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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Taipei

Best Places to Visit in Taipei

Taipei is the modern capital of Taiwan. This diverse city has excellent infrastructure, making it easy to explore Taipei’s main attractions and travel to nearby towns. From one of the tallest towers in the world and a world-famous zoo to natural attractions and great shopping, Taipei has something for everyone.

Taipei isn’t particularly on the radar of many non-Asian travelers and is often overlooked by other East Asian cities. If you’re planning a trip to Taipei, it can be difficult to find information on things to see and do, especially if you want to see more offbeat spots and get off the beaten path.

With this ultimate list of the best places to visit in Taipei, you’ll be sure to cover all of the top attractions. Whatever your age or travel style, you’ll find many reasons to add Taipei to your travel list.

10 Best Places to Visit in Taipei

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Taipei:

1. Shilin Night Market

The large and bustling Shilin Night Market attracts many locals and tourists every day. Stalls are scattered in a maze of streets, and you’ll often find lots of local produce and international brands at discounted prices.

Some places have fixed prices and some places you can bargain, so be sure to perfect your bargaining skills. It’s worth asking for a discount, especially if you’re buying in bulk. It’s not a great place to shop though; Shilin Night Market is also one of Taipei’s top destinations for street food. A true foodie paradise!

2. Taipei Botanical Garden

Shifting gears from Taipei’s spookier attractions, Taipei Botanical Garden boasts nearly 1,500 plant speciesā€¦ and it’s super beautiful! The Japanese established it as a botanical garden in the early 1920s and have had their garden in the same location for decades. It is divided into 17 different areas with beautiful and peaceful gardens, historical buildings, sparkling ponds and well-kept walking paths.

Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque botanical gardens and admire a variety of plants and flowers from around the world. There are species native to the island of Taiwan, as well as species from neighboring countries and further afield. Some species are rare and provide good information about the diverse flora.

3. Danshuihe Mangrove Nature Reserve

A short train ride away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the Tamsui River Mangrove Nature Reserve is a fun and peaceful place to be outdoors. One of the coolest less touristy places in Taipei, the nature reserve is free to explore. Tamsui River Mangrove Nature Reserve, also known as Tamsui River Mangrove Nature Reserve, this area protects gigantic mangrove swamps and salt marshes for all habitats.

Head to this small but informative educational center to learn more about the swamp and its biodiversity, then stroll along the boardwalk. Browse the mangroves and discover an array of flora and fauna. Some of the most unusual creatures are curious mudskippers, which are fish that can walk on land. You can also see crabs and various birds. The atmosphere is serene and the view of city life in the distance is unobstructed.

4. Jiufen

Jiufen is a former gold mining town in the Taipei region. It was built by the Japanese and sits on a rugged mountainside near the shore. Easily accessible by road and rail from the city centre, this area is one of Taipei’s most beautiful spots.

It has an old-world feel and lots to see and do. The indoor shopping area is particularly popular and the views are beautiful. The town has been featured in many movies and TV shows, and if you’re backpacking Taiwan, be sure to include Jiufen in your itinerary.

Visit magnificent Chinese temples, soak up the spirituality, and stop at a nearby observation deck for a beautiful view of the water. Explore the two main pedestrian streets, Shuchi Street and Jishan Street, and stop to view the dazzling array of shops. Stop for drinks at a charming tea house and refuel at one of the traditional restaurants.

Although no longer open to tourists, you can see the historic Sun Company Ruifang Mining Operations Office and the now-abandoned Jiufen Xinpeng Theatre, one of the first theaters in Taiwan. Are you feeling active? Take a hike on Jilong Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking scenery!

5. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

One of the most famous sites in Taiwan, the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a famous landmark and a popular tourist attraction. The iconic blue-and-white building at one end of Great Freedom Square is a major attraction.

Since it opened in 1980, it has been built in honor of the late president. Inside, there is a huge bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek, guarded by majestic soldiers in ceremonial uniforms, educational displays, and a library.

Climb the 89 steps that lead to the top of the monument, remembering that the number of steps represents the age at which the former leader died. See the large statue of the late leader and snap a few photos of the well-dressed guards. On your way back to the place, learn more about the leaders at the museum and Taiwan’s history.

There are many interesting objects and artifacts and extensive information in English and Chinese. This is one of the best places in Taipei to learn more about Taiwanese culture and history.

6. Fort San Domingo

Santo Domingo’s stunning red castle in Tamsui sits on the site of an old wooden fort. The original fort was built by the Spanish, while the current building was built by the Dutch in the 1640s. It was later expanded and strengthened by the Qing government, and from 1868 became the British Consulate.

It was occupied by the Japanese during the Pacific War and later returned to British control. It is one of the oldest buildings in Taiwan and is now a National Historic Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taipei’s Tamsui District.

Pay a reasonable entrance fee and climb the shady stairs to the entrance of the historic fort. See the flag proudly fly before following the promenade around the various parts of the castle.

In addition to the Red Fort, there are the original city gates built during the Qing Dynasty, tree-lined gardens and the English-style former residence of the British consul. You can learn more about Taiwan’s history and visit various exhibits, period furniture, and artifacts.

7. Houtong

A short train ride from central Taipei is Houtong, a former coal mining town built by the Japanese and now known for its many cats. When the mine dries up, the hillside town is abandoned, leaving only the cats to roam freely, breed and claim their own space.

Today, Houtong is a must-see in Taipei for any animal lover, especially those who love cats. Volunteers care about animals and have created many cool and interesting cat-themed attractions. I don’t know about you but this is my personal best place in Taipei!

Get up close and personal with the friendly cats that make Hou Dong their home. You can buy food to feed your kittens, but do not feed them human food as it can make them sick.

See the cat-themed artwork that adorns many of the walls, explore the tiny houses built to shelter the homeless, and enjoy snacks and drinks at one of the quirky cafes. There are lots of great photo opportunities and you can purchase a variety of cat-themed souvenirs.

8. Beitou

While getting soaked in hot springs isn’t the most obvious choice in the heat and humidity, a dip can be surprisingly relaxing and soothing. Beitou Hot Spring has several well-maintained and clean hot springs with private changing areas and lockers.

Signs clearly indicate the temperature of each pool. It’s one of the best public hot springs in town, but you can also find some private spas if you want a more unique experience. Beitou also boasts stunning geothermal features and a variety of attractions.

Solve your problem! If you are looking for activities in Taipei to get rid of the boring problems of staying at home, this is the place to go! Marvel at the milky blue steaming water of the Beitou Geothermal Valley, also known as the Valley of Hell (closed on Mondays), set in a beautiful natural setting. Discover more about the area at the Beitou Hot Springs Museum, Ketagalan Cultural Center and Beitou Library. Stroll through the scenic Beitou Hot Spring Park and Plum Orchard, visit the secluded Small Puji Temple, and relax your body and mind at the hot springs.

9. Ximending

Ximending is one of the best places to go in Taipei if you’re looking for cool shopping with a trendy and youthful atmosphere. It is lively day and night, and there are many options for entertainment and relaxation. It became popular when the Japanese had a large presence in Taiwan and has been going strong since the 1980s.

Despite a strong local feel, Japanese influences are still easily seen today. The area is full of clothing and accessories stores, as well as swanky karaoke shops, movie theaters and restaurants.

Spend a few hours browsing the various shops in Ximending, trying not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. This is an especially great place to shop in Taipei for alternative styles and items often associated with various subcultures. Try new fashions and maybe add trendy pieces to your wardrobe. Stop for a bite to eat at a local restaurant and sing on one of the KTVs as night falls.

10. Ghost Mask Museum

The Ghost Mask Museum started as one person’s private collection of handmade ghost masks. Located on a quiet side street, visitors can see 1,500 unusual masks, some quite grotesque and others bordering on comedy. Seeing the creepy mask collection is definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Taipei!

Gaze in wonder at the extensive mask collection created by sculptor Wu Jyh Chiang, and marvel at the effort and passion that goes into handcrafting each piece. Some masks are decorated with various items such as animal hair, cigarette butts, and pieces of cloth.

The museum offers insight into local ghost beliefs, some of which attempt to teach valuable life lessons and warn of punishment in the afterlife if people fail to live a righteous life. For those with deep fears of their own death, this may not be a must-see in Taipeiā€¦ but I think it’s great!


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Taipei. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Taipei, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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