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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Spokane

Best Places to Visit in Spokane

Spokane, Washington State’s second largest city, is located in the eastern part of the state, less than 20 miles from the Idaho border. The Spokane River runs through the center of this town of approximately 217,000 inhabitants. This scenic waterway is adjacent to several world-class cities and state parks that add to the city’s great appeal.

Capturing the beauty that the Spokane River brings to the city, there is no place other than Riverfront Park. Whatever the reason for the trip, this crown jewel of the public space is a must-see. It is not just rivers that add natural value to cities. Other things to do in Spokane also take advantage of Eastern Washington’s beautiful natural setting. From peaks to deer-infested botanical gardens, exploring the great outdoors is a major Spokane tourist attraction.

And this sprawling university town also has a cultural experience. Historic hotels, art museums, and Japanese gardens are just some of the city’s highlights – plus a bustling downtown with sidewalk cafes and unique retail opportunities. Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Spokane and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Spokane

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Spokane:

1. Riverside State Park

About 9 miles northwest of Spokane, Riverside is one of Washington’s largest state parks. The area is a popular spot for travelers and local Spokaneers to explore year-round. Located along the Spokane and Little Spokane Rivers, the park is divided into different park units not far from each other. Activities such as fishing, whitewater kayaking, and swimming are popular during the warmer months, while snowshoes and cross-country skiers can be found gliding through the landscape during the winter months.

The best campgrounds near Spokane are in the park’s bowl and pitcher areas. This scenic part of the park is also home to the iconic tour, which began in 1934 at a nearby suspension bridge built by the Civil Conservation Corps.

However, some of the craziest hikes can be found on the trails or dry riverbeds of the park’s Deep Creek Canyon unit, and the Nine Mile Recreation Area within Riverside State Park offers boat docks and rentals. The Spokane Lake unit has additional campgrounds and trails close to the water.

Address: 9711 Charles Road, Nine Mile Falls, Washington

Official website:

2. Centennial Trail

Also known as the Spokane River Centennial National Recreation Trail, the first section of the Centennial Trail was established in 1989, the same year as the Washington State Centennial Celebration. It has since grown into a nationally recognized Spokane Recreation Center.

Stretching 37 miles in either direction from Downtown Riverside Park, paved roads are open to everything but motorized transportation. Whether you choose running shoes, bikes or roller skates, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty of Eastern Washington.

The Centennial Trail was built on the site of a former railroad line and former lumber company and offers a fairly flat slope to explore the natural landscape. The trail runs 15 miles west of Riverfront Park and offers more rugged views. There are great views along the western portion of the trail until you reach Riverside State Park at the end of the trail.

Heading east from downtown Spokane, the road passes through the university atmosphere of Gonzaga University before traveling 17 miles to the border of Washington and Idaho. As the North Idaho Centennial Trail west of the border, the trail continues for 24 miles. While this is an option, users generally do not tour the entire Centennial Trail at once.

Address: 9711 Charles Road, Nine Mile Falls, Washington

3. Manito Park

In the picturesque community of South Hills, Manito Park has established itself over the past century as one of the best botanical gardens in the country. Manito Park consists of five main garden areas, including the famous Nishinomiya Tsutagawa Japanese Garden and more than 20 acres of blooming flowers that welcome more than 150,000 visitors each year.

In addition to the designated botanical gardens, Manito Park offers more than 70 acres of pristine scenery. Another worth visiting in the park is Mirror Pond, which offers great wildlife viewing opportunities. The Gaiser Conservatory in the park is a year-round conservatory.

Most of the time spent in Manito is free time. It’s a fun place to grab a blanket and some snacks and enjoy the eastern Washington weather. Late spring and late summer are arguably the best times for the park to bloom. The traditional rose garden is particularly attractive during the summer, as is the nearby lilac garden.

Address: 1702 S. Grand Blvd, Spokane, Washington

Official website:

4. Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls is a must-see natural attraction when visiting Riverfront Park. Consisting of two drops falling and rising, both offer a fast-paced and polyphonic appeal. While both places offer stunning views year-round, the arguably best time to see these fast-flowing waterfalls is in the spring, when the snow melts on the banks of the Spokane River.

Upper Falls is a short walk from the Riverside Pavilion. A footbridge crossing the river under the waterfall provides views of the flowing water. We look forward to meeting photographers and other interested explorers who spend their time capturing beauty.

The larger, lower waterfall is located on the west side of Riverfront Park and has several different viewpoints to choose from. One of the most popular areas to appreciate gravity is the landscaped area known as Huntington Park, located below the Washington Hydroelectric Building. The park has several steps and a path paved with interpretive information.

Another area where you can see the lower falls is the walkway at the top of the adjacent Monroe Street Bridge. The newly established Plaza of Truth next to the Monroe Street Bridge also has good visibility. For the best views, Numerica SkyRide at Riverfront Park offers gondola rides along the river.

5. Mount Spokane State Park

Spokane Mountain State Park is 13,919 acres with over 100 miles of multi-use trails. The state park entrance is just an hour north of town. This proximity makes for weekend camping trips and everyday activities like mountain biking and wildlife watching.

Part of the greater Selkirk Mountains, Mount Spokane is one of the highest mountains in the interior northwest. Two other major peaks, Kit Carson and Day Mountain, are also within the state park’s boundaries. All three peaks have hiking trails that lead to the summit for spectacular views.

For those not concerned with the sore legs required to climb the summit, the Mount Spokane Summit Trail is generally open from mid-June to mid-October. The park’s limited campgrounds are also located on Summit Road. At the top, the historic Vista House lives up to its name with an east-facing patio.

For the ultimate nighttime experience, visitors can reserve the park’s Quartz Mountain Watchtower and wake up with the best view of the rest of the park. During the winter, the state park is covered with thick snow. The state park is home to the Spokane Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort, which attracts thousands of downhill enthusiasts each season. Other recreational activities attract tourists in winter, as do cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Address: 26107 N. Mt Spokane Park Drive, Mead, Washington

Official website:

6. Rocks of Sharon

There are several scenic areas around Spokane. A network of protected areas surrounds the city, thanks to the efforts of local landowners and nonprofits. Hiking trails surround these natural areas and provide excellent outlets for outdoor activities. One of the most interesting places to explore is the area known as Sharon Rocks. It is also one of the best hiking trails near Spokane.

Sharon’s Rocks is a collection of large granite outcrops in the highland landscape on the south side of the city. Views from these rocks overlook the miles-long Palouse gold and green fields. Images of these huge rocks are awe-inspiring because of their height.

Sharon Rock is the easiest of the two main climbs to reach: the Stevens Creek climb is the shorter route, while the Isler Creek climb offers a longer hike. Both have ample parking and portable toilets near the parking area. For the adventurous and with the right gear, these granite slabs can also invite rock climbing adventures and rewarding outings.

7. Northwest Museum of Art and Culture

The Northwest Museum of Art and Culture, or MAC as the locals call it, is the largest cultural institution of its kind in Northwest Inland. MAC has five underground galleries and rotating exhibits focusing on regional history, visual arts, and American Indian culture. MAC’s collection of over one million works supports lifelong learning.

Outside of the exhibits, Café Mac is constantly replenished with coffee throughout the tour. The adjacent Campbell House offers tours that take visitors back to the way of life in 19th century Washington. Be sure to check out their event calendar for all the different classes, workshops, and speakers they offer throughout the week.

Address: 2316 W. 1st Avenue, Spokane, Washington

Official website:

8. John A. Finch Arboretum

Set on 65 acres of wooded hills southwest of Spokane, the John A. Finch Arboretum is a popular attraction for those looking to reconnect with Washington’s natural beauty. Located next to scenic Garden Springs Creek, this botanical exhibit features more than 2,000 labeled species of trees and shrubs and seasonal wildflowers.

Admission to the Botanical Gardens is always free, and self-guided tours are available. Seasonal events such as the Autumn Leaves Festival are also held during the warmer seasons of the year. Spring is also a popular time to visit, when magnolias, cranberries, and daffodils come to life in the botanical gardens.
While visiting, keep an eye out for the resident wildlife who love to call the Botanical Gardens home. A pair of marmots and wild turkeys are rushing into the natural area. Deer and non-venomous big boa constrictors are also known to roam the area. Always maintain a suitable distance when encountering any wildlife.

Address: 3404 W. Woodland Blvd, Spokane, Washington

9. Martin Woldson Theater

The Fox Theater was Spokane’s first air-conditioned building. The theater premiered its first film to a star-studded and crowded audience in 1931. For the next 70 years, the Fox Theater hosted vaudeville shows, silent films, and eventually sound films.

For this reason, Fox is equipped with a large stage and a full orchestra pit. The theater also has balcony seating for live and screening performances. In 2000, the Fox Theater showed its last movie, and the plans were smashed and replaced by a parking lot.

Miss Myrtle Woldson effectively saved the Fox Theater from demolition and helped renovate the space, thanks to the generosity of Martin Woldson, the daughter of a North West Rail employee and innovator. Today, it remains an iconic cultural venue in Spokane.

Fox’s newly named Martin Woldson Theater reopened in 2007 and has since been home to the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. Other fine arts performances at the theater include opera and ballet.

Address: 1001 W. Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington

Official website:

10. Historic Davenport Hotel

Located in downtown Spokane, near Riverside Park, the Davenport Hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the rest of the city. It is a proud testament to the rich history of the region. Today, the hotel is located on Post Street downtown and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Between 1914 and 1985, the Davenport Hotel set high standards for luxury accommodation.

15 years after closing the Davenport Hotel’s elegant public spaces and well-appointed guest rooms, the new owners set out to restore the hotel to its former glory. The renovation not only gave the feel of luxury interiors and overnight facilities but also worked hard to restore the hotel’s top-notch reputation.

When the hotel reopened in 2000, the restoration of magnificent woodwork and the always-on central fireplace of the charming lobby secured the Davenport Hotel’s place in the Spokane community. The hotel continues its tradition of excellent customer service. Check out the decadent booms and luxury yachting stays of the past.

Address: 10 Post Street, Spokane, Washington


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Spokane. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Spokane, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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