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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Poland

Best Places to Visit in Poland

Thanks to the dynamism and resilience of its people, Poland has become one of Europe’s greatest post-communist success stories. Known for its medieval architecture, hearty cuisine and Jewish heritage, this small Baltic country has shrugged off its dreary past to become a thriving tourist destination. Alongside medieval Mecca like Gdansk and Krakow or urban hotspots like Warsaw, you can travel outside of the city to a time-spoiled Poland. Enjoy the mountains or the sea and any outdoor sport you can imagine.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Poland and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Poland

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Poland:

1. Warsaw

This sprawling city is the capital of Poland. Its long and turbulent history can be seen in its different architectural forms. You’ll find gothic churches, Soviet-era quarters, modern skyscrapers, and neoclassical palaces. Warsaw has a thriving music scene and a vibrant nightlife. While the city was largely destroyed during the Second World War, the Old Town has been restored to reflect its pre-war glory, with cobblestone streets, charming cafes and a unique sense of the past. Also not to be missed are the former royal residences and important events in history, long associated with the ruling class. End your visit with a stop at the Polish Museum of Jewish History with exhibits about its 1,000-year history.

2. Zakopane

Zakopane is a popular holiday destination frequented by local and foreign tourists – it’s arguably Poland’s most famous city. At the foot of the Tatra Mountains, you will find hiking and mountaineering in summer, skiing, snowboarding and more in winter. Its central location makes it an ideal base for the nearby two ski resorts, Gubalówka and Kasprowy Wierch, accessible by cable car.

Breathtaking mountain views are everywhere. Head to Morskie Oko, an emerald green mountain lake just outside the city. If you need a break outside, Zakopane is also known for its wooden villas built at the end of the 1st century. Many have been converted into museums, hotels and guesthouses. Don’t forget the old church and cemetery with its ornate wooden tombstones like giant chess pieces.

3. Sopot

The ultimate three city destination, Sopot is a small seaside resort. Directly between Gdansk and Gdynia, it has been a haven for royalty and the elite for centuries – even during the communist era. The sparkling beaches and dazzling resorts on the Sopot coast give it a unique feel.

The beach is often crowded with sunbathers and volleyball lovers. Locals will tell you about the Wooden Pier (the longest in Europe), the exciting Monte Casino Street and the Forest Opera House in the beautiful woodland. Visitors will tell you not to miss Krzywy Domek, also known as the Warped House due to its unusual Gaudí-esque shape.

4. Cracow

Krakow, once the capital of Poland, is now considered the cultural capital of the country. Famous for its medieval center and Jewish quarter, the city is at the center of the Rynek Glówny (Market Square), built in 1257 and now one of the largest in Europe. Well-planned streets and tree-lined walks make walking around the city fun. Stop to visit the Jagellonian University or Wawel Castle, home to Polish kings for nearly 600 years. It’s Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), 14th-century St. Mary’s Basilica and Cloth Hall, a wonderful Renaissance outpost.

5. Szczecin

This seaside town is definitely in a remote location (for non-Germans, at least). Szczecin embodies many cultural and architectural influences from different eras. The rebuilding process here has been long and difficult, which means you’ll find German-era Art Nouveau buildings alongside modern steel and top-notch architecture – next to both the fragmented and neglected remnants of the war. You’ll want to stop at the Bismarck Tower and the Rijksmuseum, especially the Landed Gentry House. Finally, there is the duke’s castle, which was the home of the dukes of Pomerania-Studding for nearly 500 years.

6. Poznan

Located in mid-west Poland, this town is famous for its Renaissance old town, which, like most of Poland, was completely destroyed during the Second World War, has been beautifully rebuilt and is now flourishing. Take a stroll through Poznan’s market square and you will feel the energy and hustle and bustle of the city.

Morning and evening, this place is always buzzing thanks to the bars, clubs and restaurants here. You should visit the new zoo Ostrów Tumski Cathedral and enjoy water sports on Lake Malta. The Porta Posnania Interactive Heritage Center shares the birth of Poland through technical and interactive displays, and the Memorial to the Victims of June 1956 is located in Plac Mickiewicza.

7. Torun

Grandson is famous as the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543). It is also known for its delicious gingerbread cookies. The city combines these two well-known brands: you can buy gingerbread cookies made in the image of Copernicus. Located on the banks of the Vistual River in northern Poland, Torun is one of the oldest cities in the country.

This is the place to take a break from the main tourist routes. Basically unaffected by the Second World War, there is plenty to see here. See the bronze donkey statue and learn about its sinister history, the House of Copernicus, the Piper Fountain, and the various UNESCO World Heritage Sites located within the city’s medieval walls.

8. Malbork

There’s something about Marlborough that attracts most tourists, but it’s pretty incredible. Malbork Castle tops the list of travelers to Poland. Built in 1409, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is Europe’s largest Gothic castle, stunning inside and out. Also not to be missed is Skewer Esperanto, located next to the remains of the old city walls. In this park, there are memorial stones placed by famous international speakers in honor of Ludwig Zamenhof and the world language he created.

9. Rzeszów

Rzeszów is located on both banks of the Wislok River, in the heart of the Sandomierska Valley. One of the most important cities in Poland. Although Rzeszów may seem like a quiet riverside town, it is actually a progressive economic and cultural centre.

There are many places not to be missed, including the market square, town hall, public library from 1890, “small” and “large” synagogues, old and Jewish cemeteries, the Wanda Siemaszkowa theater and the “Revolutionary Monument”. Action”. Perhaps the most dazzling jewel in the city is the Lubomirski Palace, which dates back to the 18th century.

10. Lódz

Lódz is located in the middle of the country and has a long history. Famous for its quality weaving, the city fell into ruin in the 20th century and struggled to regain its sense of self. Recently, a major redevelopment has begun; Considered by many to be one of Europe’s greatest renovations. The newly renovated main gateway is ul Piotrkowska.

Therefore, Lódz is still in the midst of its rebirth and is a fascinating city to visit. Lodz is the birthplace of the Polish film industry, nicknamed “Hollywood”, as well as the textile industry. Admire the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (1884), the Film Museum, the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum, the Jewish Cemetery, and the Monument to the Destruction in the Litzmannstadt Ghetto – a chilling reminder of the Holocaust’s impact on the city’s Jews.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Poland. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Poland, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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