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15 Top Rated Places to Visit in Delaware

Places to Visit in Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state in the US but there is no shortage of places to visit in Delaware. From beautiful beaches of Bethany, Dewey, and Rehoboth to spectacular state parks, and charming colonial towns. are one of Delaware’s most popular attractions for tourist and locals. Today we are going to share 15 best tourist attractions in Delaware to make your next journey memorable.

Here are 15 Best Places to Visit in Delaware

1. Wilmington

 Located in the northeastern part of the state is the culturally cosmopolitan city of Wilmington, which is the largest and busiest city in Delaware. Located at the confluence of the Christina and Brandy Rivers, it has a thriving art scene and a series of interesting and impressive historical tourist attractions.

Although the state is relatively small, the state’s business-friendly laws have made the city known as the “corporate capital of the world” because many large companies have their headquarters there. Partly due to this booming industry, many shops and restaurants have sprung up around the city center. The winding riverfront is also a good place to enjoy food and walks.

In addition to shopping and dining, Wilmington has some great galleries and gardens to stroll through. The delightful Delaware Art Museum is one of its famous attractions. Established in 1638, it is a settlement in Sweden, and many of its historical sites are related to these early settlers.

2. Dover

Dover is the capital and second largest city of Delaware and has many amazing attractions. It is located in the central part of the state, on the banks of the St. Jones River, just inland between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

This small city was founded in 1683 and is rich in history and culture, with majestic monuments and museums scattered throughout the town. For example, at the Delaware Agricultural Museum, you can visit historical villages from the 1890s. The Biggs Museum of American Art also has exquisite paintings, ceramics and sculptures for you to peruse.

There are exquisite shops and restaurants in the city center, as well as casinos and nightclubs. The city also hosts an exciting Firefly Music Festival every June, as well as an exciting NASCAR competition at the Dover International Speedway. Dover has so many different attractions, of course everyone can like it.

3. Lewis

The seaside town of Lewis is a pleasant tourist destination, located along the scenic Delaware Bay. The first place in the state settled by Europeans, it showcases fascinating British and Dutch architecture. Beautiful beaches and stunning views of Cape Henlopen State Park are nearby.

It was established by the Dutch as a whaling and trading post in 1631, and later developed into a popular holiday destination with many fine restaurants and hotels. You can learn about its heritage at the site of the Zwaanendael Museum. Tourists can also visit its beautiful historical buildings, piers and waterways.

Its quaint streets are dotted with many excellent art galleries and small specialty shops. You can also take a boat trip or go fishing around the bay, and you can enjoy spectacular views from all angles.

4. John Dickinson Plantation

John Dickinson is known as “the literati of the American Revolution,” and he drafted the Confederate Regulations in 1778. The brick houses, outbuildings and slave/tenant houses he built in Dover in the 1740s were part of the farm complex.

The farm is suitable for educational family outings, with well-dressed interpreters strolling through the manor, performing duties that were common in the 16th century. One of the buildings worth visiting is the granary. Here, six intact historical machines (incline, wedges, screws, pulleys, levers, axles) are explained in detail.

Best Beaches to Visit in Delaware

5. Bethany Beach

The seaside town of Bethany Beach in the southeast of the state is a very peaceful and picturesque place. It is calmer and quieter than other tourist resorts along the coast and has beautiful beaches. The delightful Delaware Waterfront State Park is also nearby.

The charming coastal community is named for its wide beaches that hug the sea, with expansive sunny beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and surf. The splendid boardwalk has great shops, restaurants and ice cream stands. There are many holiday houses and beach houses nearby.

The downtown area is dotted with seafood restaurants and souvenir shops. If you want more excitement and entertainment, Bethany Beach is located within driving distance of Dover and Ocean City, perfect for a quiet weekend getaway or sunny summer vacation.

6. Rehoboth Beach

The famous resort town of Rehoboth Beach (Rehoboth Beach) is located on the Atlantic coastline of Delaware and is known as the “National Summer Capital.” Because it is the closest beach to Washington, DC, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Many tourists also come from the neighboring states of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

The most eye-catching thing about this sunny seaside town is of course its vast sandy beaches, which are perfect for relaxing, as well as excellent swimming and surfing offshore. A long boardwalk has great shops and restaurants, as well as the fantastic Funland amusement park.

This tourist town has a rich history and heritage for you to explore, as the area was first settled by Europeans in the 1660s. Rehoboth Beach is a very family and LGBT destination, and it is undoubtedly a perfect summer vacation destination.

7. Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach is located in the narrow strip between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay, and is a popular place to enjoy water sports. This small sandbar community is also known for its vibrant nightlife and live music performances in the summer.

In addition to providing excellent snowboarding and water skiing, this small town also has a wide sandy beach for you to rest, swimming and surfing can be enjoyed at sea. Many people do jet skiing around the bay, and tourists sailing on catamarans can even catch a glimpse of dolphins.

Despite its small size, Dewey Beach is full of vitality in summer. Then its restaurants and bars were packed, and famous performances and bands performed in the town. At this time of year, its cozy cabins and apartments are usually crowded with party lovers who come to enjoy live music, as well as families who plan to make the most of the vast beaches and fun water sports.

Best State Parks to Visit in Delaware

8. Fenwick Island State Park

Fenwick Island State Park is located in the southeastern part of the state, not far from all the exciting attractions of neighboring Ocean City, Maryland. It has an unspoiled and unspoiled natural environment and beautiful beaches. Sunbathe, swim and surf along the scenic coastline.

The park has been protected since 1966. Beautiful sand dunes and sun-drenched beaches are located on an idyllic island, sandwiched between Little Asa Ladies Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Very desolate and undeveloped. Compared with the bustling seaside towns on both sides, the scenery here is simply stunning.

Due to its picturesque nature and its proximity to Bethany Beach and Ocean City, the State Park is a very popular attraction. In addition to enjoying its beauty, you can also sail along the coast or try some water sports.

9. Brandy Creek State Park

Brandywine Creek State Park covers 933 acres and is an important habitat for birds and other wildlife. The park has a brandy zoo, as well as many other activities. The zoo specializes in raising endangered species in North and South America. Brandy is very suitable for visually impaired tourists, who can enjoy nature by walking on sensory trails.

Be sure to bring your fishing rod. A variety of species can be found in Brandywine Creek, including bluegill, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Other popular activities on the creek include canoeing, kayaking and boating. If you don’t have your own equipment, the local outdoor supplies merchant will immediately prepare it and put it on the water for you.

Hiking, walking, and running are popular pastimes in the park. Two of the best trails are the Rocky Run trail and the Brandywine trail, which meander along the creek.

Brandywine Creek State Park is famous for its majestic tulip poplar clusters, which are nearly 200 years old. A horizontal circular path winds beneath these giants, leaving from the natural center. When walking, look out for songbirds, deer and other small forest animals.

10. Delaware Seashore State Park

Delaware Waterfront State Park is one of the most popular and picturesque attractions, with beautiful beaches and outstanding outdoor activities. This tranquil and long sandy beach is sandwiched between the wild waters of Rehoboth Bay and the Indus Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The park has been protected and preserved since 1965, and the delightful dunes and seaside beaches blown by the sea breeze are a spectacular sight. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the bay and ocean. In addition to sunbathing on the sun-drenched beach, visitors can also swim and surf. The protected waters of the bay are ideal for sailing and windsurfing.

You can also catch shrimps and crabs in certain areas. There are two comfortable campsites for your accommodation. As it is located between Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach, the scenic state park is very easy to reach.

11. Cape Henlopen Point State Park

At the entrance of Delaware Bay is the charming Henlopen Point State Park, with pine forests, wetlands, and dune cliffs. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Lewis and has excellent outdoor activities. Hiking, camping and bird watching are especially popular.

Stunning beaches and rugged coastlines line the promontory, making it one of the first public lands in the United States. It has been protected since 1682, and its beautiful landscape is well preserved, and many species of shorebirds inhabit its wild range.

In addition to sunbathing, swimming, surfing and fishing, visitors can also stop at the location’s seaside nature center to watch fascinating educational exhibits about the park’s wildlife. If you have the opportunity, Cape Henlopen State Park can see fascinating sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean from the restored World War II observation tower.

Best Museums to Visit in Delaware

12. Delaware Museum of Art

The Delaware Museum of Art is located in Wilmington, and its collection focuses on American art from the 19th to the 21st century and British Pre-Raphaelite art from the mid-19th century. The museum is particularly famous for its collection of works and essays by American artist Howard Pyre, who has illustrated books by Mark Twain and Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Pyle is best known for his ethereal and mysterious etchings, drawings and paintings of mythology and medieval knight scenes, as well as pirate images of Treasure Island. You will see the original works of his work as well as works by Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell and other familiar illustrators.

A highlight of the series is the complete cycle of murals painted by Pyle for the dining room of their Wilmington home and displayed as expected in the private room with panelled walls. Other special collections of the Delaware Museum of Art include posters by American poster designers and jewelry and metal products made by British craftsmen in the arts and crafts style.

13. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

The Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is adjacent to the Bay of Delaware, just a short drive from the capital of Dover.

The sanctuary has some of the largest mudflats, wetlands and tidal salt marshes in the area, and is a joy to explore. Because of its well-preserved ecosystem, millions of migratory birds pass here each year to breed and rest.

It was built in 1937, and its wild and remote areas have become a refuge for wintering waterfowl migrating along the Atlantic migration route. Everything from ducks and geese to water birds, eagles and bald eagles can be spied on within the beautiful scenery. The park is especially popular with bird watchers.

In addition to the abundance of birds, the sanctuary also has lovely trails for hiking and viewing towers everywhere. In the visitor center, you can learn about the history, nature and wildlife of the sanctuary.

14. Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Winterthur was founded by Henry Francis du Pont. It is a museum unlike any other, because it is both a display of his priceless antiques and artworks, and it is also used and entertained by family and friends. The 175 guest rooms are designed to be as true as possible to the history, equipped with antique furniture, needlework, textiles, silverware, glass, paintings, prints and ceramics suitable for a specific period.

With nearly 90,000 items to choose from, the curator can not only decorate the room realistically, but also install special exhibits in the gallery to follow themes such as artistic media, technology, decorative style and influence. Due to the size of the house, there is no more travel than a small part; you need to return multiple times to see everything. Winterthur is considered the best decorative arts museum in the United States.

15. The nanticoke Indian Museum

The South Tycock Indian Museum in Millsboro is located in a one-room school building and is listed as a National Historic Landmark. A variety of native artifacts are displayed here, from pottery to arrows, spears and textiles, some of which date back to 8000 BC. Of particular note is the traditional wooden canoes. The museum provides a good overview and is a great place to learn about the heritage of the Nanticoke tribe.

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