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10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Provincetown

Best Places to Visit in Provincetown

Peaceful and picturesque Provincetown at the northern tip of Cape Cod. An immensely popular destination, it offers everything from great art galleries and epic whale watching tours to centuries-old historic sites and stunning beaches.

Formerly a fishing and whaling center, it was transformed in the late 19th century into one of America’s first art colonies. Today, the town is filled with dozens of eclectic art galleries and atmospheric studios that host cultural events, exhibitions and festivals in Provincetown throughout the year. Provincetown is one of the most popular LGBT destinations in the Northeastern United States due to its open attitude.

While the Massachusetts town has thriving art, culture, and nightlife scene to explore, its secluded setting and scenic natural beauty are just as special. Add in its great restaurants, cozy BnB, and lively, laid-back vibe, and it’s no surprise that P-town attracts so many people every summer.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Provincetown and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Provincetown

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Provincetown:

1. Beech Forest

Another attractive open space is the bird-filled beech forest. It is on Race Point Beach road not far from the Provincial Land Visitor Center and has many tree-lined trails for a quiet walk.

The vast area, with its lush forests and abundant ponds, contrasts with all the nearby sand dunes. Wandering along the shady boardwalk, you’ll see a wonderful variety of flora and fauna and more than 250 species of birds among the lush bushes.

Nature lovers can photograph its fragrant flowers and colorful vegetation, as well as hiking and bird watching. Some informative plaques and viewpoints are also scattered all over the place.

2. Provincetown’s Art Galleries

As the town and all of Cape Cod are known for their amazing art galleries, no trip would be complete without stopping at least a few. There are dozens of places to explore in the center, and almost all of them are located next to the main street.

Provincetown’s East End is known as the Gallery District as more than 40 are very close together. Impressively, the Cape Cod School of Painting has been known as an artist’s paradise for more than a century since it was founded in 1899.

You can admire some incredible collections of photographs, prints and paintings, as well as other stunning ceramics and sculptures, as each has its own look, feel and identity. You can have wine tastings every Friday night and discuss all the artworks with the artist himself and the gallery owner at the weekly opening.

3. Provincetown TownHall

Return to the Dry Lands is another major attraction and the most striking structure in the seaside settlement: the stunning Provincetown City Hall. It is a short walk from the pier and showcases some beautiful Victorian architecture with its beautiful entrances, façades and domes.

The town remains the seat of government and was completed in 1885 after an earlier version burned down. Recent renovations modernize its exterior and interior while maintaining its impressive National Historic Landmark character and charm.

There are dozens of exquisite portraits, paintings, and murals inside, and wherever you go, you’ll appreciate the fine furnishings and spacious rooms. Along with exploring its elegant interior and lush grounds, you can attend one of the many concerts, community events and festivals held in its halls.

4. Provincetown Library

Just down Commercial Street in City Hall, you’ll find the bright white Provincetown Library. Housed in a former church, it has numerous artifacts, exhibits, and bookshelves for visitors to peruse, and is filled with magnificent architecture.

An unexpected surprise to many, its bright and airy interior includes a fantastic half-scale model of the 1905 trailer. While this magnificent ship is undoubtedly its standout sight, the library has more than 40,000 interesting objects to explore, covering the town’s and Cape Town’s history and heritage.

Equally interesting for its extensive collection is the beautiful building itself, built around 1860. In addition to its charming Italian architecture and a tall tower, the library has ornate staircases, vaulted ceilings, and cozy nooks and crannies where you can read in peace.

5. MacMillan Wharf

The 1,450-metre Macmillan Pier juts out into the sparkling waters of the harbor. In addition to ferry rides and sightseeing tours, it is a picturesque place to stroll and watch the bay, boats, and coastline.

Since 1873, the famous marina has been at the heart of the city’s thriving fishing industry and still has a large number of large trawlers and small sailboats at the docks. Some atmospheric art shacks, small shops and an amazing shark center can be found next to the marina and watersports rentals.

Besides enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and refreshing sea breeze, locals and tourists alike can fish in its waters or take pictures of Provincetown behind them. From the historic marina, you can start epic whale watching tours and sightseeing tours around the cape.

6. Provincetown Art Association & Museum

If you want to learn about how the town became one of the first art colonies in the country, be sure to visit the excellent Provincetown Art Society. You can also see a lot of fine art in its museum, which has many rooms filled with interesting installations and exhibits.

One of Cape Cod’s most important, prestigious and popular institutions dates back to 1914 when it was founded by local artists and business people. For more than a century, its galleries have showcased works by local artists, with nearly 2,500 paintings, drawings and sculptures on display.

The association is very active and part of the community, offering numerous courses, conferences and seminars each year. Temporary exhibitions, concerts and performances are always open and there are three sculpture gardens outside; There is always something new and exciting to see and do at the museum.

7. Herring Cove Beach

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, another picturesque perfect spot is Herring Bay Beach, with its endless sands, dunes, and tidal marshes. It is located on the bay side of Cape Point, just a short drive from the city center and offers stunning sunbathing, swimming and views.

Although it is also part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, it has gentler waves and warmer waters than other beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its remote location, its wide sandy beaches are generally very calm and quiet, and it is also one of the only clothes-optional beaches in the state.

Besides walking and exploring the shallows and tide pools, you can enjoy magnificent sunsets here and sometimes spot seals and whales in the sea.

8. Province Lands Bike Trail

A great way to see more of the town’s surroundings is to cycle along scenic bike paths along the Province Lands Bike Trail. This beautiful trail through nearby sand dunes, forests and marshes will take you around the stunning loop at the northern tip of Cape Cod.

It is approximately 8.5 miles long and not only passes through the beech forest and the City Visitor Center, but also connects you to Race Point and Herring Cove beaches. Some parts are quite hilly, with paved roads winding through ponds and viewpoints dotted with cranberry swamps and pine forests here and there.

Impressively, it was the first bike path built in the national park in 1967. Since then, it has proven very popular due to its pleasant route and all the amazing scenery and nature along the way.

9. Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

The colossal Pilgrim Monument is undoubtedly the outstanding symbol and sight of the city, well below the city centre. From the top of the gigantic granite bell tower, visitors can take in breathtaking panoramic views of the city, harbor, coast and ocean.

This massive, iconic landmark was built between 1907 and 1910 to commemorate the Mayflower pilgrims’ first landing on the headland in 1620. Modeled on a similar structure in Siena, Italy, it stands 252 feet tall and the first foundation stone was laid by President Theodore Roosevelt.

At its base you’ll find the equally fascinating Provincetown Museum, showcasing the maritime history, heritage and culture of the seaside settlement. In addition to reviewing important people and events, it houses a fine collection of artifacts and exhibits for guests to peruse.

10. Race Point Beach

After cycling and sightseeing, sunbathing and swimming in the sea is the perfect way to unwind. Often listed as one of the best beaches in Massachusetts, Race Point Beach is located north of Provincetown and overlooks the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The beach is named after its fast tides, massive sand and shallows backed by rolling dunes, charming huts and atmospheric old huts. Another major attraction is the historic 1816 lighthouse and the boats, seals and whales that sometimes explore the coast.

As beautiful as it is, the beach’s secluded setting means you can have idyllic tide pools, dunes, and sandy beaches almost entirely. This makes the visit even more memorable, and the sunsets here are particularly striking and colourful.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Provincetown. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Provincetown, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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