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15 Most Attractive & Best Places to Visit in Vancouver, BC

Best Places to Visit in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is located in British Columbia, Canada. This Canadian province is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and warm weather. The city is home to over 3 million residents and is highly ranked as one of the safest cities in North America.

Have a look at our list of the Best Places to Visit in Vancouver and make your trip enjoyable.

15 Best Places to Visit in Vancouver

Here are the top 15 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Vancouver:

1. Ski Grouse Mountain

In winter and summer, Grouse Mountain offers unparalleled panoramic views in clear weather. This is especially true at night when the city is brightly lit. Every day the cable car runs from the street to the summit; Here, food, activities, and wildlife await mountaintop explorers year-round.

While it’s snowing, Grouse Mountain is a winter wonderland that offers outdoor skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding. The track isn’t particularly difficult, and Grouse Mountain is a fun family outing. It’s also a great place to learn to ski.

In the summer, Grouse Mountain is a haven for hikers, with many trails including the famous Grouse Mill, affectionately known as Mother Nature’s Staircase.

If you live downtown, consider this tour: Day Trip from Vancouver to the North Shore: Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain. On this 6.5-hour tour, you will visit two of the North Shore’s main attractions.
Address: 6400 Nancy Green Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Official website:

2. Visit the Anthropology Museum

Part of the University of British Columbia, the Museum of Anthropology deals with cultures from around the world, but with a special emphasis on British Columbia’s Aboriginal peoples.

Exhibits showcase indigenous art, including the large totem poles in the Great Hall. Other presentations explore ethnographic and archaeological objects representing Asia, the South Pacific, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

This interesting building was originally part of a WWII-era fort, and local architect Arthur Erickson turned the spaces into this world-class museum.

Other attractions on the university campus include the stylish Wreck Beach waterfront, the natural history-focused Beatty Biodiversity Museum, and the rambling UBC Botanical Gardens with lots of interesting plants and the delightful Shintobe Japanese Garden.
Address: 6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia
Official website:

3. Relax on Kitsilano Beach

The sandy shoreline of Kitsilano Beach defines the laid-back, fun-filled Vancouver lifestyle. This is where locals hang out with their friends or take a dip in the outdoor heated saltwater pool. The wide beach here is popular with sunbathers in the summer.

The view of the city center from Kitsilano is great. In addition to the beach and waterfront, the area is home to many cafes and walking trails, while a lively shopping district a few blocks south of West Fourth Avenue.

A short walk east of Kitsilano is Vanier Park, with its expansive space and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. From the marina here, take a small water bus to downtown Vancouver or Granville Island.
Address: 2305 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia

4. Explore Gastown

Gastown, the oldest part of the city, is an area of ​​restaurants, galleries and shops housed in beautifully restored Victorian buildings. Heritage buildings, cobblestone streets and iron street lamps give the area a unique atmosphere. Gastown is a short walk from Canada Place.

Gastown was founded in 1867 when a man named John Deighton arrived on the scene. Dayton had a habit of writing long stories and soon earned the nickname “Gassy Jack”. As a result, the neighborhood became known as “Gassy’s Town” or “Gas Town”.
Now, a statue of the owner watches over the neighborhood in Maple Plaza. Visitors stop to take pictures with Gassy Jack and enjoy visiting the nearby Steam Clock, which fires steam-powered chimes every 15 minutes.

5. Visit Canada Place

If you’re arriving in Vancouver by cruise ship, your cruise’s starting point is Canada Place. The unusual roof design creates the impression of a large sailboat. The remarkable structure of the building is part cruise ship terminal, part convention center and hotel, and part sightseeing bus tour center.

At the end of the pier are the Panorama and Canada Flyover attractions – a flight simulator that engages all your senses while teaching you Canadian geography. Also, the nearby Waterfront Station is a major transportation hub, with ferries to the public market from Lonsdale Pier in North Vancouver.
If you exit the building and turn right, the scenic coastal walk in Stanley Park begins. Along the way, you’ll see seaplanes take off and land and large ocean container ships sail out.
Address: 999 Canada Place, Vancouver
Official website:

6. Soak up Some Culture in Chinatown

Vancouver’s exotic and quirky Chinatown boasts modern architecture, much of it dating back to the Victorian era, in addition to the ornate Millennium Gate marking its entrance. Signs for shops and restaurants are often written in Chinese characters, especially on East Pender, Keefer, and Main streets, which are the main shopping area.

Local attractions include the beautiful walled Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Classical Garden, a traditional garden imitating the era of illumination.
Also worth seeing is the Sam Kee Building, which is only two meters wide and claims to be the narrowest office building in the world. Every year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with a huge parade.

7. Walk along English Bay

Seaside English Bay is located on one of the city’s most beautiful and busiest beaches. Part of the West End community, English Bay offers shopping and fine dining, but it’s also a popular outdoor area for people walking, biking, skating or hanging out with public art installations.

English Bay is not far from Stanley Park and a coastal road connects the two. The beach is dotted with large tree trunks, which are the perfect backrest for sunbathers.
One of the biggest events of summer is celebrating the light. Music accompanies the spectacular fireworks, which usually take place in the last week of July. Another popular activity is the New Year’s Polar Bear Swim, where swimmers dive into the cold Pacific waters.

8. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver’s first tourist attraction opened in 1889, and its swinging bridge spanning an undulating canyon has been thrilling visitors ever since. A footbridge spans a 70-meter-deep river gorge and leads to an activity park filled with forest paths and tree-top walkways that wind through ancient giants. There is also a set of totem poles and a transparent hanging platform called the Cliffwalk.

If you live in Vancouver and are looking for an easy way to visit the bridge and see some of the city’s highlights, the Vancouver City Tour, including the Capilano Suspension Bridge, is a handy option. This tour includes a half-day tour of Vancouver, a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and a cliff walking adventure.

Also, the Capilano Salmon Farm on Capilano Road is worth a visit (especially in autumn) to see salmon trying to swim upstream. The fish ladder—a series of stepped pools—allows fish to bypass the Cleveland Dam. Look at the underwater windows to see their efforts for yourself.
Address: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Official website:

9. Take the Aqua Bus

Fortunately, one of the best views in Vancouver is one of the cheapest. Hop aboard a small Aquabus and spin around and around False Creek as you take in the incredible views. Getting on board is easy – eight collection points are strategically located around the dock in the city centre.

You don’t have to wait too long, one of the 13 colorful water buses will pick you up every 15 minutes. These boats are pet-friendly, bike friendly and wheelchair accessible. The Aquabus is especially handy if you’re walking downtown and want to have lunch or shop on Granville Island.
Official website:

10. Learn about History at the Vancouver Museum

Located in Vanier Park near Burrard Bridge, the Museum of Vancouver is a major institution dedicated to showcasing all things Vancouver. It covers the history of the city, from the first Beach Salish neighborhood to Japantown, the Kitsilano hippie era, and urban development.

Offering stunning views of English Bay and the North Shore Mountains beyond, its Planetarium, Observatory and Seaside Maritime Museum and other valuable museums and sites are just a short walk away, including the HR MacMillan Space Center.
If you live downtown, take the water bus from False Creek to Vanier Park and get off at the Maritime Museum Ferry Terminal.
Address: 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Official website:

11. Queen Elizabeth Park

The hill at the center of Queen Elizabeth Park is Vancouver’s highest point, and its elevated position offers stunning views of the city center and the mountains to the north.

Activities at the park include putt golf, tennis, disc golf, and visits to the expansive open-air botanical gardens. If it’s cloudy and cool, escape to the tropical setting of Blodell’s Greenhouse.
Queen Elizabeth Park has an excellent restaurant called Seasons in the Park. Take a morning walk in the park, then stop for lunch while enjoying stunning views of downtown Vancouver.

The sunken quarry is a great place to stroll on a hot summer day. For more horticultural exploration, head a few blocks west to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, where there are always flowering plants in flower beds representing different regions and species.
Location: Cambie Street and West 33rd Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia

12. Take the Kids to the World of Science

Science World’s futuristic spherical building houses a kid-friendly Discovery Center that explains phenomena with 12 hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. Topics include water, air, motion and invention. One of the highlights is watching the show on the five-story OMNIMAX screen, the world’s largest dome screen.

Visiting the exhibition is often impressive and part of a world tour. An outdoor landmark on the waterfront in Vancouver, the building was originally built for the World’s Fair Expo 86.
Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Official website:

13. Enjoy the Sights of Richmond

Richmond, south of Vancouver, is Vancouver’s second Chinatown, so you’ll see many shops with Chinese signs on them. If you’re craving authentic Chinese food, you’ve come to the right place. Hundreds of restaurants lined up along the street offer delicious meals.

Richmond also has lots to see, from famous Buddhist temples to the picturesque old fishing village of Steveston, where you’ll find beachfront restaurants and shops in restored old boathouses. The Georgian Bay Cannery National Historic Site is located in the latter and is one of the most historic sites in Richmond with a history of West Coast fishing.

After touring the attractions, head to the mall to find imported Asian goods and more. In warmer weather, head down at night and there are lively night markets similar in nature to what you’d find in Hong Kong.

14. Go Whale Watching

The waters along Vancouver’s coastline known as the Salish Sea are perfect for whale watching. Humpback and gray whales, as well as smaller minke and orcas, swim in these waters.

The main whale watching season runs from March to October. Whale watching options range from seaplanes and Zodiac boats to aerial observations or larger excursion boats for those looking for a more stable platform. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a few whales on the BC ferry crossing between Vancouver and Victoria.

There are strict rules that limit how far boats can stay from whales. A popular option is to start in front of the Westin Hotel in downtown Vancouver. This half-day whale watching adventure from Vancouver takes you aboard the Salish Sea Dream, an 80-meter double-decker catamaran. Along the way, an interesting commentary is provided. You will have the chance to see whales from one of several observation decks.

15. Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

British Columbia’s climate is perfect for producing magnificent flower displays, and there is no better place to see them in all their glory than at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. The gardens are not far from downtown Oak Street near the aforementioned Queen Elizabeth Park.

The park is a delightful place to stroll, and whenever you visit, there is always something blooming. To maximize your enjoyment, be sure to check out the blooming guide that the garden publishes on its website before each season.

Highlights of any visit include the cherry trees blooming in the spring, followed by the rhododendrons, followed by the roses in the summer. Come fall, hydrangeas, ginkgo trees and coneflowers will stand out to impress guests.
Official website:

16. Vancouver Art Gallery

The city’s premier art institution, the Vancouver Art Gallery, is located in Robson and visits international exhibitions alongside a fine collection of paintings by Emily Carr (1871-1945). In addition, the gallery is known for its collection of works by Asian Pacific and Aboriginal artists. The building’s façade faces Robson Square, an interesting public space designed by Arthur Erickson that includes a winter ice rink and courthouse.

The steps of the carved lion in front of the gallery are a popular hangout and showcased in news for whatever reason. The Vancouver Art Gallery is located on Hornby Street, not far from Robson Street, making it easy to visit both.
Official website:


Hope you like our choice of the best places to visit in Vancouver. If you think there are some more best and most beautiful places to visit in Vancouver, we should cover. Write us below in the comment box.

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