun to explore on foot and there are plenty of public parking lots where you can park your car.

Mt. Shasta Boulevard is the main route to explore the city centre. Some notable stores in the area are the Fifth Season Outdoor Store and Medluce Art Gallery. Downtown is also a place to seek metaphysical and spiritual supply and guidance. Places like Soul Connections and Crystal Matrix Gallery offer many of these resources.

The city center is also a great place to sample local cuisine, with a choice of restaurants covering every meal of the day. Burger fans can’t miss Yaks Shak, and breakfast connoisseurs will want to visit the original Black Bear restaurant on the Interstate. Lily’s Restaurant and Seven Suns Coffee & Cafe also have menus worth checking out.

4. Siskiyou County

Several great gravity displays are a short drive from Mount Shasta. This stunning scenery has become the definition of adventure in Siskiyou County and is a popular year-round attraction. Some waterfalls require a short hike, while others have parking nearby.

Hedge Creek Falls is one of the first places to visit near Mount Shasta. This stunning waterfall is located south of the city on Interstate 5 near Dunsmuir. A short walk from the parking lot is a 30-metre waterfall flowing over a basalt cliff face. This ease of transportation and proximity to the interstate make Hedge Creek a popular pit stop year-round.

For those wishing to go further, the Volcanic Heritage Scenic Ring Road encounters several other waterfalls. The McCloud River, about 20 miles southeast of Mount Shasta, has one such group of waterfalls. An hour’s drive from town and at the end of a scenic alleyway, Burnie Falls is often considered the crown jewel of Northern California’s waterfalls.

5. Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum

On the other side of downtown Interstate 5, the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum offers interesting insights into the area. This non-profit museum is adjacent to the historic Mount Shasta Fish Farm, built in 1888. The museum itself is housed in an old fish hatchery.

The museum is much larger than it looks from the outside. The many intricate and detailed exhibits inside make for a high-quality tour. Just a few of the themes on display are the local culture of the area, the town’s historical past, and a special exhibit dedicated to lenticular clouds.

Plan to spend about a few hours at the museum and grounds. The adjacent fish hatchery offers public tours most summer months, and the nearby grassy areas and picnic tables are perfect for al fresco dining. Along the way, the Elsa Rupp Nature Trail offers a short but peaceful hike through the woods.

Address: 1 N Old Stage Road, Mount Shasta, California

Official website:

6. Black Butte

Mt. Black Butte is not to be missed when visiting Shasta. This is the distinctive conical hill seen from most street corners in the city. It is also an important landmark when driving along Interstate 5. Climbing this rocky peak is a challenging experience for strong hikers.

Black Butte starts from the Everitt Memorial Highway on the east side of town. The road to the trailhead is mostly on dirt roads and a few forks open in the wrong direction. There are few signs pointing the way, but there are maps or GPS to help you get to the trail.

The round trip to the summit is a 5-mile journey, and in less than 3 miles the route takes you over 1,800 feet above sea level. Black Butte itself has a composition of slabs of rock that makes traveling hugely tiring. But if you’ve made it to the top of this majestic hike, the breathtaking views of Mount Shasta and the Trinity Alps reward the uphill effort.

7. Shastice Park

Located on the northeast side of town, Shastice Park is a lovely city park with mountains as a backdrop. Less than half of the 38-acre site is developed with manicured lawns and community attractions. Some of its attractions include a skate park, an off-leash dog area, and several picnic spots.

Come winter, Shastice hosts the outdoor Siskiyou Ice Rink. The park also supports several intramural sports leagues, including tennis courts, pickle courts, and lighted softball courts. If available, Shastice is a great place to bring a book or pack a lunch to enjoy the nearby mountain scenery.

Mt. Another popular public place to explore in Shasta is Sisson Meadow. This open meadow is behind the Mount Shasta Library and West Pine Elementary School. This 7.5-acre meadow in the city center is a short walk away but still provides a peaceful respite. The main route follows a boardwalk surrounded by benches.

8. Castle Crags State Park

A 20-minute drive south of Mount Shasta, Castle Crags State Park borders the expansive Castle Crags Wilderness of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. This provides an auditorium-like view of huge peaks. These 6,000-foot peaks form a stunning jagged crown, which explains why Castle Crags is one of the best state parks in California.

In addition to the stunning views of Castle Cliffs, the state park offers several daily recreational activities. More than 28 miles of trails run through the area, including the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans the country. Vista Point is a popular viewing trail, and the Crags Trail provides an ascent to the remarkable castle dome.

The state park is also one of the best campgrounds near Mount Shasta. Most of the 76 standard sites are adjacent to the Sacramento River, which runs through the park. The fast flowing river also attracts fishermen from the region. Both RV and tent campers can find space in the state park.

Official website:

9. Skiing at Mount Shasta Ski Park

Come winter, residents and tourists alike head to nearby Mount Shasta Ski Park, one of California’s top ski resorts. The mountain is a 20-minute drive from the city center on State Highway 89, also known as the Volcanic Heritage Scenic Byway. With this easy access to transportation, Mt. It makes Shasta a common base for ski vacations.

Downhill enthusiasts have more than 400 acres and 32 trails to explore at Mount Shasta Ski Park. There are several easier trails near the park’s 5,500-foot base. However, many runs are more suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers. The resort also has two terrain parks and weekend night skiing.

Located south of Mount Shasta Ski Park, Mount Shasta Nordic Center offers a different kind of ski appeal. This community-focused organization maintains 23.5 kilometers of clean land trails. They also offer warm cabins, snowshoe rentals, and a variety of clinics and classes.

Official website:

10. Shasta State Historic Park

This ghost town historical park is about 70 miles south of Mount Shasta. Just west of Reading, near the Whiskeytown Recreation Area, is the “City of Shasta”, the bustling center of the area’s gold mining boom in the mid-1800s. It is free to walk around these places and enjoy the history.

Today, demolished brick houses and demolished roofs form the remnants of this prosperous period. The park’s interpretive information helps paint a picture of the “Queen City of the North Mine.” It’s not all rot in a historic park. Some buildings have been restored, such as the courthouse museum and the Litsch general store.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Mt. Shasta. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Mt. Shasta, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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