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20 Attractive Places To Visit In Colombia

Places To Visit In Colombia

The Diamond of South America, Columbia has a rich history and a bulk of places to visit in Columbia attract tourists all around the world. Colombia is among the top locations in each south American travel list from brilliant towns and colorful public parks to current urban areas and wonderful seashores.

Here are;

Top Places to Visit in Colombia.


Don’t be fooled by the size of this small town, San Gil has no shortage of amenities. Located in the Santander department, San Gil is known as the adventure capital of Colombia. Adrenaline junkies can choose from an array of exciting outdoor activities that include whitewater rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, landing at a waterfall and more.

For those who like gentler adventures, San Gil always has what you need. Located right in the city, Parque el Galllineral has 10 acres of hiking trails among the mossy and bearded trees of the same name. A 20 to 30-minute walk or quick taxi ride will take you to Pozo Azul, a beautiful swimming pool with small waterfalls perfect for cooling off in hot weather.

Chicamocha National Park strikes the perfect balance between soft and hard adventure. Just an hour from San Gil, the park sits in a deep canyon and has no shortage of activities. From caving to hiking to the 6km cable car (one of the longest in the world), Chicamocha will not disappoint.


With its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and whitewashed facades, Villa de Leyva is considered one of Colombia’s most beautiful cities.

Located just 160 km (about three and a half hours by car or bus) from Bogota, this charming city is a favorite destination for local and international travelers. In fact, the city is so beautiful and well-preserved that it’s a popular filming location for old movies and TV shows. Walking through its cobblestone streets, it’s like you’re stuck in time.

Along with its 16th-century architecture and historical museums, Villa de Leyva is located in a valley rich in Cretaceous fossils. Thus, you will be able to see some beautiful examples exhibited in the specialized museums of the region. Villa de Leyva also has a thriving dining scene, so it’s a great place to sample some of the best cuisines Colombia has to offer.

If you are traveling between Bogota and San Gil, Villa de Leyva is an ideal stopover. I recommend taking at least two days to truly soak up the timeless atmosphere.

Las Lajas Cathedral

Located on the border with Ecuador, Ipiales is a rather unpleasant town with a very famous cathedral. Located just outside the city, it is the most beautiful cathedral in all of South America, which is well worth the effort.

Las Lajas Temple is one of the most amazing cathedrals I’ve ever seen. It is much better than others in South America and even puts many in Europe to shame.

Located in a small valley, Las Lajas was built with precision and its architecture is truly astonishing. I think the photo above speaks for itself. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Colombia and well worth a visit if you are traveling to or across Ecuador.

Las Lajas is easily accessible from the Ipiales bus station with a collective that costs only COP 2500 per person one way.


For some, the distance from Costeño beach is a bit of a landmark. Instead, head a little further along the coast to Palomino. Palomino is the perfect little beach town for a while away from Colombia’s big cities. Although you are only 2 hours from Santa Marta, you will be surrounded by palm trees, a pristine beach and many friendly stray dogs. Palomino is only 45 minutes from Costeño beach but has plenty of infrastructures, including many inns and hotels. cafes and great restaurants. It’s the perfect mix for many.

The most famous thing to do in Palomino is tubing. On these tours, you will be taken to the El Buritica River with your guide. Here you will jump into your tube and swim towards the beach for 1.5-2 hours. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking and this activity is one of the best things to do in Colombia.

Costeno Beach and Palomino are must-visit places in Colombia – and due to their proximity, you can easily visit them one after the other!

Rosario Islands

The Rosario Islands are 30 stunning Caribbean islands off the coast of Cartagena, just an hour’s ride away. They offer a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Cartagena and enjoy the island vibe!

From Cartagena, you can explore the many islands, the most popular of which are Isla Grande and Isla Baru. What makes Isla Baru so popular is that there is a bridge connecting it to the mainland, so you can get there by car. Here is the beach that is famous in Playa Blanca, which you can visit on a day trip, but if you want a real island getaway you’ll have to head to Isla Grande.

There are several accommodation options on Isla Grande, and you can enjoy a luxury or inexpensive getaway. From the island, you can take snorkeling trips, boat trips and eat fresh seafood directly from the ocean.

Isla Cholon is another island visited on day trips. On weekends, Colombians and tourists meet on a beach, and a crazy party is held throughout the day. A must-have for anyone who loves to party in Colombian style!

Wherever you go, the Rosario Islands will take you to some of Colombia’s best beaches!


The Garden was once a little-known Puebla near Medellin that locals visited to escape the city. Surrounded by coffee plantations, it is considered the “least touristic Salento”. However, secrets are revealed and Jardin is fast becoming a popular place to visit in Colombia. However, it’s quiet compared to Guatape and Salento (especially during the week).

You can achieve a lot in the Garden. Riding the cable car for stunning city views, coffee plantation tours, horseback riding tours and of course my favourite, sipping coffee on the main square are some of the best things to do.

Also, be sure to take a look at the Main Cathedral as it is stunning inside. Botanical gardens are also a good way to spend an hour or two.

Overall, the Jardin is a great alternative if you want to escape the crowds but get in quickly as this town is too beautiful to be quiet forever!

Important: It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Jardin from Medellin by bus. Two companies make the journey from Terminal Norte, Rapido Ochoa and Brasilia. Ticket prices are 25,000 COP.


Fans of magical realism and the writings of Gabriel García Márquez will fall under Mompox’s sleep spell. It features prominently in The General in the Nobel Laureate’s Labyrinth and is considered the inspiration for the fictional town of Macondo in his most famous novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Mompox was once a prosperous cog on the trade route between the Caribbean coast and the Andes and is famous as the place where “El Libertador” Simón Bolívar gathered his army to gain independence from neighboring Venezuela. Now stretching along the muddy banks of the Magdalena River, this colonial relic is truly a forgotten city of times.

While there is plenty to do, many visitors spend more time than expected wandering the cobblestone streets; soaking up the atmosphere of colonial architecture; or taking boat trips in the Pijiño Swamp, a popular attraction for bird watchers.

The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)

Colombia’s most popular hike is undoubtedly the four-day 44-kilometer hike to Ciudad Perdida, a lost town hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and only rediscovered over the years. 1970. Built and occupied by Tayrona. Discovered by Indians between the 8th and 14th centuries, this ancient city is said to be one of the largest pre-Columbian colonies discovered in the Americas.

Much of the site is buried under thick forest cover – modern indigenous inhabitants of the area forbid digging – but you’ll find the terraces and stone stairs are in exceptional condition.

Independent walks are not allowed, you will need to go with a guide and a licensed and licensed tour operator who will provide all meals. You can book a Santa Marta tour in advance.

If you decide to go be prepared, it’s not a walk in the park. You will encounter scorching heat, sweltering humidity, thunderstorms, lots of mud and insects. Although the trail is easy to follow, it is never straight, always plan to go up or down. However, not everything is a chore. Along the way, you will have amazing forest views and the chance to swim in rivers and ponds.

Walks usually start early around 5 am to take advantage of the cooler part of the day. You will sleep either in a hammock or on a mattress in designated campsites; mosquito nets are provided. Expect to be able to walk about 12 to 14 kilometers, or seven to nine hours, in one session.

The trail closes in September each year as part of a deal with the local indigenous community. The best time to go with the least rainfall is in January and February.


Imagine the Amazon, and Colombia may not be the first country that comes to mind – which is odd, since about a third of the country is covered in thick (and often impenetrable) forests. The capital of the vast Amazon basin is the small border town of Leticia, located on the banks of the mighty Amazon River, where Colombia meets Brazil and Peru.

Leticia is an ideal base for ecotourism, wildlife safaris or treks in the Amazon to learn more about the indigenous tribes living in this area. The only way to get here is by plane from Bogota and you can continue by boat downstream from Manaus, Brazil, or upstream from Iquitos, Peru.

Eje Cafetero

As the third-largest producer of coffee beans in the world, Colombia is a great country for tasting and sightseeing. The majority of production takes place in the subtropical Andean hills between the small towns of Pereira and Manizales, in Armenia, west of Bogotá. Known as the Eje Cafetero (or Coffee Ax), this area is home to a growing number of coffee plantations, which in recent years have opened their operations to the public for tours, tastings and luxury farm stays.

These small (and often organic) fields are the kind of places where the farmer-owner can take an hour of the day to explain the process by which a lowly “cherry” turns into a coffee bean that will one day be roasted and roasted. ground. in a latte at home.

The small seaside resort of Salento is by far the most attractive place to base yourself, with many visits to nearby farms and plenty to do. You’ll also have easy access to attractions such as the Cocora Valley, home to the world’s tallest palm trees. You can rent a bike in Salento to explore the area at your own pace or hop into one of the old-fashioned Willy Jeeps that serve as a taxi to the city.


Barachara is a one of a kind pilgrim town comprised of whitewashed structures with orange rooftops coating the cobblestone roads the town is a photographic artist’s heaven with little stores and cafés situated inside pioneer-style structures a major court and a perspective over the mountains Barachara is brimming with hand-tailored workmanship and specialties and remarkable family-run eateries as well.

San Andres and Providencia

San Andres and Providencia are two Colombian islands situated in the Caribbean ocean simply off the bank of Panama in the sun-lit and euphoric island visitors can discover disconnected sea shores immaculate coral reefs and a tempting kind of colorful idea of the brilliant sands and tall palm trees are the crown gem in giving this island a tasty smell. Sightseers can live it up jumping and swimming inside its perfect and welcoming waves.

San Hill

Try not to let the size of this modest community fool you there is no lack of exercises to do in sandhill situated in Santander. sandhill is known as the experience capital of Colombia experience searchers can browse quite a few heart-pounding open air exercises including whitewater boating rock climbing paragliding and considerably more on the off chance that you become ill of relaxing on excellent seashores and need some adrenaline hurrying than san slope is the ideal spot for you.

Manor de Leyva

The humble community of manor Delavan is one of Colombia’s most lovely provincial legacy destinations the pioneer engineering of the settlement is safeguarded in its unique assortment here you will find beautiful houses tracing all the way back to the sixteenth and eighteenth hundreds of years as indicated by the neighborhood enactment every one of the recently built structures should likewise convey the frontier-style design on account of this maybe you have turned back the clock when you visit estate de leva.

Cocora Valley

The valley de Cocora has situated in Colombia’s espresso triangle this public park is inside a valley that is ideal for climbing or pony riding objective the perpetual valley is likewise home to the wax palm Colombia’s public tree ascending high into the air the Colombian wax palm is the tallest palm tree on the planet the recreation center is the ideal spot for an evening outing while at the same time finding these tall palms and reaching out to the encompassing nature and untamed life.


Settled at the foot of green mountains, it is these days a clamoring city home to 8,000,000 individuals shocking memorable structures line the limited roads of the old town barrio del Candelaria the core of the city is the court bolivar where artists routinely perform and different occasions occur this city has an enormous number of galleries to investigate and cooking that is affected by the Spanish french argentine and Peruvian people group.


This spot is frequently called the most brilliant town in Colombia with minuscule roads beautiful houses and bunches of upbeat vacationers this town is straight out of Disneyland it is found near la piedra del punitive a 650-foot tall stone breaking out of the level encompassing an area the stone is available to the general population and has a broad organization of steps permitting guests to move to the top and investigate the view which local people allude to as the best view on the planet.

Tayrona National Park

This wilderness loaded seaside public park is situated close to Santa Marta on Colombia’s northern Caribbean shore tayrona public park is a hallowed region for the nearby native local area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the recreation center flaunts a portion of the country’s most lovely seashores upheld by the rainforest and the snow-covered heaps of the Sierra Nevada discover yourself a tent and some resting equip and become mixed up in the wonderful nature while clicking photos of the intriguing untamed life.


colombia’s second-greatest city was once viewed as the most perilous city on the planet however no more gratitude to the resolve and boldness of nearby inhabitants Medellin has risen up out of its shadowy past to become perhaps the best spot to visit in Colombia to take a selfie in court battero which is fixed with figures by the craftsmen of Medellin or you can skirt to el Poblado the city’s most well-to-do region and partake in the numerous eateries and bistros.


The north bank of Colombia is home to the party and vacationer area of interest Cartagena is one of the most well known and excellent spots to visit in Colombia it’s a pounding city where the time elapses by frequently without you seeing the seashore parties and nightfall fun is offset perfectly with an old town that is dribbling with history toward the finish of the sixteenth century the city developed a divider to shield its occupants from being looted by privateers today you can stroll along the divider around the posts and stroll among the city’s novel Spanish pilgrim structures.

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