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Top 11 Most Beautiful and Best Best Places to Visit in Panama

11 Best Places to Visit in Panama

Panama has a charming tropical atmosphere all year round. Coupled with beautiful beaches and extraordinary natural scenery, it is not surprising that it has become one of the most touristic destinations in Central America. From mountain villages and skyscraper cities to coffee plantations and island archipelagos, Panama has something for everyone. Here are the best tourist attractions and places to visit in Panama.

11 Best Places to Visit in Panama

1. Panama City

Panama’s capital and largest city, Panama City has many commendable places. As the national and provincial capital, it is also the most modern city in Central America. In order to let you know its modernity, it is informally called the “Dubai of Latin America”. You will find high-end resorts, shopping malls and dazzling skyscrapers every meter of the city.

As in New York, the preferred mode of transportation is by taxi. Most city dwellers will not walk more than half a mile. If you prefer the flexibility of walking, the cobbled streets and colonial buildings in the historic district of Casco Viejo are more suitable for walking.

Panama City is famous for its beautiful scenery, surrounded by the Panamanian rainforest that spreads across the city. Experience the power of the Panama Canal-undoubtedly the highlight of this multicultural capital-take part in skydiving, climb the Bridge of the Americas to admire the view of the city, or rent a bike and ride a bike to the trails along the Amador Causeway Four islands.

2. Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the most famous landmarks in Panama and the entire Central America. This waterway runs between Panama City on the Pacific side and Coron on the Atlantic side, providing a shortcut between the two oceans and is one of the most popular shipping areas in the world. It was originally built by the French in the late 19th century. However, the project was abandoned in 1893 after thousands of workers fell ill and died from malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases.

Ten years later, the United States took over the power and had a more powerful machine. They accomplished this huge engineering feat in 1914. There are a total of three main sluices that can enter the canal system and are the best place to witness the operation of the canal, especially from the Miraflores Visitor Center, which only takes a short drive away from the capital. It takes 8 minutes to fill or release water in each lock, then raise or lower the ship to the next water level, and then pass the next lock. All in all, it only takes ten hours for a ship to travel from one ocean to another.

3. El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton is a picturesque small Panamanian village in Coclé Province in central Panama. Surrounded by ancient volcanic craters, local families have been climbing and swimming here for centuries, making it the oldest continuously inhabited volcanic site on earth. Being isolated from other civilizations, it is a typical example of old Panama, where the pace of life is slower and the preferred mode of transportation is bicycles.

You won’t find much Western consumerist culture in the village-the best travel options are ice cream shops and pizzerias that are only open on weekends. On the contrary, the focus of El Valle de Anton is nature-and there are many. Visit the local orchid greenhouse or amphibian rescue station, which is part of Panama’s 10,000 species of plants and hundreds of species of amphibians. A nearby forest is a great place for bird watching, and the El Valle valley has impressive waterfalls and some rare golden frogs.

4. Pearl Island

Panama’s Pearl Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, occupying an important place in the three seasons of the reality show survivors. Some of the most beautiful islands in the world, featuring forest islands and pearl white sand beaches. Although most of the beauty of these islands lies in their isolation, Contadora Island is the most developed and has two luxury tourist attractions.

Until the 16th century, the Pearl Islands were home to the Indians. They were later taken over by the Spanish, who came to look for the pearl, which is a popular pearl of the same name on the island. The pearl industry here is very prominent, counting, registering and shipping from Contadora Island (meaning “Counting Island”). Most activities revolve around relaxation: sunbathing, fishing and whale watching at one of the many great beaches or exploring the old shipwreck at the far end of Playa Larga, the largest beach on Contadora Island.

5. San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are a collection of islands on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. They are self-governed by the indigenous Kunayala tribe, and they speak Tulekaya-their own language. As a popular backpacker destination on the route between Colombia and Panama, these islands are gradually becoming more and more suitable for tourism. However, even today, you can still witness the daily life of indigenous communities, where electricity is not always given and ATMs do not exist. It is recommended that tourists bring a lot of cash to visit.

Time spent in the San Blas Islands includes sunbathing on a pristine beach lined with palm trees, as well as swimming, snorkeling and diving among hundreds of tropical fish. Hiking trails in dense vegetation can enjoy the sounds of colorful birds and howler monkeys. Visiting the Kuna Yala Indians is a great way to learn about their language, traditions, music and unique costumes. Members of the tribe often hold festivals and dances and sell handicrafts, which are good souvenirs.

6. Bocas del Toro

The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is a group of islands, islets and coral reefs between Almirante Bay and Chiriqui Lagoon in the Caribbean Sea. The island group is located in the northwestern part of Panama. It is part of the Bocas del Toro District and Province and is also home to an important city of the same name.

Tourists can easily explore the island by water taxis and private boats, while Coron Island can also be reached by ferry and plane to the international airport. A magical wonderland of wild jungles, national parks and biodiversity habitats, inhabited by a large number of birds and turtles. Bocas del Toro is home to fascinating flora and fauna-some of them can only be found here. Endangered species include painted rabbits, green iguanas and howler monkeys.

Like the rest of the Caribbean, with beautiful beaches and beautiful blue waters, diving and snorkeling are popular activities. The capital of the province, Bocas del Toro (Bocas del Toro) is a melting pot of races-from the Western Caribbean to Latinos and outsiders-with plenty of food and traditions. In addition, although most islands focus on relaxation when the sun sets, Bocas Town has a surprisingly wonderful nightlife scene.

7. Boquete

The village of Boquete is located in Chiriquí Province in the western Pacific Ocean and is a great place to enjoy a break. Enjoy plenty of fresh mountain air while being surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations. This small mountain village has an amazing number of North American expats and has become a destination for health tourism, with many luxury spas and hotels.

For those seeking adrenaline, Boquete focuses on outdoor activities. The temperature is around 70 degrees throughout the year, so it is called the “Eternal Spring Land”. It is also known as the “Valley of Flowers”‘ and provides a lesser-known alternative to tourist attractions in Costa Rica. You can enjoy the adventure here. Travel through tropical rain forests, white water rafting, hike Baru volcano or hike to find howler monkeys and the splendid quetzal. Or simply take a moment to explore the picturesque coffee plantations in the area and taste some of the best coffee in the world.

8. Volcano Baru

Volcano Baru is Panama’s highest peak and offers some of the most fascinating views of Costa Rica and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This mountain is located in Chiriqui Province in the western Pacific Ocean. It is best to arrive at dawn when you can see the fascinating sunrise from the top of the mountain. There are two ways to ensure that you reach the top of the mountain in time: you can start hiking around midnight and come back later in the day, or you can hike the day before and camp at the Fogones campsite near the top of the mountain.

There are two routes to choose from. The Boquete route is the easiest, it takes 5 to 8 hours to go up the mountain, and 3 to 5 hours to go down the mountain. Many people prefer to take the Boquete route and the volcano route. This route is steeper and has more beautiful scenery. Since you will climb a total of 3,474 meters above sea level, make sure you have enough time to adapt to the environment, as mild altitude sickness is a risk.

9.  Santa Catalina

It may just be a quiet fishing village on the Pacific coast of Panama, but Santa Catalina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In fact, what attracts most travelers is the remoteness and unspoiled authenticity of the village. In addition to this, Santa Catalina is a popular surfing and diving resort, with stunning beaches and frequent gateways to the Cohiba National Marine Park.

Santa Catalina Island is small and can be fully explored on foot. Tourists will not find any major landmarks, man-made attractions or shopping centers in this quaint village, but they will find friendly people, a laid-back atmosphere and beaches offering swimming, snorkeling, diving and sport fishing. Santa Catalina has all the best and most regular surf breaks in Central America, and it is also a surfer’s dream.

The idyllic scenery around the village offers you horse riding and bird watching opportunities. Since the island of Santa Catalina can only be reached from Sona via a windy paved road, it is recommended that you drive during the day, as cattle may create sudden and dangerous roadblocks.

10. Chiriquí Bay

Chiriquí Bay stretches along the Pacific coastline between Costa Rica and the Azuero Peninsula. It consists of countless scenic ocean islands and beaches full of forests and coconut trees, including two national parks-Chiriquí National Park and Coiba National Park, the latter is also Panama’s largest island.

This marine park was established in 1994 and protects thousands of hectares of coral reefs, some of the richest mangrove forests in Central America and some magnificent coastal grasslands. Cala Mia Island Resort, Isla Palenque and Isla Secas have the most tourist attractions.

Coiba National Park is a popular spot for humpback whale watching from May to November, and Galapagos seals can sometimes be seen on the remote island of Montosa. Those who like to hang out and immerse themselves in life on the island, it is encouraged to sunbathe on one of the charming beaches, while those seeking more activities can go surfing, scuba diving or sport fishing.

11. Azuero Peninsula

The Azuero Peninsula is the traditional center of Panama, with a history of pre-Columbian folklore, handicrafts and ceramics. Visitors will see typical Panamanian women’s clothing, colorful masks, and handmade pollera costumes. Other activities in the area include rum and sugar cane processing tours, clay pottery and artisanal bread making tours, sea turtle and whale watching, this area is drier than the rest of the country and has some of the most beautiful beaches-great for water sports.

In recent years, cities such as Chitre, Las Tablas and Pedasi have also become more and more popular with tourists. A 20-minute boat ride from the Azuero Peninsula to Iguana Island is a popular warm-water snorkeling destination where visitors may encounter groups of colorful fish, turtles, rays and moray eels. There are many natural wonders on the island, such as crabs, iguanas, bird nesting sites and small bays.

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