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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Tulsa

Best Places to Visit in Tulsa

When you arrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’ll find that it’s windy, even if it’s not hurricane season. Along with the nostalgic warmth of the Midwest, the city has deep Native American roots and rich history in the oil industry. Located along Route 66 and the Arkansas River, Tulsa continues to expand its public green spaces, attract top chefs to its creative farm-to-table restaurants, and simplify evening entertainment like bowling in historic Dust Bowl Lanes.

Tulsa is a walkable city, and small corner cafes and eateries still sell breakfast for $1.99. Observe the Art Deco buildings inspired by the design of former World Trade Center buildings in New York City and the obvious Gothic Phil Towers or BOK office buildings on downtown streets.

Whether your visit to Tulsa is about the arts, visiting the famous Woody Guthrie Center and the Tulsa Arts District, or taking an Art Deco Segway tour, you’ll have something new to say about the city of Affinity. Find the best places to visit and plan your trip with our list of the best places to visit in Tulsa.

10 Best Places to Visit in Tulsa

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Tulsa:

1. Route 66

The section of Route 66 that runs through Tulsa is a step back in time and well worth the leisurely drive during your visit. This part of Main Road is lined with rustic buildings that accompany you in one of the few places with a small-town lifestyle reminiscent of old-fashioned Americans.

While driving, plan to stop at Ollie’s Station restaurant, which inspired the animated movie cars. You’ll find movie memorabilia, railroad-inspired backgrounds, and traditional Oklahoma home-cooked meals on the walls.

Stop by the nearby historic Campbell Hotel, an elegantly restored 1920s building. The 26-room boutique hotel once offered overnight stays for 50 cents a night in 1927. Conclude your history tour at Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza, where you can admire the many statues and cross the bridge over Route 66.

2. Philbrook Art Museum

The Philbrook Museum of Art is worth a visit because of the 23-acre gardens surrounding the historic building, as well as the artwork and exhibits inside. Once the 72-room residence of oil tycoon Waite Phillips, the mansion is one of Tulsa’s prized tourist attractions. See the Gallery of Antiquities, with a rich history of Egyptian mummies, as well as permanent collections of African, European, American and Asian art.

The Philbrook Museum changes exhibits regularly throughout the year. You can join a PhD-led tour or explore on your own. Outside, Philbrook Gardens highlights the museum’s Italian Renaissance architecture. Take a moment to enjoy the peaceful meditation space and admire the many outdoor sculptures along the way. The museum extended its Friday night opening hours until the evening hours.

Address: 2727 South Rockford Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:

3. Woody Guthrie Center

One of the best things to do in Tulsa is to spend a few hours at the Woody Guthrie Center. Guthrie’s powerful lyrics and influence on the music industry are showcased in exhibits throughout the facility. You can learn about Native Oklahoma’s history and folk music interpretations of American life, and browse through Guthrie’s personal items such as his lyric diary and mandolin.

For history buffs, the center houses an archive of artwork, manuscripts, photographs and books about the artist. There are many special exhibitions throughout the year, some of which also feature other musicians.

Address: 102 East M.B. Brady Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:

4. Tulsa Drillers Baseball

Catch an evening baseball game on the way to ONEOK Field in downtown Tulsa Drillers. Cheer on your hometown team and set off fireworks on many home game nights. There are always special promotions and you’re sure to get one of the best views of downtown Tulsa. In addition to the regular baseball fieldfare, the stadium has a variety of dining options such as barbecues and even an unlimited buffet that is open during games.

Address: 201 Elgin Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website: /

5. Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo focuses on conservation and education, so you’ll see evidence of this as you walk the grounds. Zoo Animal Habitat brings you closer than ever to simulating animals in their natural habitat.

Walk through the Asian-inspired gardens and Lost Kingdom exhibit to see animals like Malayan tigers and Komodo dragons. Chimpanzee Connect gets you up close and personal with the zoo’s chimpanzee family as you roam freely through the indoor and outdoor exhibits.

The Tulsa Zoo has regular educational programs and special events that you can attend during your visit. If you are tired of walking, you can also take the ONEOK Safari Train from the zoo.

Address: 6421 East 36th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:

6. Tulsa Botanic Gardens

Tulsa Botanical Garden is one of the city’s most scenic attractions. The highlights of the gardens are the towering A.R. and Marylouise Tandy, the flower terrace. Every year, 120,000 spring bulbs are placed on stepped terraces. This is an ornamental garden that flows into the lake below and is surrounded by more than 8,000 perennials, trees, roses and plants.

The garden features a children’s discovery garden, a water lily pond, and a lakeside promenade that takes you on a tour of the 7-acre lake. Be sure to make time to stop by the visitor center, where you can participate in pop-up events.

For a nature getaway in Tulsa, stay at POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat, a 1,000-acre property surrounded by the Osage Mountains and less than a mile from the Botanical Gardens.

Address: 3900 Tulsa Botanical Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:

7. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Tulsa Performing Arts Center is actually four separate theaters and an art gallery. You can find ballet, symphony, opera and Broadway performances on any given night. The building occupies half a block and was built by the famous architect Yamazaki, who designed the old World Trade Center building and is very interesting from an architectural point of view.

Frequently attended by speakers and comedians, the center is a cultural center of interest and one of the city’s hottest events. You can watch concerts and Broadway tours almost every night of the week, so you’re sure to find something during your visit.

Address: 110 East Second Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:

8. The Golden Driller

This may be the least time-consuming stop on your Tulsa trip, but the Gold Piercing is definitely a must-see due to its iconic connection to the city. Tulsa’s roots are in the oil industry, and it grew at a time when drilling rigs were as common as restaurants. The 76-foot Golden Piercing statue is worth seeing as it represents an important part of Tulsa’s history.

Taking pictures for your holiday photo album requires careful planning, as it’s difficult to capture the entire statue in one photo without standing on the street.

Address: 4145 21st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

9. Tulsa Arts District

Tulsa has a thriving arts district and is a destination in itself. One of the highlights of the region is Cain’s Ballroom. Originally a 1920s ballroom, the renovated building is now Kansas’ top performance venue.

Throughout the Tulsa Arts District, you’ll find niche studios and shops, including glassblowing studios, candy stores, and performance theaters. This is an area where you can walk around and stop and relax at one of the few coffee shops.

This is one of the oldest areas and the red brick buildings have been rebuilt. The Tulsa Arts District is a community gathering place and a simple way to spend an afternoon or evening without an agenda.

Official website:

10. Riverfront Park

One of Tulsa’s most eye-catching attractions is its meeting place: Tulsa Riverside Park. The 100 acres of downtown riverfront public spaces feature interactive experiences designed for social interaction, outdoor adventure, and conservation.

Walk 56 feet above Peggy’s Pond on Swing Hill, the park’s highest point. There are nature trails where you can play basketball or volleyball, huts and boathouses, gardens and sports fields. The expansive parks along the Arkansas River are a great place to relax. Downtown Park is the result of the largest private park donation in US history.

Gathering Place hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from lawn concerts to community festivals. Hangout is a must-visit, even if you don’t have any planned activity during your stay.

Address: 2650 S. John Williams Road E, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Official website:


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Tulsa. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Tulsa, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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