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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Senegal

Best Places to Visit in Senegal

The westernmost country in the African continent, it occupies a large area in the Sahel region. It stretches from the edge of the Guinea jungle to the bottom of the Sahara Desert and offers many fascinating destinations.

Take the capital, Dakar, for example, a town full of markets and endless energy. Or check out the port of Saint-Louis, full of ships and Parisian entertainment. In the wild, Senegal has more to offer travelers, from the meandering channels of the Gambia River to sparkling coastal beaches. Rural communities survive, while animals such as hippos and hyenas mingle here.

What about the cherries on top? Despite the dangerous Ebola epidemic, Senegal has been one of the most stable places in Africa for decades. Fair elections and a peaceful transition of power combine to provide a convenient and enjoyable place for secular explorers.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Senegal and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Senegal

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Senegal:

1. Touba

The center of the mystical Morid sect of Sufis, Touba emerged from the bumpy Sahel region in central Senegal with its huge grand mosque, towering minarets, and countless other pilgrimage sites and attractions (especially Morid’s founding). himself: Sheikh Amadou Bamba Mbak). During the annual Grand Magar festival, the town is packed with tourists as thousands come to commemorate the social and Islamic projects of the Sufi scholar and teacher.

The focal point is the majestic, hard-working mosque with ornate arabesque interiors and an 87-metre-high minaret known as the Waterfall of Lights.

2. Tambacounda

Located at a remote crossroads, the town of Tambacounda is frequented by tourists embarking on their West African adventure via Southern Gambia, Guinea-Bissau or the country of Guinea.

However, those who can tolerate the sweltering Sahel climate will find it an interesting place; a place where few French colonial remnants still leave their mark on the streets and unpretentious farming communities dominate the remote areas.

Tambacounda is one of the best bases for exploring the legendary Niokolo-Koba National Park, the highlands of the mighty Gambia River.

3. Kaolack

Located on a small headland directly on the bends of the Saloum River, the town of Kaalack is known as the center of Islam and the center of Senegal’s salt industry.

Its attractions start from the sprawling central square of the Bay of Medina – look above to see the turquoise dome of the Great Minaret.

The rural areas of Kufogg are filled with bulbous baobab trees and tell the story of the historic Serer kingdom that once ruled them, while the Khao Lak Market continued with exciting lean shops and seedy vendors.

4. Kedougou

Located in the far southeast corner of the country, where the Guinea forest stretches to the Sahel plain, the city of Kedougou has a character of its own.

First, its geography and topography are unlike any other region in the United States, except for its lush rainforests and lush, mist-covered hills.

Kedougou also receives ample rainfall and produces a lot of farmland in the surrounding area (that’s it for those who don’t mine gold). Then there is the majestic landscape of Niokolo-Koba National Park: the endless greenery where the Gambia River gushes with hippos, lions, elephants and leopards.

5. Palmarin

With lush mangroves, brackish lagoons and salt flats to the east, and the vast Atlantic coast to the north, the town of Palmarin can be difficult to get to (almost no real road connects it to Senegal’s larger infrastructure), but there are definitely a few attractions out there.

Lush palm groves to stroll, palm tree wines to savor and some wonderful sandy beaches close to the city centre, wild herds of hyenas around town, public wrestling, and not to mention the ancient Serrels burial.

6. St. Louis

In fact, the difference between Saint-Louis in northern Senegal and its namesake South American deep-sea Atlantic pond isn’t as big as you might think.

Gaze at the arched steel structure of Faidherbe Bridge, which crosses the Senegal River as if it were in Mississippi.

Or, Old St. Louis and discover its French Colonial architecture, plantation-style whitewashed facades and shaded passages.

There’s even a famous jazz festival held here every May! Yet the similarities eventually end, especially when you dive into the salty fishing villages of Guet N’Dar or start to marvel at the rugged cliffs and strange creatures of the Barbary Peninsula.

7. Ziguinchor

With a patchwork of colorful colonial buildings and period fa├žade decorations with European filigree and Parisian designs, it’s impossible to deny the gripping colonial character of Ziguinchor.

While the main attractions here are few and far between – bustling St. Molde Forsyth Square, the quirky roundabout of Place Jean-Paul II – the real draw is the unpretentious African character of the place.

What’s more, the Ziguinchor is also the preferred gateway to the Casamance region: canoes rush along the river and the Sahel plains begin to transform into the lush forests of Guinea.

8. Popenguine

The town of Popenguine lies south of the capital on the narrow strip of the Cap-Vert peninsula and is the gateway to a truly beautiful mix of natural attractions.

The main attraction should be the protected Popenkin Nature Reserve with its clean and beautiful rocky beach nestled between two arid cliffs.

The area also features the rugged rock surfaces of Cape Naz that jut out into the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a particularly famous lagoon where birds of all shapes and sizes nest, attracting large numbers of observers throughout the year.

9. Thies

Surrounded by a cheaper and more pleasant destination than the capital, Tees is often used as an alternative overnight stop for expats and tourists who don’t like Dakar’s frenzied energy.

It fulfills the role perfectly, with dusty streets filled with friendly and welcoming locals, some cute (if bad beer bars) and some decent shops.

This is also primarily a market town, which means you can experience the bargains and hawkers that define Senegal’s commercial side.

There are also some nice places to sample the local benachin rice and fish menu – just look for the joint in the centre.

10. Dakar

Dakar has seriously outgrown its habitat on the Cap-Vert peninsula.

It now spreads eastward to the arid dusty plains of the east, transforming into the dockside bustling merchant market and the smells of fish.

The port fueled an explosion in population and size, infusing the city with attractive multiculturalism and vitality.

So be sure to visit the African Renaissance Monument, the famous Museum of African Art, and the bizarre Soviet-style rise of the former Dutch slave trade site, the Wild Sandaga Market, before diving into the bizarre mix of Lebanese restaurants and African embroidery markets. peanut stalls and noisy beer bars around.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Senegal. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Senegal, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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