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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Tunisia

Best Places to Visit in Tunisia

Tunisia is often seen as an easy beach destination, with a surprising number of tourist attractions and a place for those out of the sand. This is North Africa wrapped in bite-sized packages. The city has streets with whitewashed houses and crowded bazaars. The vast Sahara Desert to the south, with ancient ruins found in the countryside and vast sand dunes, rugged mountains and hidden oases of palm trees.

Tunisia is Rome’s breadbasket, and the cultural wealth left by the Romans is reason enough to visit. But the history of the Arab Empire also gives the country some of the best examples of Islamic architecture in the region. When you bow to the towers of Kairouan and play Gladiator in El Djem, it’s time to head to the Sahara Desert and experience its raw, empty beauty.

The beaches of the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by palm trees, caressed by the waves and receiving plenty of suns, are still waiting for you when you return. Find out what to see and do in this diverse country with our list of the best places to visit in Tunisia.

10 Best Places to Visit in Tunisia

Let’s explore the top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Tunisia:

1. Tozeur

Tozeur is a desert oasis town located in the southeastern part of the country. For many tourists, chott el djerid is a practical base from which to explore the attractions of the Sahara Desert, with its saltpans, dune landscapes and the oases of Tamerza and Chebika.

However, the town of Tozeur is an attraction in itself, with an interesting medina area surrounded by huge palm groves and filled with examples of the town’s traditional decorative brick buildings. While getting here requires crossing a desolate desert plateau (Tozeur is 211 kilometers west of the coastal city of Gabes), it’s well worth it for the relaxed desert outpost vibe and Saharan attractions.

2. Matamata

This Berber village and caveman’s home is famous for the fact that one of the houses was used as the location for the original Star Wars movie. The traditional caveman style houses of Matmata are the main attraction. To escape the sweltering heat of the area’s arid plateau, the locals dug deep into the soil, dug a large circular pit below the surface as a courtyard, and then drilled through the pit wall to dig a cave as their habitat.

Today, some homes are open for tours and/or lodging for travelers who want to experience the cave life overnight. Matt Mata is located in south-central Tunisia, 43 kilometers southeast of Gabes and 108 kilometers northwest of Medina.

3. Djerba

If you are looking for a picturesque and perfect beach getaway, Djerba has everything you need. The island town of Houmt Souk is the main attraction near the beach, and the old town is a jumble of whitewashed houses.

The Houmt Souk is an attraction in itself, with plenty of handicraft vendors to shop, stroll the beach, and bargain. But the island’s most popular spots are the sandy shorelines away from town. The pristine and palm-fringed beach is a relaxing place to dream in the summer, away from all its surroundings.

4. Carthage

Once Rome’s main rival, Carthage was a seafaring Phoenician city that is forever remembered for the Punic Wars. The atmospheric ruins of the ancient city now sit by the sea on Tunisia’s outskirts, warning that even the largest city can be turned into rubble.

The ruins are vast but scattered, and if you’re lucky enough to visit the well-preserved ruins of ancient cities like Ephesus in Turkey or Wallubilis in Morocco, Carthage may not seem impressive at first glance. But these Unesco-listed sites are historically significant and should not be missed by any visitor interested in North Africa’s ancient history.

5. National Bardo Museum

Even non-museums will be impressed by the wide range of exquisite mosaics on display at Bardo. One of the best museums in North Africa, this museum houses one of the most important mosaic collections in the world, all carefully selected.

It showcases a dizzying array of intricate art from the Roman and Byzantine periods, carefully selected from every major archaeological site in Tunisia. If you only have one day in Tunis, the capital city of Tunis, this museum should be high on your to-do list.

6. Tunis Medina

While the Tunisian capital is dominated by visits to its two main attractions, Carthage and the Bardo Museum, the Medina district in central Tunis is well worth an extra night in the city. It is a pleasure to explore the winding streets of this old town with its souks, mosques and monuments.

Don’t miss the rooftop visit of the Umayyad Olive Tree Mosque, Medina’s most famous landmark, and be sure to look for the small museums and restored dars hidden in the narrow streets as you wander through the medina. O mansion) If you are in a hurry, Dar Hüseyin Palace is your first choice.

7. Grand Erg Oriental

Tunisia’s vast Sahara Desert covers most of the country’s interior, and the most beautiful corner of the desert is the dune region known as the Dargé d’Or. These poetically beautiful dunes are a surreal and spectacular sight of huge waves shaped by the ever-changing desert sand.

For many visitors, this is an adventure park filled with dune buggies and camel rides, but there’s nothing simpler than sitting on one of these giant dunes and watching the sunset over the Sahara Desert. The nearest hub is the desert town of Douz, where you can take a camel, trekking, and 4WD rides, as well as multi-day excursions to the dunes.

8. Bulla Regia

Tunisia has no shortage of Roman ruins, but Bulla Regia near Tabarka is the most interesting and fascinating place in the country. Here the Romans ingeniously built underground villas to cope with the harsh summer climate that makes today’s townhouses remarkably well preserved.

For history buffs, this is a unique opportunity to tour real Roman houses, with the walls still intact and some of the extensive floor mosaics still in place. Here’s a look you don’t often see at settlement life in the ancient world.

9. Chott el Djerid

This vast salt pan is a desolate and otherworldly sight that enchants all visitors with its solid and wild beauty. The scenery here depends on the season you visit. In summer, the lunar landscape of Chott el Djerid is a storybook panorama that comes to life with the glowing mirage-filled horizon and white puzzle pieces crackling under your feet.

However, during the winter, the basin partially fills with water, forming a peculiar lake in the surrounding inhospitable desert plain. The excursions here prove that the landscapes created by nature are much stranger than you might think.

10. Dougga

Easily accessible on a day trip from the Tunisian capital Tunis and the northern coastal town of Tabarka, Douga is one of the most important Roman ruins in North Africa. The site is popular with tourists because of its large well-preserved monuments and peaceful rural setting in the rolling countryside.

It may seem far from the main route today, but this vast hilltop region was once a thriving city, originally settled in the 6th century BC, and today contains remnants of all major historical periods, from Berber and Punic to Roman and Byzantine. The Roman-era ruins here are Dougga’s greatest monuments.


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Tunisia. If you think there are some more beautiful places to visit in Tunisia, we should cover them. Write us below in the comment box.

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