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Top 14 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

Places to Visit in Sacramento

Although it is often overlooked by Los Angeles or San Francisco, Sacramento, the capital of California, is certainly a place worth visiting. In addition to the gleaming state capitol, it also has many interesting and important historical sites, museums and monuments, as well as a large and well-preserved old town for tourists to explore.

Sacramento is not only a center of political power, but also an economic and cultural center, and is even known as “the most diverse city in America.” Therefore, Sacramento has many different things to do, and there are many flourishing arts, food, and nightlife scenes scattered here and there. From fascinating architecture and outstanding outdoor activities, there are so many fascinating places to visit in Sacramento. Below are our;

14 Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

1. Old Sacramento

There are beautiful historical buildings, interesting museums, and bustling businesses everywhere; Old Sacramento is really an enjoyment of exploration. The lively historic district and its abundance of attractions cover a large part of the downtown area, taking you back to the days when Sacramento was a prosperous riverside pioneer town.

The area is the most concentrated place of historic buildings and landmarks in the state. It is impressive, with a charming Old West look and feel, and horse-drawn stagecoaches move slowly along the scenic streets. Dotted with more than a hundred shops and restaurants, countless cafes and hotels have now also been found occupying its charming old buildings.

In addition to visiting attractions such as the Sacramento History Museum and Eagle Theater, you can also take a historic riverboat tour, or take a steam train or stagecoach for a romantic trip.

2. California State Capitol

Against the surrounding lush greenery is the California State Capitol, an outstanding symbol and landscape of the city. This gleaming neoclassical building is located in Capitol Park and has been the seat of the California government since 1869.

Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, this bright white building showcases some exquisite architecture, with its towering dome towering over a beautiful porch and exquisite Corinthian columns. The interior is as attractive as elegant artworks and antiques. In its magnificent galleries and stately rooms, portraits of the governor are also displayed.

In addition to visiting the buildings and visiting its magnificent museum, it is also worth exploring the surrounding gardens, where there are many important and impressive monuments and memorials.

3. California Automobile Museum

The state-of-the-art California Automobile Museum has a large collection of classic cars and is only a 5-minute drive southwest of the city center. A very interesting place, it has many excellent exhibits for you to peruse, and there are countless vintage cars of various brands and models.

The museum first opened to the public in 1987 and now has an impressive collection of more than 150 antique cars, the oldest of which dates back to 1886. Although it is known for its large number of well-preserved Ford cars, it also showcases everything from racing cars to hot rods to corvettes and sedans.

In addition to strolling in the glittering showroom and admiring the exquisite features of all the cars, there are also information exhibits about the history of cars and their huge impact on our lives.

4. Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town is a must-visit place for tourists with children. It is a fantastic amusement park that brings all their favorite nursery rhymes and storybook stories to life. Adjacent to the Sacramento Zoo, it’s fun and fantasy toy set, petting zoo and performing arts stage are located only 5 minutes south of the city center.

While wandering through its vast grounds, you will come across amazing installations and creative play areas, such as King Arthur’s Castle, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Mr. McGregor’s garden. In addition to exploring more than 30 fairy tale-themed toy sets, there is also a cute petting zoo and some beautiful gardens to visit.

Most importantly, Fairy Tale Town regularly hosts live music performances, dramas and puppet shows, which will surely make the whole family happy and entertained.

5. Midtown 

Midtown is located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, a vibrant and prosperous area of ​​the city, between 16th Street and 29th Street, and between E Street and R Street. The top tourist attraction in Midtown is Fort Sutter State Historic Park.

Midtown is also a great place for shopping, visiting art galleries, theater and dance performances, comedy performances, and dining in stylish restaurants.

Many art galleries participate on the second Saturday and host a free reception on the second Saturday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Among the locals, a popular event is the Midtown Farmers Market, which brings together more than 50 farmers and other vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables and food. The farmers’ market has chef demonstrations every month, and there are handicraft stalls on the second Saturday of every month.

6. Sacramento Zoo

Just next door to Fairy Tale, you can find the magnificent Sacramento Zoo, which has a large variety of animals, exhibits and bird houses. Located only 5 minutes drive south of the city center, there are many wonderful attractions and activities here, and it is a good place for you to spend a good day.

It was originally a small zoo with only 40 animals in 1927 and later evolved into a huge zoo with more than 500 large and small animals from all over the world. Therefore, guests can expect to see everything from red pandas and zebras to tigers, jaguars and giraffes in spacious enclosures that replicate their natural habitats.

In addition, the zoo has 14 great birdhouses for you to watch animal encounters and chat with the keepers on a regular basis.

7. Leland Stanford Building State Historic Park

The stunning Leland Stanford Building is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and is now protected as part of the State Historic Park. It is located in the city center, not far from the State Capitol. When foreign dignitaries are in the city, it often serves as the official reception center of the California government.

Built during the California Gold Rush in 1856, this huge and majestic mansion showcases some eye-catching Second Empire-style buildings, set in manicured grounds and gardens. Recently restored, its elegant interior is equally elegant, displaying exquisite artworks, period works and exquisite furniture.

Tourists can now visit this wonderful mansion and its gardens which were recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

8. California Indian Museum State Historic Park

To understand the history of California, a good starting point is to understand the original inhabitants: Native Americans. The California Indian Museum State Historic Park provides visitors with an in-depth understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people who have lived on the land of what is now California for thousands of years.

The museum showcases the lives of Native Americans by displaying three different themes: family, nature, and spirit. Exhibits showcase items used in daily life and specific occasions, including mahogany canoes, ceremonial items, and hunting and fishing tools, some of which date back 2,400 years. Photos and educational content help to gain insight into the culture.

Please pay attention to the Indian basket series, which contains more than 3,000 woven items, from decorative bowls to stretchers for carrying heavy objects, cooking baskets for steaming food, and waterproof baskets for preparing acorn soup.

9. California State Fair

The California State Fair is a unique and extraordinary event that welcomes millions of visitors every year to enjoy its enticing attractions, exhibitions and live entertainment. Held during a dynamic 17-day period, it showcases the best agriculture and industry in California, and hosts concerts, competitions and carnivals.

Since it’s first in 1854, the annual fair has been one of the most popular and attended events in the state, for obvious reasons. In addition to countless stands and displays, it also has more than fifty carnival rides and a wonderful food festival for tourists to enjoy.

The California Expo is held at the California Expo venue only 10 minutes northeast of the city center. Its lively atmosphere and endless attractions and animal shows are definitely worth a try.

10. Sacramental Cathedral

Just a stone’s throw from the State Capitol is one of Sacramento’s most important and impressive landmarks-the Sacramental Cathedral. In addition to showing some special buildings, it also has a lovely light-filled interior for you to admire, which is decorated with exquisite religious artwork, murals and mosaics.

As one of the largest cathedrals west of the Mississippi River, its central bell tower is 66 meters high and the entrance is beautifully decorated with exterior walls. In addition, it has a huge dome with beautiful stained glass windows on the walls.

Since it was built in downtown Sacramento in 1889, this cathedral has served the community and often hosts important celebrations because of its amazing size and splendor.

11. Crocker Art Museum

The excellent Crocker Art Museum has an amazing collection of artworks and exhibits, just a short walk southwest of the city centre. It is located in a magnificent Victorian mansion and houses everything from ceramics and sculptures to paintings, photographs and prints.

It is the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi River. It was established in 1885 and named after the wealthy local merchants and lawyers who first started collecting collections. Today, it exhibits more than 15,000 works of art, some of which focus on contemporary California artists, while others focus on the art of Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Although its gallery is an enjoyment worth reading, the historic building itself looks as impressive as the eye-catching modern Teel Family Pavilion. Here you can find art classrooms and auditoriums as well as temporary exhibitions.

12. American River Bike Trail

In the city, a peaceful and picturesque bicycle tour along the American River Bicycle Trail is a great way to appreciate the scenic surroundings of the city. This paved path is more than 50 kilometers long and is very popular with locals and tourists because it will take you through some fascinating scenery and natural scenery.

This trail is one of the longest trails of its kind in the country, winding from Sacramento’s Discovery Park to Beale Point on Folsom Lake. When it runs along the American River, it passes through lush green spaces and pristine parks, and recreational areas can be seen everywhere.

In addition to cycling, you can also run, walk, jog or ride horses along this trail, which is also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail named after the famous fur catcher and explorer.

13. Fort Sutter State Historic Park

Fort Sutter, now surrounded by the city, was the site of the first European outpost ever established in California. Protected as part of the State Historic Park, it is a very interesting place to visit its handicrafts and exhibits and explore the infamous gold rush period.

The fort is named after the German-Swiss immigrant and agriculturalist Johann August Sutter who built the fort, and it was built in 1841 from adobe. Now carefully restored, the two-story structure is fascinating, allowing you to explore the ancient antiques and information displayed inside.

Although it was abandoned less than ten years later when the gold was discovered at the Sartre Mill, the fortress is certainly worth a visit due to its important role in the settlement of the state.

14. California Railroad Museum

For anyone interested in learning more about the history of the city and the state, another must-visit place is the superb California Railroad Museum. Located on the northern edge of Old Sacramento, its excellent exhibits and old-fashioned locomotives demonstrate the great influence of railways on American society.

The museum was established in 1976 and now has more than 20 restored railway cars and trains for visitors to explore, as well as countless cultural relics and old equipment on display. While some exhibitions show the working conditions and lives of railroad workers during the gold rush, others focus on how trains affect travel, trade, and the endless expansion westward.

In addition to admiring all the exquisite features, you can also take one of the diesel engines or steam locomotives, because the museum has a tour route along the Sacramento River.

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