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Top 10 Best Resorts in Georgia to Feel Fresh

Southern charm, vibrant cities, coastal beaches, farmland and mountains, art and culture… there are many reasons to visit Georgia. Tourism in Georgia has been growing steadily over the past few years and those to explore should be high on your list! Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family bonding experience, there are many resorts in Georgia to make your vacations memorable. We’ve taken all the information we can and crammed it into informative paragraphs that will tell you at a glance what you need to know.

Best Resorts in Georgia

Let’s take a look at the best resorts in Georgia:

1. Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

This resort is very close to Atlanta but definitely close to nature. The name is right, you will be surrounded by trees when you stay here. After all, it’s in Shishan Park. The resort has something for everyone. Food ranges from casual to refined so you can find something to suit the occasion. If you want to hang out there is a large deck area and pool where you can relax in or near the water.

You can even fish at the resort, what it means to be on Stone Mountain Lake. It’s worth noting that this resort caters to families and couples can enjoy their stay, but families will make the most of the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Facility. There are many games for kids and they can even play golf for free on the attached course.


2. Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa

Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa

For a trip that balances nature and luxury, Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa is a perfect choice. There is always something to do at this beautiful property set in a beautiful green valley. There is a golf course and floodlit tennis court so you can play around the clock to play games. After you sweat, head to the spa for a massage or relax in the sauna.

The resort is full of lush greenery and trees that you can admire through the window or explore up close. It even houses the barn if you want to take a guided tour of the local trails. Even younger guests can ride on the family riding area. A wide variety of dining options complete the package, including fine dining, buffet, bar and comfort food options to satisfy any craving.


3. The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort

If you come to the Kings and Princes resort, be sure to bring a good sense of direction as the place is huge. The resort must be big because it has all the amenities in it. There are two swimming pools, a seafood restaurant, a bar and a spa. Don’t worry if you get lost, the staff is very helpful and friendly, always willing to help.

This resort has many special details to offer for those who like “old school”. The resort is steeped in history, with sections dating back to 1935. Still, the details and design are anything and everything you want to keep up to date, thoroughly modern. All have easy access to the beach. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach or watching the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in your room.


4. Legacy Lodge & Conference Center

This resort is another great place for families. The word “convention center” might suggest a business vibe, but this is only part of the resort and young children and teenagers will find many ways to stay busy. The food around was great, but the breakfast was to die for.

There are three restaurants on the property: Bullfrogs, Sydney’s and Sunset Cove. Together they serve a variety of foods that will make everyone happy. If you opt for the villa room, you get a spacious room with wooden floors, a fireplace and even a wet bar. Since it is on a peninsula, the view is also incredible and you are never far from the beauty of the water.


5. Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

As the name suggests, this resort is the perfect travel destination for couples looking to spend quality time on the golf course and relax at the spa. They can have fun alone or together and you can relax at the Westin. Rooms at this property are well furnished.

The beds are heavenly, the bathrooms are well appointed and you can relax and watch TV on the standard 42-inch flat screen TV. Not all rooms have river views, but if you can get one, you may find yourself staring at it 24/7. Even if you don’t have direct views of the river, the rural setting means you’ll definitely have a view, no matter where you live.


6. The Lodge at Sea Island

If you are looking for a luxury getaway, you should consider a vacation at The Lodge at Sea Island. It offers an island getaway in Georgia, less than 90 minutes south of Savannah. With luxury rooms, fine restaurants, and a golf course, the resort has something for the pros. Lodge rooms are spacious; standard rooms start from 700 square meters.

However, the building is not very big. This creates a quiet and intimate atmosphere, perfect for couples. There are only 40 rooms so you need to plan ahead if you want to stay here. A trip to this destination is not cheap, but if you have the money, you can be sure of an unforgettable trip.


7. Chateau Elan Winery and Resort

Want a drink on vacation? If so, what better place to travel than a resort that’s really attached to a winery! And we’re not talking about any winery. The castle is home to the largest winery on the East Coast. Chateau Elan Winery and Resort is the perfect choice for couples looking to escape and pamper themselves.

Of course, although the winery only serves adults, there are still options for kids. The large swimming pool and the rich buffet are perfect for visitors of all ages. Other amenities include a spa, tennis and golf courses. You can spend a long time here before you run out of things to do. They also help keep the staff among the best in the industry and will definitely teach you the meaning of the word “southern hospitality”.


8. Innsbruck Resort

This resort town has some of the most amazing venues. Staying at this property is like staying in a palace. You can wander through the breathtaking gardens that will help you reach the most relaxed state you can imagine. Featuring an 18-hole championship golf course, swimming pool, tennis court and clubhouse, this resort offers you 3-bedroom villas, each with full kitchens, fireplaces, stunning mountain views and more! If you are looking for entertainment outside the hotel, you will find the resort close to the city center.

But we are not talking about a bustling city, Helen is a town with a small-town feel that helps you relax and enjoy the slow pace of life. The resort and its surroundings have a real sense of community and you can always find something fun to join.


9. The Cloister at Sea Island

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because The Cloister is The Lodge’s sister resort. It also offers a premium experience with easy access to premium facilities. Still, the two resorts are different. Monasteries tend to be more attractive to families. The resort offers a variety of activities for kids and teens so mom and dad can enjoy a quiet date night. The resort has 200 rooms, which means easier access to The Cloister, but it’s still an expensive trip.

Still, it’s worth every dollar spent. You know the price tag when you see gorgeous venues, beautiful backgrounds, and well-stocked rooms. All rooms feature Nespresso coffee machines, rain showers, and windows overlooking the water. You can sit on the balcony or patio attached to the room and watch the sea on one side and the Blackbank River on the other. It’s truly a piece of classic Georgia charm with a ton of luxury.


10. Barnsley Resort

Barnsley Resort is a hidden gem perfect for any vacation. Originally built by Godfrey Barnsley for his wife Julia, the resort today offers a warm, exotic setting for people from all walks of life. Options include relaxing spa treatments, nature exploration, swimming, boating and more to make the most of your stay at this beautiful southern mansion.

There are great courses for golf lovers and stables for those who love horses. This beautiful North Georgia resort is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway, a romantic getaway or an inspiring get-together. Here, time stands still as you discover the magic of its great location and stunning scenery.


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