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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Stowe

Best Places to Visit in Stowe

The original Vermont village of Stowe has been a very popular tourist destination for over a century. This is largely because it is located on an almost legendary mountain road surrounded by vast forests and towering mountains that are worth exploring.

Although nicknamed the “Ski Capital of the East”, each of the four seasons offers its own attractive outdoor activities. For example, in the summer, visitors can hike or bike on the nearby peaks or the Stowe Recreational Trail, while fall is the season to bathe in beautiful fall leaves.

While most people come to enjoy the outdoors, the charming historic district offers colorful shops and restaurants and plenty of things to do in Stowe for you to explore. Add in its delicious local produce, gorgeous breweries, and numerous waterfalls nearby, and it’s no surprise that Stowe is one of New England’s most popular tourist towns.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Stowe and make your trip enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Visit in Stowe

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Stowe:

1. Moss Glen Falls

The magnificent Moss Glen Falls is not to be missed in Stowe, as it is one of Vermont’s most spectacular natural attractions. Just minutes from the city centre, at the end of a short slippery road, there are trees and bushes that threaten to engulf them.

Jets of white water flow over the edge of a rugged canyon in the beautiful Putnam State Forest, at 125 feet. At the foot of the waterfall, you will find a reflection pool and rock formations that gradually give way to streams and meadows in the forest.

After taking pictures of the waterfall and all the lush greenery in the surrounding area, you can always take a walk along the boardwalk for more stunning views and nature.

2. Alchemist

While the Green Mountain State has long been known for its excellent local produce, its thriving craft beer scene has also taken notice in recent years. You can sample dozens of delicious beers and even tour the state-of-the-art facilities at The Alchemist outside of town.

Since its founding in 2003, it has come a long way and has won numerous awards, with the wildly popular Heady Topper being the brewery’s signature drink. On a guided tour, you’ll see how hazy IPA is created and learn about the state’s ancient brewing art.

In addition to enjoying freshly brewed beers in the tasting room or beer garden, you can purchase boxes and wraps to keep in the fridge or for gifts.

3. Stowe Village Historic District

The charming and colorful Stowe Village Historic District makes up most of the city centre. The scenic streets filled with unique boutiques and beautiful old buildings are truly beautiful to explore and fun things to see and do wherever you go.

Dominated by the mighty Mount Mansfield, this quaint historic site roughly surrounds the Vermont Route 100 three-way intersection. Visitors can find many great local restaurants and cafes here, as well as more than 50 shops, specialty stores, and galleries.

Since the area has been an important holiday destination since the 19th century, the streets are lined with many historical buildings with different architectural styles. Now recognized as a National Historic Site, this fascinating area largely makes Stowe a special tourist destination.

4. Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Another great place to go if you want to try delicious local produce and mouthwatering baked goods is Cold Hollow Cider Mill. The mill’s bakery and market are popular with locals and tourists alike, not far from downtown Waterbury.

While some of the property actually dates back to the early 1800s, the cider mill has been run by the same family since the turn of the millennium. They’re so friendly and welcoming, they’ll encourage you to try the legendary cider donuts or the tempting cheddar cookies. Vermont’s core ingredients of maple, honey, and apple are the main ingredients for many of their products.

In addition to sitting and eating at its restaurants and bakeries, you can buy souvenirs from the De─čirmen Market and taste cider in the tasting room.

5. Smugglers Notch State Park

Smugglers Notch State Park is home to many breathtaking sceneries, scenery, and natural features that stretch across the majestic Green Mountains. While it now offers a variety of fun outdoor activities, its raised restrictions were once used as a smuggling route to nearby Canada.

Named after the high pass between Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, this pristine state park contains numerous cliffs, boulders and forests. It was this rugged terrain that made it ideal for smugglers carrying goods and livestock in the area, and runaway slaves fleeing along the Underground Railroad.

Thanks to its unspoiled wilderness, it is now a great place to hike, bike or climb, with its stunning rock formations and landscapes. You can even go skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, as the park is over 2,000 feet.

6. Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

Downtown is another popular attraction in the area: the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. It features a variety of interesting artifacts and exhibits that pay tribute to the athletes and individuals who reveal and contribute to the history of snow sports in the state.

Founded in 1988, its extensive collection now includes everything from equipment and clothing to artwork, chairlifts and of course countless skis and snowboards. Informative exhibits also help preserve and celebrate Vermont’s rich ski and snowboard heritage.

Since this small museum is actually located in Stowe’s Old Town Hall, its building is also an important historical site. It was built in 1818 and is well preserved with thousands of boots, poles, bags and photographs covering every usable surface.

7. Play golf

Stowe, understandably, is often associated with winter sports, but it also boasts plenty of pristine greens where you can enjoy relaxing golf. In total, there are more than a dozen well-maintained golf courses in the area, as well as several fun and family-friendly miniature golf courses.

For example, there are already two excellent 18-hole courses just a stone’s throw from the centre. Both Stowe Country Club and O’Rourkes Irish Golf Crusade have a combination of hilly surroundings and scenic spots that make eagles a challenge.

When the sun is shining, golfing in the breathtaking scenery of Stowe is a real treat, and each country club has its own unique look and layout.

8. Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury Factory

If you’re craving sweets or are a fan of well-known brands, you’ll want to visit Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury factory. Founded in 1978 in Burlington, this American ice cream company is known worldwide for its great flavours and frozen yogurt.

It takes only fifteen minutes to reach the large factory near Waterbury from Stowe town centre. Here you can tour their production lines and learn how they create many irresistibly unique ice creams.

In addition to watching videos about their history and exploring the factory’s “flavour graveyard”, you can taste a scoop or two and purchase kegs to take home.

9. Gold Brook Covered Bridge

Golden Stream Covered Bridge is in a picturesque location just 5 minutes south of Stowe. Also known as the Emily Bridge due to a chilling local legend (which we’ll get to later), it was impressively built in 1844.

Now the only surviving structure of its kind in the state, it features wooden Howe trusses covered with a gabled metal roof. The bridge is covered with black planks with long, narrow openings under the eaves and is 48.5 feet long.

In addition to walking by the bridge, visitors can learn about the history and architecture of the bridge from the information board at the entrance. It also tells the “legend of Emily”, a bride-to-be who is said to haunt the bridge. As the story goes, when her lover doesn’t show up for their wedding, she kills herself in the creek below.

10. Trapp Family Lodge

The von Trapp family, famous for The Sound of Music, actually settled in Stowe after fleeing annexing Austria in 1938. Over the years, they’ve gradually expanded their magnificent mountain lodge, turning it into the fully operational ski resort it is today.

In the huge open-air centers, you can hike and cycle until you’re full, and skiing is, of course, one of the main attractions. In total, there are more than 100 miles of slopes and trails to explore, and swimming pools, tennis courts, and disc golf courses dot the expansive property.

The grand inn itself has a very homey and historic feel, and its working farm supplies three on-site restaurants with fresh produce daily. Fans of the musical can visit the property and learn about family life in Vermont.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Stowe. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Stowe, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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