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Top 10 Most Attractive & Best Places to Visit in Scarborough (Yorkshire)

Best Places to Visit in Scarborough

England’s first seaside resort first attracted vacationers in the 17th century, after the discovery of therapeutic springs on the cliffs south of the city.

By then Scarborough, World War II. It was a fishing port in the shadow of the formidable castle built by Henry VIII and was home to the Scarborough Fair, a six-week market that attracted traders from all over Europe.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Scarborough and make your trip enjoyable.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Scarborough

Here are the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Scarborough:

1. Scarborough Castle

Spanning 91 meters between the north and south bays, the headland is what remains of Scarborough’s medieval castle. This unyielding habitat in the North Sea was a Bronze Age hill fort and was used as a signal station by the Romans in the fourth century.

Now on the site of the signal station, you can find the remains of an Anglo-Saxon church built around 1000. The stone facade surrounding the promontory was built in the 12th and 13th centuries and is in good condition with a powerful Barbican providing access to the Bailey.

To get there, you have to cross a stone bridge built in the 1330s, where 26 meters of decaying remains are always visible. It was damaged during a heavy bombardment during the English Civil War in 1645. On the west wall, you can see the remains of the fireplace in the heating room.

2. Pisholm Park

Just behind North Bay is the interesting Peasholm Park, designed in oriental style in 1912. Back then, the park was Scarborough’s haunt for flamboyant events and exhibitions, but its splendor has faded over the centuries.

The park closed in 1999 after its pagoda was damaged by arson, but reopened in the 2000s and is now a prized part of the resort. One of the many ancient pleasures is the Battle of Pisholm, a marine reenactment held 3 times a week on the ornamental lake every summer for nearly 90 years.

The park also features marching band concerts and lantern shows, as well as the Peasholm Glen Tree Trail, which is full of greenery, artificial waterfalls, Japanese gardens, and exotic trees.

3. Church of St. Mary

Located on the isthmus between the old city and the castle, St. Mary’s Church is a Grade I listed church built in the 12th century. Much of the building was lost in the 17th century civil war and was rebuilt in the late 1600s.

In the extensive cemetery, you can find the remains of the old west tower, which gives an idea of ​​how large the medieval church was. The main reason people stop by is to visit the tomb of the famous Anne Brontë, a tenant of Wildfell Hall.

He died in 1849 at the age of 29, and the tombstone commissioned by his sister Charlotte is now badly weathered. In 2011 this was accompanied by a new pedestal placed at the front.

4. South Bay Beach

On a smooth arc, South Bay Beach is the fastest to fill in the summer. The promontory to the north and the cliff line to the south serve as buffers against the strongest currents in the North Sea. The beach also faces south, so soak up the sun on a clear summer day.

There’s enough golden sand for sunbathing at high tide, and when the tide is low, you can take the younger members of the tribe out to play in the rock pools and look for crabs and starfish. As a classic British seaside beach, there are donkey rides on the beach, rides on Foreshore Road in the back, ice cream parlors and fish and chips shops.

5. The Spa, Scarborough

Located at the foot of the cliffs in South Bay, the spa is a 19th-century performance venue complex built from Scarborough’s natural springs.

The current auditorium opened in 1880 after the previous spa burned down in 1876. The complex is about half a mile long and you can reach it via the magnificent Spa Bridge from 1827 and the South Cliff Lift from 1873. The 2,000-seat auditorium is home to the Scarborough Springs Orchestra and hosts the Jazz Festival each September.

The smaller Victoria Theater has a bust show in the summer and pantomime at Christmas. On the outside promenade is the Sun Court, an ornate neoclassical portico with a stage where the Spa Orchestra and other bands perform outdoors in the summer.

6. Southcliff Italian Gardens

Just south of the Spa, South Cliff Italian Gardens was painted in the early 20th century and is set on a terrace that curves into the cliffs.

The Italian Renaissance-style garden features geometric flower beds, a lily pond with a statue of Mercury at the top, and two enormous staircases leading to a temple under a gazebo from 1914. They are part of a long tapestry of open space, including a cliff-top path with a rose garden and stunning castle views, all equipped with stairs and cliff lifts leading to the beach.

7. Scarborough Fair Collection

Not far off the coast of Libeston is a museum with an old-fashioned open-air organ and a “performer engine”, a steam road locomotive.

Engines were fixtures in British seaside resorts in the first half of the 20th century, and on display is Iron Lady, the star of the 1962 movie of the same name. Built in 1920, the machine was built to haul a rock-throwing portland island in Dorset before it became an artist’s engine.

In addition, the 97-key Gavioli concert organ and the 101-key Hooghuys organ are also on display. There’s an old “gallop” ride from 1893, a caterpillar ride from 1928, and an array of miniature vehicles, model railroads, and vintage cars.

8. Rotunda Museum

When the attraction was built in 1829, it was one of the first buildings in the UK to be built privately as a museum. The driving force behind the Rotunda Museum was William Smith, known as the “Father of English Geology”. The collection contains more than 5,500 fossils and 3,000 minerals, many of which are “type specimens” or for which their type has been recorded and described for the first time.

For amateur geologists and fossil hunters, the museum is a dream, with mammoth tusks from the Ice Age, Jurassic plant fossils, Cretaceous fossils and lots of Carboniferous plants. There are also bones, horns and flint fragments from the mysterious Stone Age site in Star Carr, as well as the skeleton and sarcophagus of the Grishthorpe man buried in an oak tree excavated during the Bronze Age.

9. Scarborough Harbor

One of Scarborough’s many advantages is that the port below Castle Point is a fishing fleet-operated port. You can walk along the Sandside and Old Pier, watch the traffic, grab a crab or lobster sandwich and view the lighthouse up close.

The history of the building dates back to 1806 but during World War I. Sandside has wide walkways and rows of cafes, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. If you’re ready to sail the North Sea, there are fishing companies in the harbor that offer excursions of up to 10 hours.

10. Oliver’s Mount

Further inland, this highland area offers spectacular views south of Scarborough.
Named after Oliver Cromwell, the 152-meter-high hill is said to be the place where the parliamentary army set up their cannons during the English Civil War.
Later, Anne Brontë wrote about Oliver’s Hill in her 1840 poem “The Hyacinth”.
Scarborough’s victims of the two world wars have a stunning stone obelisk, while the road at the top forms Britain’s only road circuit.

Oliver’s Mount hosted British Formula 3 races in the ’50s but is best known for cycling.
During the Bank Holiday weekend in early May, the Scarborough Festival of Speed ​​is held here, featuring speed climbs, bike and car exhibits, and trade stands.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Scarborough. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Scarborough, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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