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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

Places to Visit in Minnesota

The Midwestern United States is Minnesota, known as the hometown of Ten Thousand Lakes. In fact, there are more. Obviously, there are so many places to visit in Minnesota for those who like water sports. In addition, Minnesota has many delightful cities, scenic national parks, and some of the best shopping places in the country. Here are the best places to visit in Minnesota.

10 Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

1. Minneapolis

The largest city in the state is Minneapolis. Whether you are after sports, nightlife, parks or culture, this city has it all. Sports fans can watch the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings or Minnesota Timberwolves games at the stadiums and arenas in downtown Minneapolis.

There is also First Avenue in the city center, where Prince, a native of Minneapolis, filmed Purple Rain, where you will find a large number of live music venues. If your pursuit is art, then Minneapolis has two world-class options: Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Institute of Art.

2. Duluth

The port city of Duluth is an incredible destination on Lake Superior. It is recognized as one of the most scenic cities in the Midwest, and the reason is not difficult to understand. Duluth was originally settled at an altitude of about 700 feet, so most of the Duluth city center can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake below.

If you only have time to see one thing in Duluth, go to Canal Park. In Canal Park, you will find a 4-mile waterside path, a lighthouse dock, an aquarium, and countless shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

3. São Paulo

If you don’t explore the capital of Sao Paulo, visiting the state is not complete. This city is adjacent to Minneapolis, and together they form a metropolitan area called the Twin Cities. The Landmark Center is one of St. Paul’s most iconic buildings, excluding the Renaissance-style Minnesota State Capitol.

The castle-like structure of the landmark center was designed as a federal courthouse and post office and is now home to quirky galleries and sculptures. Also not to be missed is Wabasha Street Caves, which are incredible sandstone caves accessible from the main street and used to be secret underground bars.

4. North Shore Scenic Avenue

For a glimpse of the magnificent view of Lake Superior, please drive to the North Shore Scenic Drive. In total, more than 140 miles were driven. It can definitely be done in one day, you might want to go one day, spend the night, and then come back the next day.

Start at Canal Park in Duluth and continue all the way to Grand Portage, just minutes away from the Canadian border. Along the way, looking out the window, you can see the Sawtooth Mountains, the blue waters of Lake Superior, the eye-catching lighthouse and many picturesque towns and villages. The waterfall is one of the scenic spots along the north shore, including Gooseberry Falls and Gao Falls.

5. Boundary waters canoe area

The border waters canoe area is located in the northernmost part of the state and can be reached from destinations such as Ely or Grand Marais. This vast wilderness area is connected by countless glacial streams and lakes, which means that canoeing around is usually the best option. There is no doubt that this is the most scenic choice. It is possible to rent a canoe for a day and stick to the usual paddling locations, but brave tourists will want to go to the wilderness.

Camping is very popular and you can pop tents in the clear stream or spot moose at dawn. Even if you are not particularly keen on canoeing, the pristine wilderness and stunning scenery make this one of the best places to visit in Minnesota.

6. Voyager National Park  

Outside the International Falls, near the Canadian border is Voyager National Park. The park is surrounded by water, and there are Lake Kobegama and Lake Ume. Voyager National Park has miles of pristine undeveloped coastline and countless uninhabited islands.

This is an ideal place for outdoor exploration, and you can easily avoid crowds even during the busiest time of summer. More than 50 miles of hiking trails are a big attraction, and hiking allows you to see some of the local wildlife. The park is known for its population of eastern Timberwolves, and you can also see bald eagles, otters, and even the occasional moose.

7. Itasca State Park

Minnesota has many scenic state parks, but the largest and most popular is Itasca State Park. The park offers something for everyone, with ancient forests, clear streams and lakes suitable for water sports.

Itasca State Park contains the source of the Mississippi River. The majestic Mississippi River begins here and winds all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to hiking, camping, fishing, and bird watching, you can also visit the Mary Gibbs Mississippi River Headwater Center to learn more about the incredible Mississippi River.

8. Paishi National Monument 

The main attraction of Pipestone City is the Pipestone National Monument. This monument was built in 1937 and marks the quarry where Native Americans lived and worked. Pipestone National Monument sits on the Buffalo Ridge, from here you can see spectacular views of the prairie below.

You can see Native American craftsmen using stone pipes from the quarry to make ritual pipes and other incredible handicrafts. Be sure to head to Pipestone City, where most of the buildings are made of a pink mineral called Sioux quartzite.

9. Mall of America

For shopping lovers, Bloomington is a holy place. That’s because Bloomington is home to the Mall of America. To say that the shopping mall is huge is a great understatement. The Mall of America is the largest indoor shopping mall in the United States, but it has many more. In addition to hundreds of shops, the shopping center also has dozens of restaurants. Believe it or not, this huge complex even has an aquarium and an indoor theme park.

10. Grand Marais

The small village of Grand Marais may have a small population, but it has an incredible location. Grand Marais is adjacent to Shuanggang on the edge of Lake Superior. The Grand Marais is where the Superior Hiking Trail starts, and it takes you to countless vantage points along the shores of Lake Superior and even meanders all the way to Canada.

The village is also a thriving art center, with many places selling local paintings, drawings, and sculptures in the city center. An important reason for outdoor enthusiasts to visit the Grand Marais is because it is the gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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